The Dollar Diva

Just what I needed!!!

I always have a big tool box in my car.  Keep it stocked with anything I may need at a craft show or at the antique mall when I am working on my booth.  Glue is one of those things that I need in my tool box, but I need it so seldom that it usually dries out by the time I need to use it for the second time.

So, I’ve always bought  the smallest tubes I could find at Dollar Tree to stock in my tool box.  I just hate throwing away a nearly full tube of adhesive, but it’s no good once it dries out.


Hallelujah!! My glue wishes have come true!  Look what I just found at Dollar Tree!!!  Tiny tubes of adhesive in a four pack!!  Exactly what I needed for stocking my tool box!


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2014 is Dollar Tree stores customer appreciation sale day!  Pick up your coupon for 10% off your entire purchase at any store.

.  Stock up on staples and everyday needs.  Stocking stuffers.  Extra plastic plates and paper napkins for holiday entertaining. Cookie tins and platters.  Buy gloves, socks and scarves to donate to shelters for the homeless.

They have been doing this every year for quite some time, and typically it is the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  They don’t advertise it much though.  Usually only start handing out the coupons at the registers the week before.

 I make a note on my calendar every year to remind me to stop in and get a coupon.  They probably still hand them out the day OF the sale, but I can’t promise that!