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Little glass lanterns and candle pedestals from Dollar Tree

Found these cast plaster candle pedestals at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago.  I only bought 2 black ones, but they had white also; BUT the white ones had very noticeable ‘seams’ so I decided to skip them.  (you could easily sand down the protruding part of the seams with sand paper though)  As you can see, these chip super easily.  I was planning to repaint mine, so I didn’t really care.  The new paint will cover the chips, and a coat of varnish will help prevent future chips.

I bought a few of these little turquoise glass candle lanterns the same day.  They fit perfectly atop the pedestals, but I probably won’t use them for such a predictable purpose.

I’ve used some similar frosted white glass lanterns (also from DT) for these upcycled fencing candle chandeliers that I made recently.  I did not permanently attach the lanterns to the fencing, so they are easily removable for transport.  You can use regular or battery operated tea lights in the.

Here’s what I did with my two black pedestals.  Added another coat of black paint, tied on an old key with a piece of sheer black ribbon; glued a folded sheet music ‘rosette’ to the top of the pedestal; then glued on the plastic skulls.  (from DT)

I’m really TRYING to not stockpile so many craft supplies, and use up what I have on hand.  But if you shop DT as often as I do, you KNOW that if you don’t buy ‘as many as you think you will ever need’ of an item that catches your eye; you will never find them there again.  MOST of the time.  Every so often the desirable item will be something that they will be regularly stocking . . .  but NEVER ‘expect; to find it again and you will never be disappointed.

Forgot to take pictures of these ’rounded bottom’ DT glass lanterns before I embellished them.  They had several colors, I bought one clear and one turquoise.  Had some very OLD DT mini jar candles is little ‘shot glasses’ that fit perfectly inside these; then I added a few inches of colored gravel (also from DT!) and tied on a few shells with baker’s twine of jute.  For the shells, I glue a small piece of the string to each shell, the bundle them and tie them on with the longer strip.  And yes, DT does sell jute and baker’s twine; but I think I got the aqua baker’s twine elsewhere.

Did you notice these little jars of shells in the display photo?  YEP!  Got them at DT too.  I added the limpet shell to the cork lid.

I filled some vintage glass spice jars with ‘beach glass’ and tied sheer ribbon around the necks.  (no lids for the spice jars).  The beach glass is the last little bit that I had left over from YEARS ago when DT carried it.  I probably bought FIFTY bags of assorted colors of the beach glass from DT, and used it to make beach glass wreaths.

The beach glass (or Sea glass, if you prefer) wreaths are TRULY a ‘Labor of Love’.  Each one took at least 20 hours to construct, and contains nearly a dozen layers of carefully positioned and fitted together glass.  I’d guess there are at least a thousand pieces of glass per wreath.  I used tacky glue to adhere mine.  Hot glue would never hold up under the weight of the glass.

Uh-oh!! The sun is coming out!  I might have to put on my rain boots and get outside and rake up all the pine needles in my yard!


Dollar Tree Glitter Holly Wreath

Found these solid green glitter holly wreaths at Dollar Tree.


They are about 12″ across and came in solid red glitter too.  I only bought the green because ‘red holly leaves’???  Um. No.


Super quick and easy to spruce up!  I glued (using tacky glue) little red jingle bells on top of the raised ‘berry’ spots.  And then glued a red glitter “Merry Christmas” ornament at the top, over the bow.  (also using tacky glue)

**** A word about ‘glues’.  I am not a big fan of hot glue.  I ALWAYS get burned at least once, EVERY time I use it; and I HATE the strings!  (yes, I KNOW you can get rid of the strings with a hair dryer.  I still hate having to deal with them!!)   So, I use tacky glue whenever possible.

On these wreaths, I applied the dots of tacky glue on top of ALL the berry spots at once.  This gives it a minute to start to ‘set’.  It really only takes a few seconds to begin to set.  Then I added all my bells and let it dry flat overnight.  The next day, I added the Merry Christmas ornament the same way.

Tacky glue also holds up better to extreme heat or cold; whereas hot glue tends to harden and crack and crumble over time.  Stepping off my glue soapbox now.


Perfect, no?


The bells at Dollar Tree come on FOUR sizes.  The biggest ones in a 9-pack.  Then they have bags of them in three smaller sizes.  The smallest ones (which is what I used on this wreath) have 50 per bag.    I buy several of each size of the red bells and put them on EVERYTHING!!  All four sizes of bells come in red, green, silver and gold.  And yes, I have a stash of ALL four colors!


Red and green vignette in my booth.  The big jingle bells sell well individually priced too.   have a bowl and jar of them.


Those same red glitter ‘Merry Christmas’ ornaments were the perfect addition to some ‘snow globe’ apothecary jars I made using Dollar Tree supplies too.


These turned out really cute!


