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Easter egg wreath

Found the egg wreaths in the dollar (?) spot at Target for $2.50.  Pretty sparse and the eggs were kinda cheap looking.  Passed on buying one at first.

See what I mean about the eggs??  Some were dented and you could see the seams.  After I got home (of course!) I had a brainstorm; sp I grabbed one the next time I headed out.  (Trying to NOT go out for ‘just one thing’ these days with gas getting so pricey!)

I wired the Target egg wreath to a medium sized grapevine wreath from DT to give it more ‘bulk’.

For a split second I pondered glittering each egg individually with glitter that matches the egg.  I have a brand new set of MS glitter that is just SCREAMING to be used.  But I’d end up with so much ‘left over’ glitter that would be wasted due to shedding, and it would all be mixed together . . .   PLUS, I’d have to wait for each color to completely dry before doing the next and I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaay too impatient for that!

So I just used some iridescent glitter on ALL the eggs, so now they look like ‘sugared eggs’.

Then I ‘fluffed it up’ by adding some sheer ribbon.  I cut and tied the ribbons; then hot glued them into place.

Total production cost comes in at under $5.00.  2.50 for the egg wreath; 1.00 for the grapevine wreath; and 1.50 for the ribbon (from Costco), glue and glitter.


I still think it would be AWESOME to ‘color glitter’ each egg.  I just don’t want to be the one to do all that work!  hehe  Would love to see how it looks if any of you dare to attempt it! 

It’s now in our space at Camas Antiques.


Cupid’s arrows

Started with a package of the red glitter heart picks from Dollar Tree.

Using the bright red felt I bought on clearance after Christmas for half price; I cut out some triangles for the tip.  Using old cereal boxes I cut cardboard triangles slightly smaller than the felt, to stitch inside for stiffness.

Stitch the two shorter sides of your triangle, leaving your thread where it is (no need to knot and cut and start again) squeeze a little glue into your triangle ‘pocket’ (I always use Aleen’s tacky glue) and insert the end of your heart pick in the middle.  Then stitch up the last side.

Almost finished.  I let mine dry overnight.

Then I glittered up the arrow end too.  Just brushed glue onto both sides and dipped in glitter.

Tie on a ribbon or maybe a stamped tag and you’re done!


Valentine decor: LOVE garland

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Got the set of pretty ‘love’ letters at Target for 99 cents.  Package of red paper doilies from DT. 

Made one to hang vertically, and one horizontally. 

Mounted the letters onto a piece of old music page; then glued that to a fan folded medallion made from old book pages; which was them glued to the paper heart.

Cut cardboard (old cereal boxes work great!) heart shape to ‘back’ the hearts with and glued the ribbon BETWEEN the cardboard and paper doily.  VERY quick and easy project!

Pretty glass bottles from Dollar Tree

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Found these a couple springs ago at DT.  Just ‘dressed them up a little’ with a strip of tea stained paper, a charm and some ribbon.  How simple is that?!?

Valentine treat bags

Now, what to do with the rest of the deck of heart shaped playing cards I had leftover after using just 2 of them to top this Valentine tree?!?!

I had also grabbed a packet (6 to a package) of these cute little Valentine treat bags.  There was a LOT of NEW, cute Valentine stuff at DT this year!  Valentine cupcake papers; and papers with matching toppers.  Saw this stuff at other stores too this year, just with a much higher price tag! 

Just goes to show you that Dollar Tree isn’t just ‘last season’s’ leftover trends.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how ‘current’ they are on a lot of seasonal and decor stuff.

Back to the treat bags.  Filled a cello bag with wrapped candy; then wrapped a piece of tissue over it and placed it in the holder.  Held the heart shaped card up to the box and punched a hold through both the card and the box, and tied it on with a pink ribbon.  DONE! 

Sweet little treat for teachers or co-workers or anyone really!  Need a more ‘substantial’ gift?  Slip in a gift card along with the candy!

FREE is a very good price!!!

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You’ve GOT TO check out this site if you’ve ever hoped to build your own furniture of any kind!!