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Crochet thread Jack-o-lanterns!

I am a total sucker for big bags full of spools of old crochet yarn at thrift stores.  I mostly just want the whites/creams/ tans . . and occasionally find some TURQUOISE!   I just LOVE to decorate with (and SELL!) big jars full of them!

Like this in my booth at Stars.  A lot of the time I will roll them into balls and onto smaller spools.

And for those shoppers who already have a favorite old jar, I sell the the ‘fillers’  in coordinated bags full, like this.

And this.  (and YES!  they do sell quite well!)

I also re-sell some ‘as is’. Or tie a piece of lase around ones that are partially used and no longer have labels.

More jars and singles.

Prettied up labels are fun sometimes.

Sometimes I just toss the smaller ones in a bowl with some of my hand stitched hearts.

And sometimes, I get ODD COLORS that I can NEVER USE, mixed in with the whites and creams.  I sort out the ones that I like, and then toss the ‘odd balls’ into a box.  Held on to them for a while ‘just in case’ I had a brainstorm.  If not, they go into the ‘donation bag’ to go back to the thrift store on my next trip.

I was working on Halloween stuff when I came across my ‘box of oddball colors’ and was ready to toss the ORANGE ones into the donation bag.  Lo and behold, I DID have a brainstorm!

I made them into Jack-o-lanterns!

This one’s a totem (because I didn’t have enough hats for all of them!)  Those are crepe paper rosettes on the bottom and between.

These are little plastic witch hats I bought last year.

The faces are just cut from black cardstock and glued on.

I had to make this hat from scratch.  Just added a cone shape to a crepe paper rosette.

Glued the hats on with tacky glue.

It really took practically NO time at all to make them!  I sat and cut out the face parts while I watched TV.

NOW we’ll just have to see if they will SELL!  Can’t decide WHERE I want to put them . . . in my booth at Stars or on etsy????


Fall 2012 color trend: Metallics!

Pottery Barn is pretty big on metallics for fall this year

I’ve always been fond of ‘other then orange’ pumpkins; especially metallics.  They can be lift out and used AFTER Thanksgiving and blended in with your Christmas decor.  ORANGE pumpkins just make me think HALLOWEEN.

And as this Pottery Barn picture shows, you CAN successfully mix the metallics with natural fall decor for a rustic elegant look.

“Just the Bee’s Knees”  blog shows some great ideas for turning your Dollar Tree pumpkins into designer metallic beauties.

(click the link for complete instructions)

And of course, “I” did a few metallic pumpkins for my booth at Stars.  I kept them monochromatic, but I DO love the color combinations that Bee’s Knees used.

And here are some of the ‘glammed up’  pumpkins and  gourds I made that are for sale in my etsy shop.

This is a BIGGER thrifted pumpkin; the rest are smaller DT size.

I went pretty crazy withe the glitter and embellishments on this set!  (and it was SO fun!)  Most of the embellishments I used on these came from the Christmas picks at the craft store.  Just cut them apart with wire cutters; poke a hole in your styro pumpkin, add some glue and re-poke in place!  The ‘skirt’ on the one on the far left is a decorative pony tail holder!

On this one, I first painted the stripes, the glittered with a CLEAR glitter; which is a GREAT way to get MORE glitter colors if you can’t find the colors you want in actual glitter.

This is my FAV glitter color!

Assorted pink glitter gourds in a bowl.

The ‘viney’ thing came from the Christmas PICKS at the craft store.  I cut off some pieces to adorn  my gourds; and then just placed it in the bowl, on top of the gourds, mingled about, to add interest.

To minimize the shedding of your glitter, after your adhesive is completely dry, but before you add your embellishments; take them outside and spray them with some CLEAR spray paint.  I like to give mine TWO good final clear coats, because mine will be ‘traveling’ in the mail or ‘handled a lot’ at the mall; and really NEED the extra protection.  One coat should suffice for your own home use.To make some of them taller, I glued them to a candle base.

Simpler silver and pewter grouping.  Again, the striped one was painted, then CLEAR glitter applied.  I spray painted the pedestal plate too!

Are YOU adventurous enough to decorate with NON orange pumpkins???

More glitter skulls

But NOT at Dollar Tree.  Sadly, I think the days of the inexpensive glitter skulls at DT are over.  I showed you some ‘ornament size ones I found at Home Goods a while ago.  Then last week I found some BOG ones at Target for $2.50.

Not particularly KEEN on the color selection.  There were these 2 colors and PURPLE.  (they are still in the shrink warp in this photo, so they look a little funky!)  I am still working on what to do with them, but wanted to post this NOW, so you can get to Target and get your skulls if you want/need them.

They also had these owls; same color choices; same price.  And they had giant glittered candy corn; which I passed on.

This first owl had a bit of a wood STEM protruding from the base, that made it WOBBLE!  I drilled a bit of a divet into this wood base for that stem to go into so it would sit flat.

I gave him  a little vintage sheet music crown and tied a couple of keys around his neck.

