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Shell ‘necklace’ for a vase

Couldn’t think of what ELSE to call it, so it’s a necklace for now!

Dollar Tree vase I’ve had sitting around for SOME time, awaiting a project. ANY kind of vase or even just a JAR would work for this application.  Just need an indented area for the necklace to be attached.   Shells came from DT also.

For hanging the shells you’ll need some JUTE twine.

And good ole Aleen’s tacky glue for gluing the shells to the jute.

Cut one LONG piece of jute.  You’ll want it long enough to go around the neck of your vase with room to tie a double knot.

Next cut LOTS of shorter strips of the jute.  You’ll be gluing a shell to EACH end of this and it will fold in half at the neck of your vessel.  How long or short you want to make these pieces is up to you; as well as how varying you want the lengths to be.   Put a good blob of glue into each shell, then insert your jute.  Lay flat and let dry overnight.

Take your jute pieces with the shells glued on and LAY them over your longer piece of jute.

I couldn’t get a pic of the next step because it requires both hands.  Pick up the ends of your long piece of jute from the position shown above.  This will DOUBLE your shelled jute pieces over.  Tie the longer jute piece around the neck of your vase; double knot and cut off the excess.

At this point you will still be able to maneuver the shell strips if you want.  Even them out or pull one end longer/shorter.

I opted to keep all my lengths fairly close to the same.


Since the vase itself is ‘so dressed up’ it really doesn’t NEED to be filled with anything.  but if you MUST fill it with something, go for something very SIMPLE, like a bunch of twigs,


Thanks AGAIN, Morena!

The sweet fellow blogger who sent me the DT birds that I initially couldn’t find locally, just sent me the link to HER first project with them.

I”m not typically a fan of metallics,  but this has made me change my mind!  The bird totally looks like vintage pewter.

CLICK HERE  to go to her blog for the complete tutorial.

Anyone else have any DT or bird projects they want to share???


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New findings at Dollar Tree

While I was making the rounds to several of my local Dollar Tree stores in search of additional birds, I found a few other things ‘to play with’:

Grabbed a few of these little cast plaster castles and covered them with sand to make them look like sand castles.

I took a LOT of reapplications to get full coverage!  NEXT time I will paint them ‘sand color’ FIRST; then glue on the sand.  That way, any parts that show through won’t be as noticeable.  (as on this one!)

Will be searching for some SMALL fish bowls to put them in.  Add some sand to the bottom and scatter some little shells; kind of like a little sand globe!  (instead of SNOW globe!)   DT used to sell the sand, but I haven’t seen it in ‘my’ DT’s for a while.  I found some at the thrift store.  Used tacky glue to apply the sand.

NO IDEA what I will do with these guys?!?!  They were just SO cute!  And I USED to collect frogs in high school.  Maybe glitter and crown them?  Got any ideas for me for these???

Metal seahorse was in the garden section.  They called it a HOOK.  (use the curled tail as a hook?  Not sure WHAT you’d hang from it though??)  I will spray paint them a flat black, (if this RAIN ever stops again!)  then sponge paint them tan or turquoise.  I bought 5 or 6 of them.

PRETTY little gift box!  Always need a little gift box for something!  Can’t resist this color!

Little wood plaques with BUILT IN easel.  Bought several of these too.  Remember these? from a while back?

These new little plaques have the same designs on the front.  I’ll be completely covering the fronts, so that doesn’t bother me.  I just really like the built in stand!  Will use them for some altered art collages.

Have YOU found anything cool to reinvent at Dollar Tree lately???

The little birds with wire feet from Dollar Tree

SO, AFTER my big box of DT birds arrived from Texas, I decided to take another look at my local stores to see if they had any.  SCORE!  None of the stores had very many of them left, but I bought ALL they had at four different stores, so I am now STOCKED for the rest of the year!

Here’s a close up look at one.

Varying positions and colors.  They really DO have cute ‘expressions’.

 And, as I’ve already mentioned, quite a bit smaller than the ones from previous years; but every bit as (if note MORE so!) cute.

AND the more muted colors on these only required ONE COAT of craft paint to get full coverage!  (others I’ve had to do 2 and 3 coats of paint on!)  I just used an antique white acrylic craft paint.

Albino birds???

After painting them white, I used my fav Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze to bring out the details (ANY antiquing or glazing medium should work just fine).

And of course I HAD to give them a crown!  (made from vintage sheet music)

Aren’t they adorable ‘beak to beak’ like this?!?  Hop over to my trash to treasure blog here  for a tutorial on how to make the tiny crowns.

And the ole ‘before and after’ picture.

And a couple of them in etsy listings:

Decided to try one unaltered bird on etsy too:

What are YOU doing with your DT birds?

There’s an ANGEL out there in ‘bloggeritaville’!

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LOOK what arrived on my doorstep yesterday all the way from TEXAS!!!  BIRDS!  Little Dollar Tree birds.    I am soooooooooooooooooooo   HAPPY!!!

This happiness was made possible by an ANGEL of a blog follower of mine, who commented that she had seen some birds at HER Dollar Tree store; in regards to my plight of being told there would be NO birds this year at ‘my’ DT.  On a ‘prayer and a whim’ I asked if she might be willing to buy some and sell them to me and ship them to me (with compensation for her time and trouble doing so)

And did she EVER come through for me!  that box is FULL of birds.  I’ve got some serious crafting to do now!!!

Thanks again, my angel of a blog follower!

Dollar Tree frames

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Dollar Tree picture frames with dollar section scrapbook elements from Joann’s.

And some with birds.

Cute little house shaped frames from DT also.  Painted, distressed and embellished with scrapbook elements.


Still more DT frames, again painted and distressed.  For these I removed the glass and mounted decorative skeleton keys from the ‘impulse buy’ section at the front of Michael’s craft store.  (the stuff that USED to be $1.00, but is now 2/$3.00)

What other kinds of things do YOU put in frames to decorate with?



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Well, since the resin birds I so DESPERATELY have been waiting for are NOT going to be coming to Dollar Tree this year; I’ve resigned myself to working on some other bird projects.

I found these DT birds in my stash from some time ago.  Never did figure out much of anything different to do with them.  So I just gave them all little vintage sheet music crowns!

These birds are probably from 4-5 YEARS ago though!  But maybe you’ll find some like them at thrift stores?!?

I got these little feather birds at DT last fall.  Attached them to a nest with eggs and then to a pedestal.


This canvas bird picture is from a few years ago also.   I added the plastic rhinestone crown and the ‘discover’ tag.

These birds on TIN boards are from a while ago too.  I added the crowns and joy tag.

And that’s all I’ve got for now!