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Dressed up Dollar Tree skeleton

I forgot to take a picture of this one before I dressed her up, but these are the basic plastic skeletons that they have at Dollar Tree every year.


I made her an orange tulle tutu, and tied an sheer orange ribbon around her waist.


To make the tutu, I just do a running stitch along the folded edge of the tulle; then gather it up to size and stitch it in place.

The bow in the back is a cute little extra.


The collar is a felt spider web I had on hand.  I slit it, cut out the very center and one section (to make it curve) and glued it back together.  The little spider buttons I had on hand also.


With one section removed, when I glued it back together, it curved down and fit over her shoulders nicely.


I made the crown out of black paper, added a spider web sticker and one of the spider buttons.  The crown fit over the loop for hanging on top of her head.

Took no more than 15 minutes to dress her up.

Dollar Tree Halloween Decor: Bird skeletons

How cute are these little bird skeletons I found at Dollar Tree?!?!  I grabbed a few of them, not knowing WHAT I was going to DO with them; but I just HAD to have them.


I ended up just putting them out in my Halloween display at the antique mall ‘as is’.


I thought about giving them a crown, but I put crowns of EVERYTHING!  It’s beginning to feel a tad redundant!


I really wish I had bought MORE of them, and set a few aside for next year when I’ll have time to start on them earlier and alter them somehow.

All that I did by, sold.

skeleton-owlLook what I just saw on Pinterest?!?!  Practically the SAME bird!!  This one is made from resin, and  is a Bethany Lowe design with a $109.95 price tag!?!?

(I actually like the ones from DT better.  The hollow chest cavity is more realistic looking.  But I sure do love that top hat he’s sporting!)

Looat I found at Dollar Tree!


Little black wire Halloween trees!  Just one per package, but still not a bad price.  Haven’t decided what to do with them just yet.  They also had ALL the stuff it set up an entire “Halloween village”, like the Christmas village stuff.  You could paint these ANY color.  I might cover mine with black GLITTER!

P1150639It was utterly IMpossible to get a picture of these without a glare from the flash!  They look MUCH prettier in person.  They had a few different styles of these ‘Mercury glass looking’ votive holders and in silver as well as the gold, which I bought.

P1150645These will be pretty for a Christmas table centerpiece or even WEDDING or anniversary table decor!

Pumpkin bobble heads at Dollar Tree

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This is about the time of year that I try to frequent my local Dollar Tree stores more often, looking for Christmas supplies.  The good  stuff goes REALLY fast, so if you snooze, you LOSE!  White and gold are ‘the’ colors for Christmas this year, at DT at least!

They USED to wait until the day after Halloween to put the Christmas stuff out, but it has been appearing earlier the last few years.  As soon as some of the Halloween stocked shelves empty, they start putting out MARKED DOWN Christmas stuff left from last year.  I’ve found some really great deals on mark down!

I was just ‘running in real quick’ to buy some new hair clips on the way home from the movies (Gravity in 3D!  It was amazing!) and spotted these little guys on one of the front displays:

10.18.13 both malls prijects 005How cute are they?!?!?  And I’d been into other DT stores in my area recently and NOT seen these in any of those others?!?!  They also had a witch and a mummy, but they were not as cute as the punkin heads!

10.18.13 both malls prijects 006Seriously, almost cute enough to use ‘as is’.  But of course you KNOW I can never do that!  They actually remind me of one the style of my favorite modern folk artist, Dan DiPaulo.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 042

The paint was a little sloppy in a few places; the orange from the base was on the boots in a few places, so I painted over that to neaten it up.  Then I glittered the heads!

10.18.13 both malls prijects 045Let my glitter glue dry overnight, then shake to get any loose glitter off; then a quick coat of clear spray to keep the glitter from ‘shedding’ too much during use.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 105This cloche made from a DT beverage glass and thrifted knob fit over them perfectly!

Dollar Tree cookies make over!

Not MY idea, but a great one that I found in bloggeritaville and had to share!

Pretty cute. eh?!?!?  If I hadn’t mentioned cookies in the post title, would you have EVER guessed that that is what these are made of?!?

This is the package that the cookies came from. Now I don’t usually peruse the cookie aisle when I go to Dollar Tree so I don’t know if we get these locally.