Now I’ve got FOUR more, and NO IDEA what else I could do with them?!?!?  I put crowns on them . . .and now I’m STUCK!

And ideas??????

Little frames

So I’ve got a BUNCH of these little frames.  Round, oval, square and rectangle; and in ALL kinds of colors.  Some Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy colors like BRIGHT ORANGE!  (but you know what I say about COLOR!  You can ALWAYS change that!)  They were on SALE, so you KNOW I stocked up on them!  And that’s as far as I got.

I did a couple of little projects with them, like the framed ‘wish’ above; then I just got STUCK.  And they got shoved to the back of my supply stash and were forgotten.  UNTIL I went on a recent craft room organizing binge.  I am REALLY trying to USE UP all the old craft supplies I have.  And if I can’t think of a way to use it, I’ve been listing them on etsy, or donating them to Good will.

At the same time that I happened upon the old box of little box of old frames, I also happened upon these little bird lapel pins.  I GUESS I bought them because the bird was cute.  I don’t “DO” jewelry because I don’t WEAR jewelry.  I’m just NOT a jewelry person at ALL!  But I liked these little birds and bought them figuring I’d come up with SOME way to use them in my crafting.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .  I wonder if the bird pin will fit into the frame???  They just had a glued in place PLASTIC film front, instead of glass, so I had to rip that out.  Then I just cut the cardboard that the bird was already mounted on in a circle to fit the frame!

Super easy!

The frames and the bird pins came from those ‘impulse buy’ bins that Michael’s craft stores have at the front of their stores.  (you know, that ‘stuff’ that USED to be $1.00 each and now is 2 for $3.00?)  Well, at the front of MOST of their stores.  One of the two local Michael’s I shop at has them in a weird ‘out of the way.  In a way back corner behind all the jewelry stuff.   A corner of the store that I typically don’t even bother going to.  I just figured THIS Michael’s decided to NOT carry the stuff anymore!  Then when I finally found them, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t just ASKED where they were!  DOH!!!

Any thoughts on what else I can do with my little frames???


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After MANY months of writing and editing, I finally finished my latest e-book, “CREATE YOUR OWN CLOCHES”.  And it’s now available to purchase in my etsy shop for $10.00

It has 137 full color pages of instructions and ideas to inspire you to create your own unique decorative cloches.  For my blog readers only, I’m offering a 50% discount.  To get the discount, you’ll need to enter the coupon code: BLOGSPECIAL in the coupon code box when you check out.  Very simple.  Very easy!  

I make and SELL  literally HUNDREDS of these cloches a year.  But even if you just want to make a few for your personal home decor, and maybe to give as gifts; this e-book will save you ten times the purchase price on what you MIGHT have spent otherwise to buy ‘ready made’  or vintage cloches.  

The buys holiday season for etsy sales is fast approaching, so I won’t be able to offer it at the special discount for very long.  Get it while the gettin’s GOOD (and cheap!!)

***Most of what’s in the e-book IS already ‘somewhere’ in my trash to treasure blog.    But it takes a lot of hunting and searching  to find all that old information when you want it, (even for ME!)  The advantage of the e-book is that it’s all in one place at the same time and easy for you to access over and over again, whenever you wish.

Click here to go to my etsy shop.


Here are a few preview pictures:

























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Getting rid of a lots of ‘odds and ends’, primitive and folk art items and supplies in my etsy shop.

 Click  HERE to go directly to the de-stash listings.  For a LIMITED TIME, I am offering FREE SHIPPING when you purchase 3 or more of the de-stash items.  

That’s on DE-STASH ITEMS ONLY.  It mus SAY ‘de-stash’ or ‘destash’ in the listing to qualify for the free shipping.  And you must buy at LEAST 3 listings; no limit though as to how many MORE you can buy all at once and get free shipping on.

Shipping within the US only.

Read the info at the top of my etsy page for the coupon code for the free shipping.

Right place, right time AGAIN!!!

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So, I was perusing the aisles at my ‘favorite’ Dollar Tree the other day, and I decided to pick up a package of address labels for etsy orders that are NOT being sent priority mail, and able to use the FREE priority labels.

I looked down the DISHES aisle, as I always do, hoping to find more of ‘my plates’.  And I found 2 of them!

I hesitated buying these when they FIRST came out because ALL they had was dinner plates and bowls; not complete sets.  Then all my red dishes seemed to be coming out of the dishwasher CHIPPED, and I decided it was time for new dishes and I wanted AQUA.  But by then theses had pretty much SOLD OUT.  I did happen upon five of them and grabbed them.  So, now I have 7 dinner plates; and assorted, thirfted and mis-matched salad plates, bowls and coffee mugs!

But they are really NICE dinner plates; and I COULD ‘match them up’ with WHITE pieces of everything else IF I weren’t so compelled to put a price tag on every white dish I find, to take to Stars and SELL!

Got a couple of bars of yummy smelling SoftSoap because I had a couple of 50 cents off coupons.  Did YOU know DT now accepts manufacturers coupons?  Yep.  They do.  I’d have never know if I wasn’t signed up for their mailing list.

