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Got another ‘wire (trash can!) cloche done.

Since I showed you this base for another wire cloche that I was working on:

2.12.13 etsy projects 031

I thought you might like to see it after I finished it:

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 045And on this one I remembered to take a picture of how I attached the knob:

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 046I just painted the little wood oval (you can buy these at the craft store) black at the same time that I was painting the wood knob.  Pre-drilled a hole in the oval so the wood wouldn’t split when I added the screw.  Then I was actually able to drive the screw into the knob with a hand-held driver. (BECAUSE the hole in the wood ‘washer’ was pre-drilled)

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 047

This looks SO much better than seeing the ‘screw stem’ of the knob hanging down on the inside!

Dollar Tree wire cloche

I have to admit that this was NOT my own original idea.  I saw this picture on Pinterest:

Dollar store transformation

And BAM!!!  My wheels started turning! Dashed out to Dollar Tree the first chance I got and looked for the wire trash cans (which is what the biggest one is made from)  There were NONE!  Rats!

But I seem to recall seeing them there ALL the time.  Maybe more were coming in soon.  I checked at different DT later in the week and found them.  I opted for BLACK.

I had made these, using old lamp shades in the past; but the ‘right’ lamp shade can be hard to find.   You need the ones that were attached to the lamp with a screw on finial at the top.4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 040Here’s my version using the DT trash can.  The only thing I didn’t really care for in the Pinterest samples was that you could SEE the rest of the knob screw coming through the inside.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 042

I brainstormed a bit with Michael and opted for a big wood finial (I grab the whenever I see them at thrift stores!)  Made a small round wood ‘washer’ and screwed it in from underneath.  NO screw stem showing!

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 041I wanted mine on a taller pedestal base.  Just happened to have this vintage heavy resin cherub statue in my stash; and the top of it was FLAT.  I had bought a pile of the plastic charger plates at DT when they were half price after Christmas; not knowing WHAT I would use them for.  They were the perfect size for this project. I glued the plate to the statue with e6000.  Let the adhesive set for a day; then spray painted!

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 039Now I can’t wait to make MORE!  This one is for sale in my booth at Curiosities in Beaverton.

2.12.13 etsy projects 031This pretty urn (plastic painted gold!) was found at a thrift store.  It has some very ugly fake flowers in it, and was half price.  I bought it specifically for the urn only.  Originally intending to put a little Christmas tree in it.  That didn’t happen.  So it was just ‘sitting around’ when I made the previous pedestal; and was a perfect size to fit the DT charger plates!

2.12.13 etsy projects 032For better ‘footing’ I inverted the urn and glued the plate to the bottom.  Painted it all black too.  Working on the top for this one right now.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 044Here’s another lamp shade one; sitting atop a little upcycled table.  Cast iron base and round metal tray glued together, then spray painted black.  These are also in my booth at Curiosities, but the table and cloche are priced individually.    The cherub one is priced as a set; top and base together.

Trying to decide if I want to try some white ones now; or the smaller ones from the Pinterest picture.  Although I’ve only seen those smaller baskets in OVAL; which would be hard to find a base for.

Long time – not post!

Hey Dollar Diva Devotees!

How ARE you all???  Now that tax season is done and spring is just around the corner, it’s CRAFTING time.  Well, it’s USUALLY crafting time.  sigh.  I find myself leaving the Dollar Tree empty-handed and extremely UNinspired all too often lately!

Now I realize that part of the reason for this is that:

A) Easter was early this year, so the new ‘after Easter product’ came out earlier too.

B) In general, DT put out their new spring product almost right after Christmas this year!

Soooooooooooooo, maybe this is just the ‘summer blahs’ coming a bit early this year?!?!?  I dunno!  but I’ve got NOTHING to share in the way of dollar ideas right now!

Do any of you have any projects that YOU’D like to share?!?!  I’d be happy to post your pics and link back to your blog if you do!