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More FREE images ~ vintage photos & postcards

Another great site full of freebies!  Here are just a few to whet your crafting appetite!


FREE CLIP ART WEBSITE ~ Vintage holiday cratfs

Gotta love a FREEBIE!  Just found this site with lots of great vintage style freebies to use in your crafting!

I only saved this one little image to show you as an example.  And there is MORE than just Halloween stuff.  (It’s got Halloween on the front page because it’s October)  I had to NOT LET MYSELF browse the site for too long or I’d be looking all day!  And I’ve got painting projects to work on outside and our ‘dry painting days’ are dwindling with the season.

I’d love to see some of the projects you make using this vintage holiday clip-art!

CARVABLE pumpkins from Dollar Tree

Actually I just grabbed a few of these NOT knowing they were ‘carvable’.  I just wanted a few bigger pumpkins that the ones they usually have.

I pondered for a while on what cutting tool to use, and finally settled upon my box cutter, because they felt a little too dense for an exact knife.

Being one who is NOT very well-practiced at pumpkin carving, I went the EASY route, and just cut out a small strip at each indent.

ACK!!!  They are just HOLLOW CORE styro pumpkins and really NOT very carving friendly!  You know how styro SHREDS when you break or cut it?  YEP!  And you know how all the little stray pieces are all staticy and stick to your hands and won’t come off?  YEP!  These (allegedly!) carvable pumpkins from Dollar Tree ARE all that!

The white innards really showed!  Even through just these small slits.  But unless I cut the thing in half, I’m not going to be able to paint the INSIDE!  But I wasn’t ready to give up on my experiment just YET!  I mean, it’s only a BUCK, so I may as well keep going and se e if I can make something of it.  Black spray paint to the rescue!

Now spray paint will sometimes disintegrate styro, but this stuff held up okay.  And the SPRAY got into the creases enough to cover them a bit.  I cut out a hole in the bottom and added a little ‘clip light’ with a red bulb.

This’ll have to do.  I glued on a little spider and web at the stem.

 I’m afraid I’m going to have to NOT recommend these for carving.  Would be great to paint or glitter.  And I’ve seen lots of pumpkin face STICKERS that would work well on these.  Really just about anything BUT carving!

Halloween Queens!

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Got these glittered skulls at Dollar Tree.  They had black, white and silver glitter, but I just got black and white.

First I put a wood dowel into the base of the skull.  Poke a hole with your dowel, pull it out, squeeze a bit of tacky glue into your hole and re-insert the dowel.  This will keep it securely in place.  (you can’t see the dowel in this photo because I have it propped in a soda bottle to keep it upright for the photo.

I gave her a silver crown (just cut it out of scrap cardboard and glittered) which it hot glued in place.  And a ruffly collar made from wire edged ribbon; which I folded ‘accordion style’ then hot glued together both ends.

Once the ends you’ve glued together have cooled and you can flatten your collar, hot glue on a circle of paper or fabric to keep it in place.

Then a little dab of hot glue on the dowel by the skull to keep it in place.  Voila!

For teh white glitter skulls, I made sheet music crowns, added a little black glitter on the tips and printed ‘Halloween Queen’ on an old book page, tore around the edges and glued to the crown.

Made her collar out of sheet music also, accordion folded just like the wire edged ribbon.  For the double collar, just make one slightly smaller than the other, glue the paper circle to the backs of each, then glue them together.


Some pieces of black ribbon, like tendrils were added after the collars wer glued on.

I use little vases to display them in.  That shorter white skull was one I made last year.  Mounted it on a candle holder and used a childs pony tail ribbon for the pink collar!

That shorter black skull was glued to a spice jar and given several layers of ruffled wire edge ribbon, glued to the jar as a collar.

Crows with crowns

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Simple black crows from Dollar Tree.  They had two styles this year!  One with slightly open wings and one with its head cocked to the side.

I made a bunch of little cardboard crowns.  Scrap cardboard, glued on old sheet music, cut to size then glued in a circle.  Let glue (tacky glue) set overnight with some clips to hold it tightly in place.  Cut out your “V”s the next morning and you’ve got crowns!

Hot glue the crowns to the crows heads.

I have then displayed in a ginormous vintage bird-cage in our space at Camas Antiques.



Silver skelly wishing wands

Posted in Dollar Tree,Fall / Halloween by trash2treasure on October 2, 2010
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Found the silver glittered skeletons (8pk) at Joann’s, and the wands at Dollar Tree (4pk)

I just made a hole in the skulls with my pointy scissors, squirted in a dab of hot glue, and inserted the wand!  Now that I look at them again, I think maybe they need some strands of ribbon tied below the skull.  Whaddya think?

Halloween busts from Dollar Tree

Not too bad ‘as purchased’, but I wanted to shabby them up a bit; make the darker ones look more like the center one.

Gave them a good dousing with white spray paint and let dry.

And then to bring out the details, some Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.

Glob it on really good, scrubbing your brush down into all the creases.  I always do my pieces in ‘two steps’ so that I have a dry part to hang onto while working.  Immediately after applying your glaze, wipe or dab off the excess.  It’s up to you how much you leave on.  WIPING will take most of it off, except in the creases.  DABBING will leave more on the surface, for a darker look.

After removing your excess glaze, let it dry for about 20 minutes, then go back and do the other part.

All done.  They guy in the middle is the one I left ‘as purchased’.  The glaze on it is much darker; grey, almost green.  Almost makes the RL glaze look a tad pinkish, but it’s really a nice musty brown.