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Dollar Tree salt shaker snow folk


I made the above batch of ‘snow folk’ using assorted VINTAGE glass bottles, some of which were salt shakers.

P1240127You can view the complete tutorial for them  HERE on my Trash2Treasure blog.

p1230910After I used up the stash of vintage bottles I had on hand, I still had a few ‘heads’ left to use up.


I was perusing Dollar Tree for some project inspirations and spotted these salt shakers.


So I grabbed a few to make into snow folk.


On these I decided to use the bottle cap for the hat, instead of making the paper party hats like I did with the vintage bottle ones.


Pretty much ALL the supplies came from Dollar Tree: the little red bells, the chenille stems used around the neck and for the ‘pom-pom’ on the hat, and the ‘snow’ to fill the jars.

You could make these into ornaments too if you wanted to.  Just slip a loop of ribbon through the holes in the cap before gluing it to the head.

Pretty glass bottles at Dollar Tree

P1200244They had several other colors, but I just bought the clear and blue.  I’ve seen the exact same bottles at Ross and Marshall’s for $10.00!  Not sure what (if anything!) I am going to DO to these; but I knew if I didn’t buy them the first time I saw them that they’s be gone.

I had actually stopped in to see if there was a new batch of birds in.  Same ones as last year.  sigh.

Dollar Tree finds

P1170452Decorative mesh at Dollar Tree!  YEP! They had bright spring green yellow and pink also; but I just bought the turquoise and white.  I’ve always wanted to try making one of the mesh wreaths, but the mesh is ridiculously expensive at the craft store?!?!  Now I can give it a try and not feel guilty for wasting a lot of money if it doesn’t turn out well!

P1170453Little bottles of ModPodge!  Perfect for me as I don’t use it very often and bigger bottles always dry up on me!  PLUS, the matte finish is hard to find at the craft store.

P1170462LITTLE ‘cocktail’ size silver plastic spoons.  They have little forks too.  Perfect for appetizers.

P1170464MINI red Solo cups!  I used these for Michael’s family Christmas party to serve chocolate chip cookie dough, just add a small spoon.  (Recipe for EGG-LESS chocolate chip cookie dough.) YUM!!

Latest finds at Dollar Tree

P1170316CUTE little gold (silver and metallic red were available too, but I just bought gold) metallic piggy banks.  I’m trying to figure out a way to ‘cover’ the coin slot, the I will glitter them and add a crown.  Doing a ‘woodland’ themed Christmas in my booth NEXT year.

P1170317Little trinket boxes; several other colors and sayings, but I only bought the green was.

P1170318They have a hidden magnetic clasp.  I’m thinking about covering the lid with buttons.

P1170319Red and TURQUOISE glitter paper.  HOPE they will be getting more in!  I bought all the turquoise they had (only 3 packs!  sigh!)

P1170322Metallic posted board!

P11703235 packs of small poster board.  Yippee!  Now I don’t have to cut up the big pieces anymore!

P1170324Bright red and green doilies, in 2 sizes.  Can use the red ones for Valentine projects!

Time to start thinking about Valentine crafts?!?!?

I know.  I KNOW!!  It’s not even Christmas yet and I’m thinking about Valentine stuff!

’tis the life of a crater though.  When you start working on Christmas stuff in the summer, you are ready for the next holiday this soon.  It’s a necessity really.  I do sometimes still crank out a few Christmas items this late in the year, but usually set them aside for a jump-start on NEXT years projects.

The other vendors at the antique mall tend to look at me kind of funny when I am there the day after New Years with my Valentine goods.  But HONESTLY, I sell more of the Valentine stuff in January than I do in February.

I was just perusing Pinterest to get my Valentine creative juices going and found pin that I just HAD to share:


Pretty FABULOUS, eh?!?!?

And if you aren’t already a fan of mrspollyrogers blog, you MUST add her to your list of favorite dollar store sites.  

I actually HAVE all the supplies needed for this project in ‘my stash’.  Well the heart boxes ans stickers at least.  bought them some time ago and just never came up with an idea for using them.  I’ve never worked with gold or silver leaf, so I may have to improvise on that part.

