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No birds this year at Dollar Tree?!?!?!

Posted in Dollar Tree by trash2treasure on April 29, 2012
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PLEASE!!!  Say it isn’t so?!?!?  Dollar Tree is NOT going to be getting in any of the darling resin birds this year, like they have had in past years.  I’m almost in tears.  sigh.  I’ve been going in to different DTs in my area 1-2 times a week for the past 2 months hoping to find them; to no avail.

Finally, last week, I was in my ‘favorite’ DT (where I know the managers quite well) and one of them commented on my EMPTY CART.  She’d NEVER seen me with an empty cart before.  I told her I was looking for little birds, and she said they were not getting any in this year.  


I probably bought and used a HUNDRED of those little birds last year.  I ‘can’ find some through wholesale resources, but of course they are MUCH more expensive.  A notion that makes me SHUDDER!  

SO, heads up my fellow Dollar Diva’s!!  If you see the little resin birds ANYWHERE at a good price.  BUY THEM!  We don’t have any independent dollar stores in our area, but I know many of you do.  Please leave a comment if you’ve found a good source for them, so others can benefit from your discovery.

Dollar Tree prayer candles

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I didn’t get a picture of JUST the candles.  You’ve seen them before, plain glass holder filled with plain white wax.  Oftentimes the taller versions of these candles have religious images on them.  I look for the plain ones.

These little 2 packs of taper holders are from DT also.  I use e6000 adhesive to attach one of the candles to one of these bases.    The  candles always have really LONG wicks and are never filled to the top with wax.  I melt down the leftover wax in the bottom of my jar candles and  use that to ‘top off’ the candles; filling them up further AND adding a bit of fragrance.  I almost always buy white/cream colored candles; not sure how a brighter color would look on top.  Guess it would depend upon what color you made your LABEL.

There are two of the finished ones on the bottom shelf.  I added a band of tea stained paper all the way around, then some clip art shell images and some jute string.

ON these two I skipped the added base and used vintage tea stained sheet music.

Waiting (IM)patiently for the new stock of birds to arrive at Dollar Tree

I KNOW they have had some kind of new style of resin birds in stock every year.  I THOUGHT the new stock would arrive sometime in March, apparently not.  I don’t remember exactly WHEN I bought them in the past, but it seemed like early springtime.  Maybe after the Easter stock is gone they will bring in the birds.  In the meantime, I gave these ceramic doves a make over.

They’ve had these particular doves in stock forever it seems.  For some reason, I always passed them up.  I think I didn’t care for the ‘sandy’ finish on them.   Repainting them and adding some Ralph Lauren glaze helped.

The birds, clear glass bowl vases, clear small plates and Spanish moss all came from DT.  I could/would have bought the candle holder base there too, except that I had a case of others I’d bought for less at a rummage sale.  The eggs were the little wood ornament eggs.  I removed the string for hanging them, and  painted them.

I work a handful of the moss into a nest shape and GLUE the egg in the center.  (those eggs tend to disappear if they’re  not glued down!

Use e6000 for gluing the bird to the globe and the candle holder to the bottom of the plate.

AFTER I made all of these and took them to my space at Stars, I decided they needed CROWNS!

Kindred Spirits – Salvage Dior

Saw this post on Savage Dior blog and KNEW they were MY kind of people!  How gorgeous did this ‘faux iron’ wall art turn out?!?!  You absolutely MUST click on the link and go read the post.