The Dollar Diva

Look what I found at Dollar Tree


Aren’t these TOO cute?!?!  I love the new colors.  They could be made into garden markers . . . or into bunnies to add to Easter baskets.  There were a LOT of other kitchen gadgets in this color scheme too.  Little plastic ramekins, mixing bowls and strainers.  They are most likely just a seasonally stocked items, so get them while they last!


I actually DID need a new rolling-pin and I much prefer this style (as opposed to the kind with handles.  After I brought this one home I had a brain storm or other ways I could use them and had to go back and buy a bunch MORE.

They would make great handles for baskets or wood crates.  Cut in half, I could use them as feet/legs for small stools shelves etc.

Party chicks


How CUTE are these little chicks from Dollar Tree?!?!


They have ‘bobble heads’ and were in with the Easter decor.  They had bunnies too, but I didn’t really care for the bunnies.


I glued pointy party hats to their heads and tied a bow around their necks.


The hats are made from some ‘ice cream come holders’ that I bought a long time ago on clearance; thinking that they would make cute little party hats! The little pom-poms glued to the top of the hats were something that I had on hand.


I stuffed the hats with crumpled newspaper to make them nice and sturdy.  First a dab of glue (tacky glue) in the point of the hat and a tightly twisted little piece of paper.  A bit more glue and a crumpled piece of paper, tightly tamped down with a pair of scissors.  Just kept doing that, layer by layer until I had just enough space left to glue the hat to their heads.  Used tacky glue for that too.  Only had to ‘hold them in place for a minute of two white the glue set.


Ready to PARTY!!

FINALLY!!! A new post!

Greetings Dollar Diva blog fans.  Were you worried that I’d fallen into a sink hole or abandoned my dollar diva ways, since it’s been so long since I’ve posted?!?!?  It’s just getting harder and harder to find ‘good stuff’ at the Dollar store these days.  Much of it is repeat product that I’ve already shown.  Slim pickins on the new stuff!  ‘The birds’ that I look forward to every year were a complete disappointment to me this year.  They were ‘okay’ but just not really ‘alterable’ as they were all perched on a rock or branch.    FINALLY found some fun Easter stuff yesterday at Dollar Tree!

P1120037Bags of 36 little glittered styro eggs in PERFECT colors for me!

P1120038I only bought these 2 colors, but they did have more colors.  Solid color bags also in yellow, green, and a weird pinkish-orange.  And some bags with a mixture of colors.  What will I DO with them?

P1120041I had this recently acquired jar still sitting out on my work table and it was perfect to fill with the eggs.  Each section holds an entire bag.

P1120040A pretty bow on top and done!  Now I have to go dig through my ‘jar stash’ to find more suitable containers.  They’d also be cute in little baskets with some grass.

P1120039Just AFTER I had ‘cleared the shelf’ of both shades of the blue glitter ones, I found these unfinished styro (actually I think this stuff is called ‘dynalite’) ones.  These are a little bigger than the glitter eggs, but a tad smaller than a chicken egg.  They also had a 6 pack of larger plain ones.  Not sure what I will do with these yet, but I KNEW to grab ’em while I could because they will all be gone by the time I go back!

Dollar Tree oval gift boxes

These plain oval gift boxes are from YEARS ago!  Not sure what I was saving them for; but I am still ‘on a mission’ to use up what I have on hand and only buy what new supplies I absolutely NEED.  (like more birds!)

2.16.12 stars projects 005These paper mache birds and chicks were from Michael’s last year.  Bought the chicks on close out, specifically to save and paint up for this year.  The birds were a ‘panic purchase’ last year when I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to find any more ceramic or resin birds.

2.16.12 stars projects 108The boxes actually cane with matching lids and bases, I just decided to mix them up a bit for more interest.  The chicks were painted then varnished with ‘pixie dust’ varnish.  You can buy the pixie dust varnish already made; or make your own.  Just be sure you use the most super fine opalescent glitter you can find and add it to GLOSS varnish.  If you use flat or mat varnish you’ll lose some of the glitters glitz.  Just mix together in your varnish bottle and brush on like any other varnish.

2.16.12 stars projects 110I just used a DecoArt pen to dot the eyes and nostrils on the chicks.  The glittered eggs were from some floral ‘picks’ bought on clearance; and I just pulled the eggs off.

2.16.12 stars projects 111I didn’t do anything to the box (except cover up the ugly label on the bottom with some pretty paper) glued on the painted ducks with tacky glue and let dry overnight.

2.16.12 stars projects 112Chopped up some green crimped paper that I had into smaller pieces. Applied a good layer of tacky glue to the entire box top them ‘poured’ my grass on and smushed it into place.  Let dry.  Trimmed away what hung over the edges.

2.16.12 stars projects 109

Then glued on the eggs with hot glue.

2.16.12 stars projects 114The birds I painted aqua, and gave them the same pixie dust varnish.  Varnished the glittered crown too.  Keeps the glitter from shedding.

2.16.12 stars projects 113Didn’t have as many boxes for the birds as I did for the ducks.  At least not ones that were the right colors.  Was a bit ‘stumped’ when it can to what to do with the bird boxes after I glued the birds on?!?!  So, on this yellow one I simply tied on a pretty ribbon.

2.16.12 stars projects 118And the white boxes simply got lace glued around the edge of the lid.

2.16.12 stars projects 116Sometimes simple is best when you don’t have a better idea.

2.16.12 stars projects 115Now I just need to figure out what to do with the extra birds and chicks I painted.  Don’t want to BUY more boxes.  Maybe I’ll just put them in a cello bag and toss them in a big bowl full of nests!

Easter egg wreath

Found the egg wreaths in the dollar (?) spot at Target for $2.50.  Pretty sparse and the eggs were kinda cheap looking.  Passed on buying one at first.

See what I mean about the eggs??  Some were dented and you could see the seams.  After I got home (of course!) I had a brainstorm; sp I grabbed one the next time I headed out.  (Trying to NOT go out for ‘just one thing’ these days with gas getting so pricey!)

I wired the Target egg wreath to a medium sized grapevine wreath from DT to give it more ‘bulk’.

For a split second I pondered glittering each egg individually with glitter that matches the egg.  I have a brand new set of MS glitter that is just SCREAMING to be used.  But I’d end up with so much ‘left over’ glitter that would be wasted due to shedding, and it would all be mixed together . . .   PLUS, I’d have to wait for each color to completely dry before doing the next and I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaay too impatient for that!

So I just used some iridescent glitter on ALL the eggs, so now they look like ‘sugared eggs’.

Then I ‘fluffed it up’ by adding some sheer ribbon.  I cut and tied the ribbons; then hot glued them into place.

Total production cost comes in at under $5.00.  2.50 for the egg wreath; 1.00 for the grapevine wreath; and 1.50 for the ribbon (from Costco), glue and glitter.


I still think it would be AWESOME to ‘color glitter’ each egg.  I just don’t want to be the one to do all that work!  hehe  Would love to see how it looks if any of you dare to attempt it! 

It’s now in our space at Camas Antiques.