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SERIOUSLY??? You got THAT at Dollar Tree?!?!?

Seriously. I get that question all the time!

But I haven’t always been a die-hard fan of Dollar Tree. In fact when they first started opening in our area I had NO DESIRE to go to one. “What on earth could they have that only costs a dollar that I could possibly want or need?” I thought. Then I started hearing my crafting friends on the internet talking about some of the craft supplies they had found at Dollar Tree. . . .

hmmmmmm . . . . might be worth investigating. So I ventured in for the first time with much trepidation. Went straight to the craft supply aisle, grabbed a few things to buy and hurried to check out,  lest anyone I knew saw me shopping there!

I continued to hear about the good crafting stuff other crafters were finding at the Dollar Tree, and continued to go buy the stuff as advised. Yet, I still only went straight to the craft stuff aisle, and hurriedly made my purchases; never even THINKING to look around the rest of the store.

This went on for several years until I finally worked up the courage to actually ‘browse the whole store’. I was amazed! There was some pretty cool stuff here. If you could train your eye to look past the cluttered shelves crammed full of stuff and seek out certain items, there were some real GEMS to be found. You just had to take the time to LOOK, and THINK outside the box a little for new and different ways to use the stuff.

In this blog I will share with you my ‘eye’ for finding the ‘good stuff’ at Dollar Tree, and how I re-make a lot of the things I get there.

Keep in mind that not ALL Dollar Tree stores always have the very same product. In my area there are six different stores that I frequent, and while MOST of the general product is the same, the seasonal and specialty items can vary amongst them.

Also keep in ind that the ‘good stuff’ goes FAST! If you see something you want to use for a crafting project, buy it all NOW. Because it’ll be gone tomorrow! Trust me on this. Been there, done that WAY too many times! I see something . . . think it has ‘possibilities’ . . . buy one to tinker with . . . come up with a GREAT idea for it . . . go back to buy more and there are no more!

My other tip for finding the ‘good stuff’ at Dollar Tree is to go OFTEN. Like at least once a week! AND remember that if you see something that you need in large quantity, they will order it for you, just ask!

One GOOD THING about the currently crappy economy is that more and more stores are adding ‘dollar sections’. Target has their ‘Dollar Spot’ at the front of the store. Although lately they have raised SOME of the prices and not everything is just a dollar; they are still great bargains. Be sure to check EARLY in the season (ie look for Valentines stuff right after Christmas. Look for spring/Easter the day after Valentines day. You get the idea.) And again, buy it when you see it. If you wait, thinking you’ll come back another day and get it, it will most likely be GONE.

Michael’s craft stores have some pretty cool dollar stuff now too. Some stores stock MORE of it than others, and it’s primarily stationary stuff; notecards, journals,stickers and embellishments etc. But they make GREAT gifts. And they have some very ‘trendy’ designs. Be sure to take a peek next time you go.  I’ve noticed that the dollar stuff at Michael’s ‘comes and goes QUICKLY’; so again, if you see stuff you like, BUY IT!  It will be gone and there will be totally different stuff there in a couple of weeks.  AND when the new designs come in, oftentimes the old designs are marked down, LOWER THAN A DOLLAR!  But it can be hit or miss as to what you’ll find at that point.

Click on the categories to the right to see my ideas for taking inexpensive dollar purchases to the ‘designer’ level.  I’d love to hear (and see!) YOUR dollar ideas too!  Please feel free to comment and show off your creativity!


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  1. I have to love a blog about the dollar store!

  2. Yes the Dollar Tree can be a great place to get craft items from and you are so right, if you see something you like get it now and buy bunches of them if you think you will need.

    I love your blog. You have a way with embellishing items. Great eye.

    Am a new follower and will come visit as often as I can.

  3. Yes the Dollar Tree can be a real good place to find those wonderful items to craft with. I make it a point to go there, sometimes once or twice a week because if there is something good in there it will go fast and may not get restocked.

    Great blog by the way…

  4. I really enjoy the creations you have come up with! I love to “hunt” the dollar sections for items to craft with, too. I have blogged about two finds recently. My dollar store mercury glass tutorial is pretty popular: and my tulle basket (bought the basket and the tulle at the dollar store) got a lot of compliments at Easter:

    Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  5. Kay Herstedt said,

    I ‘ve never seen the $ Tree mini house frames. Love them! I’d be thrilled to have some if you can get them & are willing to mail them. Kay

    • Kay, I got those a couple of years ago, and have not seen any more since then. Sometimes you can still find ‘straglers’ left over in the store from old inventory. The frame section always seems to be in SUCH DISARRAY, so you really have to DIG clear to the back to see what all is hiding back there! AND sometimes they DO get the same inventory in year after year. You really just have to GO IN and check often. Make friends with the manager too! Don’t be afraid to ASK them if more will be coming in, or are in the stock room.


  6. Rebecca said,

    I LOVE Dollar Tree, too. Just made a really cool mirror from round silver frame, small round candle mirror (the mirrors you put candles one for reflection) and two bags of those glass beads for flower vases. Haven’t posted pictures but will soon. Later……..

  7. I just started a new blog on saving money and the dollar store was my first post. Most people don’t realize the great things they have there!

  8. lcstars5 said,

    Would you happen to have any leftover metal trinkets from Michaels? I am looking for as many gold clocks, telephone, skeletons keys, cameras or typewriters

    • Sorry, I do not. You might try looking on


  9. I love the Dollar Tree. But yes if there is something there I would get it cause the next time you go it might not be there. I have learned this the hard way. Of course they only have little jingle bells I need the larger size

  10. ariel khan said,

    Hey dollar diva. I would love to request your help finding an item you posted. It was your skeleton keys from micheals I’m not sure If they carry them still. Can you please reply with some help. It would be greatly appreciated.

    • That post was from five years ago. Michael’s no longer carries those skeleton keys. sorry.

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