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NEW color od Easter eggs at Dollar Tree

LOVE these new ‘gold leaf’ plastic Easter eggs I found at Dollar Tree!

They had small eggs in a package of 36, and medium and large eggs on picks for use in floral designs.  I don’t do florals, but loved this egg color, so I bought one package of each of the egg picks as well as several bags of the small ones.  Figure I can come up with SOMETHING to use the bigger ones for!

On these closer up photos, you can better see that the eggs are gold leafing over a pink base.  Time to decide on a project for using them!

 In past years I had used other kinds of eggs and moss in vintage bell jars.


I just so happened to have a stash of bell jars on hand (they are ‘one of those things’ that I’m always on the look-out for.) and thought the idea was worth replicating with this updated egg color.

I didn’t care for the moss with the gold eggs, so I decided to try some of my ‘hand folded and hand cut vintage book pages paper shred mixture’.   Added in a bit of craft brown paper along with old yellowed book pages and whiter pages.  The combination of the three colors worked perfectly!

I had three sizes of the vintage bell jars and three sizes of eggs, soooooooooooooo . . .  I put the small eggs in the small jars, medium eggs (which easily pulled right off the wood pick!) in the medium jars and large eggs in the large jars.

I finished off ‘the look’ with a sheer gold ribbon tied around the handle.


I also packaged up some of the small eggs with some paper shred for those who want to create their own little nests.

Displayed them in my booth along with some little birds.  These jars look great sitting atop candle pedestals too; as shown above.

What do YOU think?  Gold eggs for Easter.  Yeah or Hay?


CHEAP (almost free!) TRICK

It’s spring and I love making, selling and decorating with bird themed things, including nests with EGGS in them.

P1120046Things like this.  I can buy the nests pretty inexpensively, in bulk from a wholesale supplier (CWI, but you do have to have a retail license to buy from them) and the moss to fill out the nest from Dollar Tree.  But the EGGS???  The eggs are ridiculously expensive!!  


Tiny ‘mini jelly bean’ sized ones are $3+ at the craft store.  And they are not even very realistically looking, with a very visible ‘seam’ where the two sides have been joined.  (you can ‘sand off’ those seams with a nail file!) 


 I use the little eggs in wall collages like this. (the birds came from DT.)  And package the nests with eggs to sell individually.  With as many eggs as I use, I HAD to come up with a less costly egg supply.

P1120049HERE is my solution!  This was NOT my own original idea; but it was SO long ago that I came across it on the internet that I can’t remember WHERE I saw it.  (I always try to give credit where credit is due!  If you happen to know who originated this idea PLEASE let me know so I can credit them!)  Can you tell what these ORIGINALLY were??

P1120052They’re PISTACHIO shells!!!  Crazy cool, eh?!?!?  By the time you glue them into a nest you really can’t even SEE the other side, so why not!?!

Just save up a bunch of Pistachio shells.  Lay them open side down in a box (I use the low side boxes, like 4 six packs of soda come in)  You want the paint to easily reach them, but don’t want them to ‘blow away’ from the force of the spray!  Since them are so small, it is easier to use spray paint.  I probably did over a hundred of them at once.

I used white, cream, pale blue and light green paints all in really quick short spurts.  This will give you the most natural coloration of your eggs.  Once dry, you can add your speckles.  You can read about speckles and the splattering tool that I used  HERE.  It really is a pretty handy little tool.  I’ve TRIED to add the ‘fly speckling’ with an old toothbrush and ended up with BIG BLOBS instead of tiny specks.  But if you have a method that already works well for you. bu all means do it your way!

P1120047Adding a feather to the nests is a nice added touch.


Dollar Tree oval gift boxes

These plain oval gift boxes are from YEARS ago!  Not sure what I was saving them for; but I am still ‘on a mission’ to use up what I have on hand and only buy what new supplies I absolutely NEED.  (like more birds!)

2.16.12 stars projects 005These paper mache birds and chicks were from Michael’s last year.  Bought the chicks on close out, specifically to save and paint up for this year.  The birds were a ‘panic purchase’ last year when I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to find any more ceramic or resin birds.

2.16.12 stars projects 108The boxes actually cane with matching lids and bases, I just decided to mix them up a bit for more interest.  The chicks were painted then varnished with ‘pixie dust’ varnish.  You can buy the pixie dust varnish already made; or make your own.  Just be sure you use the most super fine opalescent glitter you can find and add it to GLOSS varnish.  If you use flat or mat varnish you’ll lose some of the glitters glitz.  Just mix together in your varnish bottle and brush on like any other varnish.

2.16.12 stars projects 110I just used a DecoArt pen to dot the eyes and nostrils on the chicks.  The glittered eggs were from some floral ‘picks’ bought on clearance; and I just pulled the eggs off.

2.16.12 stars projects 111I didn’t do anything to the box (except cover up the ugly label on the bottom with some pretty paper) glued on the painted ducks with tacky glue and let dry overnight.

2.16.12 stars projects 112Chopped up some green crimped paper that I had into smaller pieces. Applied a good layer of tacky glue to the entire box top them ‘poured’ my grass on and smushed it into place.  Let dry.  Trimmed away what hung over the edges.

2.16.12 stars projects 109

Then glued on the eggs with hot glue.

2.16.12 stars projects 114The birds I painted aqua, and gave them the same pixie dust varnish.  Varnished the glittered crown too.  Keeps the glitter from shedding.