And I NEEDED some pumpkin seeds; my new addiction!  And a few other assorted items.  So, the cashier pushes the total button and my total was $18.51.  (and we DON’T have sales tax here in Oregon!)  Where did the 51 cents come from I asked the clerk?!?!?  I didn’t buy anything that had ‘bottle return deposits’ on it.  It was REALLY weird to see anything other than an EVEN dollar amount.

She said it must have been my coupons.  But my coupons were 50 cents EACH, so that was an even dollar off!  She fairly carefully examined the receipt before handing to me and just shrugged.  The little old man in line behind me winked and said “it’s a SECRET tax!”  We both chuckled and away I went with my $18.51 bag of stuff from the dollar store.

But my curiosity was KILLING ME!  I just HAD to get out my reading glasses and see what the heck was going on.  The FIRST thing she rang up was my two plates.  They were only 25 cents each!!!  So THAT explained the 50 cents.  Now where did that PENNY come from???

Can you see it???  It says STICKERS.  It was the address labels!  I knew they marked stuff down to 25 cents sometimes, but not a PENNY! Heck, if they are just a penny, I’m going back for more!  And so I did.  Grabbed 8 more, not wanting to HOG them all to myself.  It was the same checker, and I showed her what it was that had rung up at a penny; and asked if they REALLY were just a penny; and if so, I’d take these too.

She called over a supervisor, one of the FEW managers at that DT whom I don’t know well.  Supervisor was explaining to her to write down the UPC on some special list and they would pull them all later.  I STILL didn’t know if I’d get the rest for just a penny.  Then the supervisor asked if this was the last of them, and I told her no.  She said when they get marked a penny we have to THROW THEM AWAY, so if you want more, go get them now.  So I went back and grabbed ALL the rest!

And that’s the story of how I got enough shipping labels to last me for YEARS for 23 cents at Dollar Tree!

Sometimes you’re just in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!

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Last Wednesday was one of those times for me.  I had a local person buy something from my etsy shop, and instead of making her pay shipping to send it just across town, I told her I’d meet up with her and deliver it in person.  Since I didn’t have any specific errands to run or places I needed to be on that particular day, I left the meeting time and location up to her.  

Turns out our meeting place was just down the road from the big Goodwill Outlet Store.  (Everyone I know calls it the BIN store, because they just pile stuff in those big sorting bins and you have to DIG through them.  That place really gives me the willies!  I couldn’t even bring myself to go there alone (without Michael!) for a LONG time.  And usually I go straight back to the furniture and avoid the bins like the plague.  (well except maybe the BOOK bins!)

Anyhoooooooooo . . . I hadn’t been there in a loooooooooooooooong time and since I was driving right by, why not?!?    Just like the retail thrift stores lately, it seems like they are pricing things CRAZY HIGH!  An old desk with drawers that are PAINTED SHUT for $50.00?????  HUH?!?!?!  It MAY be an antique, but it’s not VALUABLE unless it’s in perfect condition!  But, this also works out GOOD in the end because they HAVE to move that furniture out of there FAST.  And when it sits too long they start marking it down.  

Well, it must have been a REALLY slow week for furniture, with the start of the school year and all; because they had a LOT of furniture marked down to A DOLLAR!  Yep, one dollar.  I got FOUR end tables for $4.00!  

A matching pair of these for $1.00 each.  They were each missing a few of the ‘buttons’ used to cover up the screw holes.  Not a problem.  You can buy those separately at the hardware store; and I had some on hand.  I did GLUE them in place though!  The rest kept popping out while I was sanding!

This one, $1.00 too.  The top is a bit scratched up but the LEGS are perfect.  Tops are easy to sand scratches out of.  Legs are much harder to sand.  THAT is one of my thrifting rules: CHECK THE LEGS!  Bad legs? Pass it up.  Bad TOP, but good legs; BUY it! They don’t really LOOK it in this picture because of the angle I took it at, but the legs are really BULKY.  Heck, I’d have bought JUST the legs without a table attached!

Here’s a better look at a leg.

And this wicker end table for $1.00

In my excitement over the $1.00 price tag, I failed to notice the wrapping on the legs was coming off, and was completely GONE on two of the legs.  No biggie.  That stuff is really only there for looks.  It’s still perfectly sturdy.  I just cut ALL of it away from all the legs to make them match.  I’ll be painting it anyhow.

SO, that’s my story of being in the right place at the right time!  What’s the best bargain YOU’VE ever scored?!?!

Free ‘INSPIRATIONS’ magazine

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ON-line magazine that is!  I only flipped though the first 50 or so pages.  Just enough to KNOW that I want to go back are REALLY look later on!  A great link to keep on hand for those days when you are LACKING inspiration.   Of course, they ARE advertising the use of THEIR product, but still many great ideas you could use with what you have on hand.  Check it out: INSPIRATION  It may take a minute to load.  WELL worth the wait!