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BEAUTIFUL paper party napkins from Dollar Tree

Look what I just found at Dollar Tree?!?!?  Really pretty paper party napkins in VERY CURRENT designs!


Dollar Tree has always been a great place to buy the ‘basics’ for party wares.  Plain colored paper plates, cups, napkins etc.  I was totally surprised and delighted to find THESE beautiful dinner and cocktail size paper napkins on my last trip in.

P1130517They had both sizes in all of the designs.  These pictures are just of the ones I bought.  There were MANY more designs.  I just didn’t have my camera with me.


In this design they also had small and large plates; so perhaps they will eventually have more matching accessories.  I honestly think that they are every bit as pretty as the ones you see at the high-end stores!


In this design they had both sizes in both colors; I just selected the opposite colors to go in a gift set I am putting together.  (yes I AM doing CHRISTMAS shopping already!!!)

P1130518Don’t ask me WHY I needed so many of these?!?!?  I just loved them all!  Actually had a lot MORE in my basket, but put a few back . . . at least UNTIL I come up with a USE for them!!

P1130519OR come up with an excuse to have a party to use them for!


I’d love to hear any ideas you may have for craft projects using them.  I think the only thing I’ve seen done with paper napkins is to decoupage them to the underside of clear glass plates or the outside of glass vases or candle jars.


Party chicks


How CUTE are these little chicks from Dollar Tree?!?!


They have ‘bobble heads’ and were in with the Easter decor.  They had bunnies too, but I didn’t really care for the bunnies.


I glued pointy party hats to their heads and tied a bow around their necks.


The hats are made from some ‘ice cream come holders’ that I bought a long time ago on clearance; thinking that they would make cute little party hats! The little pom-poms glued to the top of the hats were something that I had on hand.


I stuffed the hats with crumpled newspaper to make them nice and sturdy.  First a dab of glue (tacky glue) in the point of the hat and a tightly twisted little piece of paper.  A bit more glue and a crumpled piece of paper, tightly tamped down with a pair of scissors.  Just kept doing that, layer by layer until I had just enough space left to glue the hat to their heads.  Used tacky glue for that too.  Only had to ‘hold them in place for a minute of two white the glue set.


Ready to PARTY!!