I actually bought the supplies for these a year or two ago; and just got around to using them this year.  The white glitter deer is an ornament, but it did stand on it’s own,  I used wire cutters to cut off the to hanging loop on the antlers.  The snow came from DT also.  The little bags they used to sell with the Christmas Village stuff.  (Which, by the way, I have NOT seen any of the Christmas Village stuff at DT this year?!?)


The trees were also from the Christmas village stuff; they are a little more ‘lime’ green than dark forest green.  They came in a two pack, two sizes.  I used one of each size in these jars.


I made one square jar too.  On this one you can better see how far up I filled the snow.  First I applied a thin layer of tacky glue on the entire inside base of the jar, to hold some of the snow in place.  But BEFORE I poured the snow in, I added the trees and reindeer.  Put a good size ‘glob’ of tacky glue on the bottom of each tree and positioned them.  Did the same with the reindeer.  (if your jar opening is not big enough to fit your hand inside, use a pair of pliers to lower them into place and position them, as needed.  Then before your tacky glue dries, pour in an inch or so of snow.


A little red snowflake that I had in my stash was perfect to place on top of the lid.  I used  green satin ribbon to tie the red glitter “Merry Christmas” around the neck of the jar.


Classic red and green Christmas decorations.






Dollar Tree Glitter Crowns: Quick & Easy!!


I found these GLITTERED poster boards (3pk/ 8.5″ x 11″) at Dollar Tree.  There were quite a few different colors, mostly bright ‘jewel tones’.  I bought the copper color and turquoise.


It IS much more ‘glittery’ in person than it shows in photos; and the glitter STAYS on the paper and doesn’t shed as much as adding your own glitter!


To make my crown I cut one piece in half lengthwise and glued the two pieces together, end to end using tacky glue.  I press mine under a heavy book overnight to be sure it dries nice and flat.

Next form your long strip into a circle, overlapping the ends as much as needed to make your crown the circumference you want.  Press together and/or use clamps to be sure it dries nice and flat.

Once that glue is dry, cut your crown points with scissors.  You can cut them any width you want.  I prefer to make my points very WIDE.  The wider points are, the sturdier they will be, and won’t ‘dog ear’ with wear as easily.


I chose to embellish my crown with a crepe paper rosette.  (you can get the crepe paper at Dollar Tree too!)   Cut a 30″ piece of crepe paper.  Fan fold it in 1/4″ folds.  Once your whole piece is folded, glue the two ends together to make a circle.  Use very LITTLE glue for this part.  Too much glue and several folds will stick together in a clump.


I prefer my rosettes to be a bit ‘pliable’ so I back them with card-stock instead of heavy cardboard.  I use my scalloped edge punch to cut my backing pieces.


This part can be a little tricky because your rosette will want to ‘sprawl out’ and ‘pop back up’ and NOT lay perfectly flat as shown in the picture above this one.  Cover one side of your backing paper with plenty of tacky glue.  Position your rosette so the folds fan out as evenly as possible.  Gently place your backing piece, glue side down, onto your rosette.  Gently tap it around the edges; you don’t want it sticking too tightly just yet.  Flip it over and maneuver your folds to even them out more if  needed.  I use a small paint scraper for this next step, but a stiff piece of cardboard would work too.  With the backing facing down, take the paint scraper and tap it between each fold, close to the center.  ( hope that makes sense!)  This step helps the backing stick to the rosette, without crushing all those pretty folds.


I just happened to have some copper colored glitter, so I decided to glitter the ruffles of my rosette.  For this, I use regular white glue (tacky glue is too thick for this).  Dip a fairly stiff paint brush into the glue and gently dab it along the very edges of your rosette.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see how quickly the glue absorbs down the folds, so don’t use too much glue.  Once you’ve added glue all the way around the edge; pour some glitter into a small dish and gently roll the glued edges of your rosette in the glue. Set it atop ‘something’ tat the edges do not touch (like a can) and let dry overnight.


I wanted to glitter one of my smaller scalloped edge circles to put in the center of my rosette.  But getting glitter on the whole thing in one step proved problematic.


My solution?  Glue a tiny scrap of paper to the back and fold it to make a tab.  Then with the same brush I had used for the glue for the rosette edges, I covered the other side of this scallop circle with white glue and sprinkled on the glitter.  That little tab came in handy for the glue drying time too, as it propped up the glued side while the glue dried so it didn’t stick to anything.  (as you can see, a bit of glue and glitter does seep over the edges!)


Once that glue is dry, snip off the tab on the back.  I then glued my glitter circle to a slightly larger plain paper circle; then glued both in the center of my rosette.  (that little bit of glue seepage dried clear, so it’s not a problem.


Total cost per crown is less than a dollar!  

These would be fun to make for a little girls party.  Even without any embellishments they are really cute.  You could even let the kids embellish their own crowns by supplying assorted plastic gem stones.  (which are also available at Dollar Tree!)

