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Little take out gift boxes

Posted in Dollar Tree,Gift wrap,Gifts by trash2treasure on November 7, 2010
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This idea grew from something similar I saw at an antique mall.  They had taken regular white Chinese take-out food boxes and stenciled numbers on them.  (anything with numbers on it seems to be “IN” right now!)  Loving the idea but not wanting to totally COPY it, I headed to Dollar Tree to see what kind of little boxes I could find to play with.

Found these adorable little favor boxes in the baby shower section.  Eight of them for a dollar!  I can have LOTS of fun playing with these!

I pulled them all apart and then rummaged through my box of paper craft embellishments to see what I could use.  Settled upon some Paris themed clear stickers.

And had one pair of stray butterfly themed stickers that I decided to use up.

But I really liked the black lettering on the blue boxes best.  That was ALL I did to this batch.  You could add a little tag tied onto the handle with a piece of pretty ribbon if you wanted to go a bit fancier.

These little boxes are the PERFECT size to tuck a gift card into, or fill with a few ‘sweet treats’.


Dollar bird houses from Michael’s

Of course I bought mine when they had their 25% off your entire purchase sale a while back!  But even FULL price, these sweet little wire birdhouses were a DEAL!  I didn’t care too much for some of the colors, but liked all the different shapes; so I bought some of each.  Then I just spray painted the ones that were colors I didn’t care for. (red, yellow and orange!)

I had some digital collage sheets that I’d bought some time ago with assorted bird images on them; and I cut the birds out into tag shapes, and tied a tag inside each cage with a thin piece of tea stained satin ribbon.

Very simple and quick craft!

I had a ‘vision’ that I’d hang these on one of my BARE twiggy Christmas trees; until I realized I don’t have any of them!!!  Michael got a bunch of dead trees from a lot after Christmas for me a couple of years ago and tossed them out in the field to ‘dry out’ and now they are buried in overgrowth!   I’m soooooooooooo bummed!

But these will still be cute sitting on shelves etc.  I should save them for spring, but I’ll be taking them to the fall show in a couple of weeks.

Fluffy white wreath

Soooooooooooo pretty!!!  Would make a great holiday wreath; and yet is simple enough to stay out year round in a shabby cottage decor space.

Check out “The Virginia House” for the complete (and surprisingly SIMPLE!) tutorial.

It seems that I can never leave ‘well enough alone’, and when I see projects like this, that are PERFECT as they are, my brain starts thinking of variations on the theme.  Here are my thoughts and things I might try when I make one of these:

1)  The wreath form; I’m thinking the hard green floral foam wreaths might be easier to work with than the willow wreath.  (although they might be smaller)

2)  GLITTER!!!  Everything is better with glitter.  Lightly brush glue on the very tips of the ruffles and sprinkle on some glitter.

3)  For a more primitive and rustic look, spritz it with some grubby stain.

4) OR use the tan coffee filters to begin with!

5)  Lightly wrap around a ‘sheet music paper garland’ ; or hang a little banner across the front.