And these are the cookies that were used.  See the complete how to in the post by BLISSFUL ROOTS .  And you can see what she did with the same cookies for Christmas ornaments  HERE.

Eons ago I hand painted some McDonald cookies.  Do they even still have those?  In a little box like animal cookies, but in the McDonald’s characters shapes.  Here’s what I did to mine to preserve them for YEARS.

After painting you need to dry them out really well and crisp them back up.  Turn your oven on to it’s LOWEST temp.  While the oven heats up, spread your cookies out on a cookie sheet.  TURN THE OVEN OFF as soon as it heats up and put your sheet of cookies in for an hour or so.  The oven will stay warm enough to get ALL the moisture out of the cookies.

Immediately after removing your cookies from the oven, attach the string or ribbon for them to hang from and let the glue dry overnight.  The next day apply a couple of coats of clear varnish to the cookies, front and back.  You’ll notice that the first coat of varnish really soaks INTO the cookies.  That’s fine. and it really helps to strengthen them.

To preserve the cookies that Blissful Roots has shown us, you would want to varnish them BEFORE adding the glitter.  And remember, it’s a good idea to give ANY glittered item a coat of clear spray after your application glue is completely dry to help minimize ‘glitter shedding’.

I’d LOVE to see any variations that you come up with on ‘altered cookies’!

SERIOUSLY slim pickins at the Dollar Store!!!

I used to NEVER leave the dollar store empty-handed!  Lately though the picking have been really slim.  Slim to ZIPPO!!  I hardly ever have anything new to share here in the Dollar Diva blog, and it’s making me very SAD!!

Was hoping for some new items for fall, but it’s mostly the same old, same OLD stuff.  And it seems like the longer an item remains in stock, the poorer the quality becomes!

Case in point.  I went in to buy a few more of the feather crows they have every year.  Still have a few from a couple of years ago that I had stashed then couldn’t find, so I bought more; then found my stash.  The ones they have this year all look like they have MANGE!?!?  

The little chocolate truffle candles they first got in 4-5 years ago in very short supply.  I buy them mostly for display on the cupcake and dessert stands that I upcycle; but people always want to buy them so I started buying more and putting a price tag on them.  Last year they had HOARDS of them in stock, and several new ‘flavors’ too.  Glad I bought about 5 cases of them then because the ones they are getting in now, and seem to have year round; look like CRAP!!

  I did find some cute little ceramic glittered pumpkins earlier this month.

P1080309But there is nothing more that you can really DO to them.  I used to buy the plastic gourds and pumpkins and paint and glitter them.  These I can use ‘as is’; but I prefer to ‘alter’ my DT finds.  All I had to do to these was give them was spray on a coat of clear varnish to keep the glitter from shedding.

***These would be PERFECT to use for Thanksgiving table place-cards!   Just tie a little tag with the name written on it to the loop on the stem.

P1080306These black owls were nice.  Hoping that maybe next year they will make the crows like this, with velvet like bodies and just a few adorning feathers.  But all I could think of to do with the owls was add a crown.

P1080537And I did have to ‘work with their feet a bit’ to get them to stand up.  They kept falling over, until I got the feet bent ‘just so’.

P1080302These sets of magnetic frames are cute, but NOT very magnetic!  They wouldn’t even hold up a small piece of paper.  That’s okay though because I didn’t buy them for their magnetic use.  I’ll use them for some altered art projects; and probably paint them black or white.

P1080300These buttons will be great for some spring projects.  I bought several packages.

P1080307I bought these resin pumpkins to repaint, but I’m not liking how they turned out at ALL!  Will maybe paint them white or gold them glitter just  the outer most raised ribs. 

THAT’S IT!!!  That is ALL I have found at DT in MONTHS.  sigh.

So that leaves me wondering . . .  what do I do with this blog?!?!  Do I remain true to my original ‘mission statement’ for this blog and stick with ONLY posting about dollar store projects; potentially leaving it ti fizzle out and die due to lack of content???

Or do I ‘get with the times’ and start posting about ‘discount store finds’ and make overs?  Because now that I spend so little time perusing DT stores, I get out to Ross and Marshalls a lot more and am finding some pretty cool stuff there.  It just costs more than a dollar!  

