The Dollar Diva

Vintage book pages cone trees


Seems like cone trees were EVERYWHERE during the holidays!  I was a tad behind on my Christmas crafting, but really wanted to make some cone trees that could maybe be used to decorate with YEAR  ROUND.  This is what I came up with.

The styrofoam cones from Dollar Tree are about the same size as the ones I used.  I just happened to have some old cardboard cones, which I used for the two small trees, and found a big styro cone at a rummage sale.  Glue does NOT adhere to styro, so first I covered my cones with strips of paper, glued ON to the cone, but also TO each other (which is what STICKS) ; completely covering the entire cone.

Old book pages were hand cut into small leaf shapes, then ‘tea stained’ using my own stain recipe.  You can see how I stained them here.  Then I just started gluing them on!  Using tacky glue and starting at the bottom, I just glued row after row, slightly overlapping.  At the top, I added a few extra leaves, sticking up, then when the glue was dry, I twisted them into a point with my fingers.

Michael said I should have ‘glittered the edges of the leaves’.  Which WOULD look awesome if I was doing them for Christmas decor.  But I wanted these to be more year round, so I abstained from the glitter.  (Never thought I’d hear myself say T?HAT!  I’m usually all about the glitter!)


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