The Dollar Diva

NEW color od Easter eggs at Dollar Tree

LOVE these new ‘gold leaf’ plastic Easter eggs I found at Dollar Tree!

They had small eggs in a package of 36, and medium and large eggs on picks for use in floral designs.  I don’t do florals, but loved this egg color, so I bought one package of each of the egg picks as well as several bags of the small ones.  Figure I can come up with SOMETHING to use the bigger ones for!

On these closer up photos, you can better see that the eggs are gold leafing over a pink base.  Time to decide on a project for using them!

 In past years I had used other kinds of eggs and moss in vintage bell jars.


I just so happened to have a stash of bell jars on hand (they are ‘one of those things’ that I’m always on the look-out for.) and thought the idea was worth replicating with this updated egg color.

I didn’t care for the moss with the gold eggs, so I decided to try some of my ‘hand folded and hand cut vintage book pages paper shred mixture’.   Added in a bit of craft brown paper along with old yellowed book pages and whiter pages.  The combination of the three colors worked perfectly!

I had three sizes of the vintage bell jars and three sizes of eggs, soooooooooooooo . . .  I put the small eggs in the small jars, medium eggs (which easily pulled right off the wood pick!) in the medium jars and large eggs in the large jars.

I finished off ‘the look’ with a sheer gold ribbon tied around the handle.


I also packaged up some of the small eggs with some paper shred for those who want to create their own little nests.

Displayed them in my booth along with some little birds.  These jars look great sitting atop candle pedestals too; as shown above.

What do YOU think?  Gold eggs for Easter.  Yeah or Hay?