Just what I needed!!!

I always have a big tool box in my car.  Keep it stocked with anything I may need at a craft show or at the antique mall when I am working on my booth.  Glue is one of those things that I need in my tool box, but I need it so seldom that it usually dries out by the time I need to use it for the second time.

So, I’ve always bought  the smallest tubes I could find at Dollar Tree to stock in my tool box.  I just hate throwing away a nearly full tube of adhesive, but it’s no good once it dries out.


Hallelujah!! My glue wishes have come true!  Look what I just found at Dollar Tree!!!  Tiny tubes of adhesive in a four pack!!  Exactly what I needed for stocking my tool box!


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2014 is Dollar Tree stores customer appreciation sale day!  Pick up your coupon for 10% off your entire purchase at any store.

.  Stock up on staples and everyday needs.  Stocking stuffers.  Extra plastic plates and paper napkins for holiday entertaining. Cookie tins and platters.  Buy gloves, socks and scarves to donate to shelters for the homeless.

They have been doing this every year for quite some time, and typically it is the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  They don’t advertise it much though.  Usually only start handing out the coupons at the registers the week before.

 I make a note on my calendar every year to remind me to stop in and get a coupon.  They probably still hand them out the day OF the sale, but I can’t promise that!

Looat I found at Dollar Tree!


Little black wire Halloween trees!  Just one per package, but still not a bad price.  Haven’t decided what to do with them just yet.  They also had ALL the stuff it set up an entire “Halloween village”, like the Christmas village stuff.  You could paint these ANY color.  I might cover mine with black GLITTER!

P1150639It was utterly IMpossible to get a picture of these without a glare from the flash!  They look MUCH prettier in person.  They had a few different styles of these ‘Mercury glass looking’ votive holders and in silver as well as the gold, which I bought.

P1150645These will be pretty for a Christmas table centerpiece or even WEDDING or anniversary table decor!

BEAUTIFUL paper party napkins from Dollar Tree

Look what I just found at Dollar Tree?!?!?  Really pretty paper party napkins in VERY CURRENT designs!


Dollar Tree has always been a great place to buy the ‘basics’ for party wares.  Plain colored paper plates, cups, napkins etc.  I was totally surprised and delighted to find THESE beautiful dinner and cocktail size paper napkins on my last trip in.

P1130517They had both sizes in all of the designs.  These pictures are just of the ones I bought.  There were MANY more designs.  I just didn’t have my camera with me.


In this design they also had small and large plates; so perhaps they will eventually have more matching accessories.  I honestly think that they are every bit as pretty as the ones you see at the high-end stores!


In this design they had both sizes in both colors; I just selected the opposite colors to go in a gift set I am putting together.  (yes I AM doing CHRISTMAS shopping already!!!)

P1130518Don’t ask me WHY I needed so many of these?!?!?  I just loved them all!  Actually had a lot MORE in my basket, but put a few back . . . at least UNTIL I come up with a USE for them!!

P1130519OR come up with an excuse to have a party to use them for!


I’d love to hear any ideas you may have for craft projects using them.  I think the only thing I’ve seen done with paper napkins is to decoupage them to the underside of clear glass plates or the outside of glass vases or candle jars.

Party chicks


How CUTE are these little chicks from Dollar Tree?!?!


They have ‘bobble heads’ and were in with the Easter decor.  They had bunnies too, but I didn’t really care for the bunnies.


I glued pointy party hats to their heads and tied a bow around their necks.


The hats are made from some ‘ice cream come holders’ that I bought a long time ago on clearance; thinking that they would make cute little party hats! The little pom-poms glued to the top of the hats were something that I had on hand.


I stuffed the hats with crumpled newspaper to make them nice and sturdy.  First a dab of glue (tacky glue) in the point of the hat and a tightly twisted little piece of paper.  A bit more glue and a crumpled piece of paper, tightly tamped down with a pair of scissors.  Just kept doing that, layer by layer until I had just enough space left to glue the hat to their heads.  Used tacky glue for that too.  Only had to ‘hold them in place for a minute of two white the glue set.


Ready to PARTY!!

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