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Decorative mesh wreath

Posted in Uncategorized by trash2treasure on November 28, 2015

I bought this decorative wire mesh last spring.  They had lots of colors (and NOW there are also Christmas colors!) but I only bought these two.P1170452I had some rusty wire wreath forms, and spray painted one white to use for this project. P1230314I’ve since found the wreath forms at Dollar Tree:


I really like the new ones from DT better than the ones I had!  But I didn’t find these until AFTER I finished my first mesh wreath.


Not TOO bad for my first attempt! I used three of the spools of mesh.


I made this AFTER I had made two burlap wreaths, and THOUGHT that I’d be able to attach the mesh to the wreath form the same way I did the burlap, with pipe cleaners, threaded through the fabric and twisted around the wire form.


But the mesh kept snagging on the pipe cleaners and ripping to shreds!?!  I didn’t want to use wire, so I tried needle and thread and SEWED the mesh to the wire form!

P1240085  Which I truly do NOT recommend!!  (however it did make for a very ‘tidy’ looking backside, compared to using pipe cleaners!)  But I don’t yet have another recommendation. (I’m OPEN to suggestions!)


It needed ‘something’ more, but I didn’t know what.  So I set it aside for a while until inspiration struck.


I had this “JOY” ornament from DT.


And these floral shaped ornaments, also from DT.


After ‘testing’ both, I decided that the JOY looked better.


Then I ‘sprinkled about’ (glued on with Tacky glue!) some silver glitter snowflake ‘table scatters’ that I had.


NOW it’s done.

And I’ve got about 15 spools of mesh left to make MORE!!