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Little stuffed pumpkins – Target Dollar Spot

Found these cute little stuffed fabric pumpkins at Target Dollar Spot.


They are fairly small; fit in the palm of your hand.  I’m not sure how many different colors they were originally available in.  By the time I found them, these two colors and black velvet were all that was left in stock.  The stems are plastic.  The turquoise and black pumpkins are velvet fabric; the green one a faux suede.

They really were just fine to use ‘as is’, but you KNOW that is never good enough for me!  I had some black fabric leaves in my Halloween supply stash; attached the leaves with some fine black craft wire, strung through the leaf and twisted around the stem.  Then the extra length of wire was wrapped around a pencil to create a curly vine.


Since I didn’t have any brown leaves to add to the pale green pumpkin, I had to come up with something else to embellish it.  I’m really trying to NOT buy a bunch more craft supplies, and use only what I have on hand.  But of course, you can buy fake leaves in just about ANY color at any craft store if you wanted some.


I had some ‘grapevine’ wire; which is wire covered with brown paper that looks like grapevine.  I twisted on a small piece of the grapevine wire and curled the loose ends, as I had done on the others.  It still needed a ‘little something’, so I added a pretty golden brown sheer bow.

The turquoise bottle came from Target’s Dollar Spot too.  I embellished it with some stick on crystals that I had on hand.  The glitter pumpkin is one from Dollar Tree.  I replaced the fake plastic stem with a real wood one (piece of a tree branch) and painted it aqua and glittered it.  To prevent excess glitter ‘shed’, I spray on a coat of clear varnish as the finishing touch.

These small pumpkins would be perfect to use at individual place settings on your Thanksgiving table.


TARGET Dollar Spot

I LOVE the ‘Dollar Spot’ at Target almost as much as I love Dollar Tree!!  They always have really cute stationary and party items; and great ‘little gifty things’ in general.  I don’t ALTER the items from Target as much as I do the things I get at Dollar Tree though.  Still, some pretty cool stuff, worthy of an occasional share.


These glitter snowflake dessert stands were one of my favorite finds of this holiday season.


They had to be assembled; (bases attached with two screws) and one of the screws was too short, but for the price, still a good deal.  (although I can’t remember if they were $3 or $5?!?)

They were great for ‘propping up’ items in my booth.


On some of them I did add a little ’embellishment’ to the stand.  On this one a “JOY” ornament, on some others a bundle of jingle bells.


These little bottle brush trees came from Target too.


I glued them to some inverted vintage mini tart tins.

Finds from the Target Dollar Spot

Found some fun dollar stuff at Target recently:

P1170539Tags, mini clipboards and note cards.

The back of the clipboard is even cute!

P1170542Assortment pack of tags.


Blank note cards to us ‘as is’ or possible embellish?

P1170544Fun feather tags!

P1170538Tags with writing on them.  I tied the ‘cheers’ tags onto vintage liqueur decanters for my antique booth.


Baker’s twine!P1170547Chalkboard flag stickers and brown kraft stickers in the SAME package! 


Gold alphabet stickers.  (to use on those note cards perhaps?)

P1170550Small rolls of fun wrapping paper.

P1170551BONUS!  I saved all the kraft cardboard backings to make more tags from!