Vintage bottles – love potion Valentine decor

Pop over to my Trash 2 Treasure blog  to see what I did with these old heart shaped bottles.  I collected the bottles from thrift stores and rummage sales throughout the year.  Never pay more than a dollar for one!

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 034

Here’s one little sneak peek!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 102

Are YOU working on any Valentine crafts of decorations yet?

Red glitter “LOVE” crown

12.12.12 projects Stars 029Red glittery ‘Derby’ style New Year’s party hat from Dollar Tree.

12.12.12 projects Stars 030With VERY sharp scissors, cut off the brim, far enough up the hat that you have flat sides.

12.12.12 projects Stars 031Cut off the TOP, leaving a little bit of curve but not much.  (save that top part and cut HEARTS out of it!)

12.12.12 projects Stars 032Turn it upside down (WIDER part at the top now) and cut points all the way around.  You can ‘be done’ here, or add some embellishing.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 120

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 116Of course, I HAD to embellish mine a bit.  I think this was an old set of scrapbook stickers from DT, back in the day when they carried scrapbook stuff.  They had the ‘foam stickies’ on the back.  That stuff does NOT stick to glitter!  Pull them off and apply tacky glue to the back of the items you want to add.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 117That’s all I did with this one.  If you are lucky enough to find some of the TALLER flat top glitter hats (like DT used to carry!) they make even BETTER crowns!

12.12.12 projects Stars 094These are some that I made from those ‘old style’ hats.  They have more height and the sides are straighter.

12.12.12 projects Stars 095

The gold embellishment on the front of this one is part of a DT ornament.

12.12.12 projects Stars 096The silver embellishment on this one is the other half of the gold one above.  And actually the tiny silver flower on the first crown came from that same single ornament too!  I just broke it apart to get flat pieces to use on my crowns!

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 119

Re-covered Dollar Tree gift boxes

12.19.12 boxes Stars 006These two Christmas gift boxes from Dollar Tree came as a set.  The border is a little crooked, so I decided to COMPLETELY re-cover them using vintage dictionary pages.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 007Cut a piece (or glue together 2 pieces) long enough to complete wrap around the box with a tad bit of overlap; and extends past the top and bottom of the box by about 1/2 -1″  (so an inch or so TALLER than the box itself.)  The red paper extended to the inside rim of these boxes, so I had to cover that little bit of the inside too.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 008Completely cover all four sides of your lid with a thin layer of glue.  (I use Aleen’s tacky glue; not as ‘wet’ as regular white glue so less ‘puckering’ of the paper) Then wrap your paper, side by side by side, smoothing each side carefully before going on to the next side.  Apply glue to the overlap and glue it down.

Make a single cut at each corner where the paper extends beyond the box on the bottom and top.  Apply glue to the inside of those ‘tabs’ and very gentle fold them over.  I’m using OLD paper so it’s very delicate and cracks easily when you fold it over.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 010

Carefully smooth out any wrinkles and be sure corners are smooth.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 009

Flip lid over and glue down the inner flaps of the lid.  The corners will require a little extra dab of glue and ‘smooshing’.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 011

Follow the same steps with the box.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 012The design extended to the bottom of these particular boxes, so I cut a square of paper just slightly smaller than both the box top and bottom, and glued into place.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 014

The print on these old dictionary pages was so FINE that I didn’t really need to worry about ‘matching designs’.

*****VERY IMPORTANT*****  Be sure to let your glue completely DRY before putting the lid on your box.  I recommend letting it dry overnight.  Otherwise you will destroy the edges of your box and top!  The added 2 layers op paper where the lid and box meet CAN make the fit very tight.  Keep this in mind when selecting your boxes to re-cover; look for boxes with slightly LOOSE fitting lids.  And when choosing your paper, keep in mind how much thickness it will add  to the ‘fit’ of the lid.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 019

All done!  Just testing to see if I like that bird house on top.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 031

Yep!  Decoded to put a bird house on top of each box, and fill the hole with a pinch of moss!  May still add some additional embellishment to the boxes.  Do you think they need ‘something more’??

Now I’m ready to do MORE boxes!

12.19.12 boxes Stars 002

These were actually very cute little gift boxes that I TOTALLY would have used ‘as the were’ from Dollar Tree.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 001The three largest ones were sold individually; and the smallest 2 as a set.  $4.00 total for all five boxes.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 029Since this set of boxes had a ‘white border’ along all the edges of the boxes, I decided to keep the borders and just cover the colored parts.   Which meant I needed paper that would go with the white borders, so vintage book pages and sheet music were out because they are too yellowed.  I settled upon this kraft wrapping paper from Dollar Tree.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 036WHEW!!!!  Cutting all those squares and little rectangles to just the perfect size and individually gluing them on was a lot more labor intensive than I had anticipated!  After doing the three smallest boxes, I went back to the ‘wrap around’ method for the other two!

