The Dollar Diva

Halloween candleabra at Dollar Tree

Pretty cute, eh??? 

Perfect to use just as they are!  although I might add some ‘fire’ colored glitter to the flames.  Would be perfect on a table with the ‘creepy cloth’ (ripped up black webby stuff) as a table-cloth, and maybe a few small glitter skulls scattered around.

Haven’t seen the glitter skulls in stock at DT yet this year.  Sure hope they DO restock them again.  Don’t want to pay 4x as much for them at the craft store!

Chocolate truffle candles at Dollar Tree

I found some of these, gosh, probably 2 -3 years ago at Dollar Tree.  They are just DARLING!  I remember thinking it seemed like an ‘odd’ time of year to stock them because I thought they’d be perfect for Valentines Day; and I was a totally opposite time of year that I had found them.

Being not entirely sure of HOW I could use them, I originally only bought a few.  A week later I went back for more and they were almost all gone!  I’ve been searching for them ever since; to no avail! Until NOW!

I told myself last time  that IF I ever did find them again, I’d buy ALL they had!  And that is exactly what I just did.  Cleaned out 2 different local Dollar Trees of all they had.  Apparently it’s not something they stock a LOT of, nor very consistently.

I did these a while back, but NOT at Valentines time of year.  Had several emails asking if I would have them in my booth for Valentines day this past year; and had to say NO, because I didn’t know if I would find them again.

So cute and SO fun to put together!

 Just got a new batch of these little styro and cardboard cupcake ‘trinket boxes’ (the top opens up!) from Michael’s craft store.  Plan to re-make them so they are a bit more realistic looking. 

Monogrammed Dollar Tree Journals

Got these little spiral notebooks at Dollar Tree a year or so ago.

Originally wanted to use the kraft color ones ‘as is’ and stamp on a design.  Alas, they had a ‘removable sticker’ on the front them left a residue that could not be removed.  So, I’d have to come up with a NEW plan for using them.

Had a bunch of these monograms that I was framing, and decided to try them on the journals.

Found on CLEARANCE at Dollar Tree for 25 cents a piece!!!

These little paper back journals were on clearance at Dollar Tree a while back, so of course I grabbed ALL the had; about 12 total.  Knew I wanted to re-cover them,  just took me a while to decide exactly HOW.

The pages were blue stripes so that limited my options for new covers a bit!  (I always seem to have a scratch of some kind on my hand! )



New fall findings at Dollar Tree ~ 2011

BIG colorful fall felt leaves.  They also had pumpkins, but I didn’t buy any.

Packets of assorted Halloween cut outs.  Pretty light weight paper, and some difficulty punching out some parts.  Might need an exacto knife to get some of them out.

A really good variety of designs!

The spiders and webs on some Halloween paper crowns maybe???

And maybe to decorate some Halloween banners I’ve been intending to make for the last couple of years!