I’d love to hear what direction you’d like to see this blog move in.

*Stick with Dollar Store finds no matter what.


* Expand my posting repertoire to include ‘bargain finds’ from other sources also.  (which I have done occasionally in the past)


TINY glitter skulls

I have NO IDEA what the intended use for these was.  Such a big package of them make me think they are for something specific though.  Forgot to take a picture before I started crafting with them.  Sorry!

I removed and used all the black skulls first.    These are small.  Trying to think of the best way to describe them so you ‘get’ how small they are.  They would easily fit inside a plastic Easter egg size.

All I did was give them a crown and a paper rosette collar.

Would be cute used at individual place settings for a Halloween dinner party.

I had just made a batch of small cloches, and these fit perfectly under them.

Seems I can NEVER have too may small cloches in my booth.  They always sell well!

This cloche had a pretty silver rim, so I matched the knob to the rim.

Ready to sell at Stars.

Simple pumpkin and gourd WELCOME.

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Not MY idea, but from NOTHING BUT BLUE SKIES blog, and worth sharing:

Click on the link to go to her blog for complete instructions.    Looks like she got her gourds at the craft store, but Dollar Tree has them too.

Halloween spiders

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I got these (MINUS the hats!) at Target, but I’m pretty sure Dollar Tree has some just like them.  Would be SUPER easy to make from scratch too, IF you have some old styro balls lying around.  NEW styro is crazy expensive anymore!!  Just add some black pipe cleaners for legs and some google eyes!  You can get packages of the eyes at DT too.

I was (OF COURSE!) originally going to put crowns on the spiders.  Then, as I was going through some old boxes of stuff,  I came across a bag of old Easter tree ornaments and found these ‘Easter CONES’.

They immediately made me think of a witch hat, so I just cut off the wire handles, yanked off the string at the top,  and painted them black.  You could easily make your own with a FIMO type of clay.

They still have the holes from the wire handles, and I suppose I could fill them with putty before I paint them black, but I wa sin a hurry, so I just left the holes!

You CAN see the hole when you look closely, but because everything is black, it’s hardly noticeable from a distance.

And that’s all I did to them.  Getting a little burned out on Halloween crafts already!  Time to start on Christmas!

Crochet thread Jack-o-lanterns!

I am a total sucker for big bags full of spools of old crochet yarn at thrift stores.  I mostly just want the whites/creams/ tans . . and occasionally find some TURQUOISE!   I just LOVE to decorate with (and SELL!) big jars full of them!

Like this in my booth at Stars.  A lot of the time I will roll them into balls and onto smaller spools.

And for those shoppers who already have a favorite old jar, I sell the the ‘fillers’  in coordinated bags full, like this.

And this.  (and YES!  they do sell quite well!)

I also re-sell some ‘as is’. Or tie a piece of lase around ones that are partially used and no longer have labels.

More jars and singles.

Prettied up labels are fun sometimes.

Sometimes I just toss the smaller ones in a bowl with some of my hand stitched hearts.

And sometimes, I get ODD COLORS that I can NEVER USE, mixed in with the whites and creams.  I sort out the ones that I like, and then toss the ‘odd balls’ into a box.  Held on to them for a while ‘just in case’ I had a brainstorm.  If not, they go into the ‘donation bag’ to go back to the thrift store on my next trip.

I was working on Halloween stuff when I came across my ‘box of oddball colors’ and was ready to toss the ORANGE ones into the donation bag.  Lo and behold, I DID have a brainstorm!

I made them into Jack-o-lanterns!

This one’s a totem (because I didn’t have enough hats for all of them!)  Those are crepe paper rosettes on the bottom and between.

These are little plastic witch hats I bought last year.

The faces are just cut from black cardstock and glued on.

I had to make this hat from scratch.  Just added a cone shape to a crepe paper rosette.

Glued the hats on with tacky glue.

It really took practically NO time at all to make them!  I sat and cut out the face parts while I watched TV.

NOW we’ll just have to see if they will SELL!  Can’t decide WHERE I want to put them . . . in my booth at Stars or on etsy????

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