12.19.12 boxes Stars 034I LOVE how the white edges LOOK, and will probably do this style of covering again, but maybe with BIGGER boxes; and maybe I’d fully cover the LID and just leave the white border on the box part.

12.19.12 boxes Stars 035The fully wrapped two bigger ones turned out just fine too.   I did these the same way I did the Christmas boxes; EXCEPT the design did NOT extend to the inside of the box or lid so I didn’t have to do an overlap on the edges of these.  (just the bottoms!)

So don’t toss out any gift boxes you get this Christmas!  Save them to re-cover the re-use!

*****EDITED TO ADD***  Since one commenter said she’d never seen the paper I used at her Dollar Tree store, and I just saw it on their website, I thought I’d show you and share the link:

As is the case with many Dollar Tree products, the wrapping paper ships to the stores in a ‘mixed case’and the most popular styles seem to sell out fastest.  IF you’ve seen ANY of the above papers in your Dollar Tree store, that means they do stock the same paper I used on my boxes; but may just be sold out at the time.

It never hurts to ASK the manager about ordering in a case for you, and letting you pick out the ones you want; and they can just put the rest out with their stock.  ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR look for the plain brown paper with the shipping supplies and use some rubber stamps to print your own designs!

The pink and brown dots style was one that I would buy to re-sell back when we had our own shop, and it was very popular; but nearly impossible to ever find IN the DT stores.  Whenever I did find any, I bought it ALL because if I didn’t, it would be gone the next day!   I really like ALL the different colors and prints!

Dollar Tree: cherubs and chocolates!

12.12.12 projects Stars 022These were around last year.  I’m not sure if they have been REstocked this year, or just some still leftover from last year, but they are VERY cute!!  such sweet expressions on their faces.

12.12.12 projects Stars 101There are three different ‘poses’, so I got one of each and just gave them crowns.  Thinking I can do ‘something more’ with them for Valentines Day.

12.12.12 projects Stars 044Have you seen the MINI chocolate candles they just got in?!?!   These are smaller, about the size of a real piece of candy.  How cute would it be to alter an old heart shaped candy box and fill it with these!?!?

12.12.12 projects Stars 112Here’s the display with that ONE green glitter owl I bought.

I think I am finally finished with Christmas crafts for the year!  Time to pack away the Christmas supplies and get started on Valentine stuff!!


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Shell ‘necklace’ for a vase

Couldn’t think of what ELSE to call it, so it’s a necklace for now!

Dollar Tree vase I’ve had sitting around for SOME time, awaiting a project. ANY kind of vase or even just a JAR would work for this application.  Just need an indented area for the necklace to be attached.   Shells came from DT also.

For hanging the shells you’ll need some JUTE twine.

And good ole Aleen’s tacky glue for gluing the shells to the jute.

Cut one LONG piece of jute.  You’ll want it long enough to go around the neck of your vase with room to tie a double knot.

Next cut LOTS of shorter strips of the jute.  You’ll be gluing a shell to EACH end of this and it will fold in half at the neck of your vessel.  How long or short you want to make these pieces is up to you; as well as how varying you want the lengths to be.   Put a good blob of glue into each shell, then insert your jute.  Lay flat and let dry overnight.

Take your jute pieces with the shells glued on and LAY them over your longer piece of jute.

I couldn’t get a pic of the next step because it requires both hands.  Pick up the ends of your long piece of jute from the position shown above.  This will DOUBLE your shelled jute pieces over.  Tie the longer jute piece around the neck of your vase; double knot and cut off the excess.

At this point you will still be able to maneuver the shell strips if you want.  Even them out or pull one end longer/shorter.

I opted to keep all my lengths fairly close to the same.


Since the vase itself is ‘so dressed up’ it really doesn’t NEED to be filled with anything.  but if you MUST fill it with something, go for something very SIMPLE, like a bunch of twigs,

Dollar Tree prayer candles

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I didn’t get a picture of JUST the candles.  You’ve seen them before, plain glass holder filled with plain white wax.  Oftentimes the taller versions of these candles have religious images on them.  I look for the plain ones.

These little 2 packs of taper holders are from DT also.  I use e6000 adhesive to attach one of the candles to one of these bases.    The  candles always have really LONG wicks and are never filled to the top with wax.  I melt down the leftover wax in the bottom of my jar candles and  use that to ‘top off’ the candles; filling them up further AND adding a bit of fragrance.  I almost always buy white/cream colored candles; not sure how a brighter color would look on top.  Guess it would depend upon what color you made your LABEL.

There are two of the finished ones on the bottom shelf.  I added a band of tea stained paper all the way around, then some clip art shell images and some jute string.

ON these two I skipped the added base and used vintage tea stained sheet music.

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