2.16.12 stars projects 113Didn’t have as many boxes for the birds as I did for the ducks.  At least not ones that were the right colors.  Was a bit ‘stumped’ when it can to what to do with the bird boxes after I glued the birds on?!?!  So, on this yellow one I simply tied on a pretty ribbon.

2.16.12 stars projects 118And the white boxes simply got lace glued around the edge of the lid.

2.16.12 stars projects 116Sometimes simple is best when you don’t have a better idea.

2.16.12 stars projects 115Now I just need to figure out what to do with the extra birds and chicks I painted.  Don’t want to BUY more boxes.  Maybe I’ll just put them in a cello bag and toss them in a big bowl full of nests!

NEW @ Dollar Tree: bags of mixed mosses

2.12.13 etsy projects 007It’s a little difficult to get a good picture of it still in the cello bags, but I wasn’t ready to open it yet and make a mess!

2.12.13 etsy projects 004But they have a good mixture of green and brown mosses.

2.12.13 etsy projects 006And moss is very “IN” in decorating right now.  I was pleasantly surprised to see such an ‘on trend’ item in Dollar Tree!

2.12.13 etsy projects 005The moss is fairly well ‘compacted’ in the bags; but I’d say one bag would easily ‘fluff out’ enough to fill a one gallon jar.

I don’t have any specific plans for mine just yet.   I mostly use moss to ‘fill out’ the bare spots in the little nests with eggs.  But BEFORE they had the grapevine nests, I used to hand form my own nests using Spanish moss.  This combo moss would make a great little nest too!

So, what are you working on for spring or Easter decorating?

This years BIRDS are in at Dollar Tree

I was on my way home from my booth at Stars today, and just decided to pop in to the big DT in Beaverton (since it was on my way)and see if they had any of the spring stuff out yet.  Normally they don’t start stocking them until after all the Valentine stuff is taken down, but there they were!

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 085And they have gone back to the bigger, chubbier birds with the flat bases this year.  I cleared the shelf (go figure?!?) ; and these were the only four styles they had.

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 086The colors this year are pretty good too.  Although I always repaint mine, these really could be use as is.

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 087

And while I love the ones with the wire feet like they had last year, I can actually DO more with the flat ones.  Glue them onto candle bases to make finials, glue them on top of boxes etc.  AND they would sit more sturdily when used as wedding cake toppers.  (which is something I do with them to sell in my etsy shop)

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 088 Here’s a side by side of last years and this years.  Considerable difference in size.  I still have a few of the wire footed ones left from last year.  Over the next few weeks I will be ‘on a mission’ to buy out all the birds at every Dollar Tree in my local area.  Yes!  I really do go through that many!

Here are some of the ones I painted over the last year.

You CAN glue the wire legged birds on top of gift boxes, but it’s a bit trickier than the flat bottomed ones.

Painted, stained and given a crown!

These are wire legged ones from DT a few years ago.  A bit more of a  ‘carved’ and rustic look.

But they still painted and stained up nicely.  See!  There WAS a time when I didn’t put crowns on my birds!!!

Another old candle jar idea


Remember this post  about upcycling these old candle jars:

Click HERE  to go over to my Trash2Treasure blog to see the next batch of similar jars; as shown below:

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 121

So NOW I have some candle jars with the GLASS lids.  blech!  Not much I can do to disguise the fact that these used to contain candles.  Still, it’s a pretty cute and simple idea:

1.15.13 stars projects 044They are the perfect size to hold one of the DT nests with eggs into the jar; just plopped it in!  (well, I ‘sparkle varnished’ the eggs and added some reindeer moss to the nest first!)

1.15.13 stars projects 045Rummaged through my rubber stamps to find an appropriate one to make into a tag to tie onto the jar with a piece of pretty ribbon.

1.15.13 stars projects 087

You could even do this with jars that you don’t have a lid for, and tie a piece of muslin, burlap or cheesecloth over the top; which might actually look BETTER than using the original glass lid.

Those Dollar Tree nests with eggs

Got a few little projects done using the new nests and eggs from Dollar Tree:

12.12.12 projects Stars 081I glittered some with ‘aquamarine’ color glitter (shown above) ; and did some with turquoise glitter.

12.12.12 projects Stars 072Topped these DT gift boxes with the turquoise ones.  (hot glued to the box)

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 025And of course added a bit of my homemade paper shred to the boxes!

12.12.12 projects Stars 080Added some little red berries to the white glittered ones, put them back in the cello bag they originally came in, and added a new header card.

12.12.12 projects Stars 108Did the same with the aquamarine glittered eggs. Piled the packages in a bog ole basket in my booth at the antique mall.

12.12.12 projects Stars 037The feather birds are back at Dollar Tree too!!!  They are REALLY getting their ‘non holiday specific’ spring stock out early this year.  Last year I only bought a few of the feather birds and was sorry later on when I went back for more, only to find them SOLD OUT!

12.12.12 projects Stars 038You better believe that I’ll be stoking up on the this year!

12.12.12 projects Stars 039Be sure you look carefully; there are THREE different styles of the birds.

12.12.12 projects Stars 054This is all I’ve done with them so far; gave them crowns and glued them to the top of a couple of the tea stained DT fabric gift boxes.

I used quite a few of them for assemblages I made for my etsy shop last year.  You can see some of them HERE.

The little birds with wire feet from Dollar Tree

SO, AFTER my big box of DT birds arrived from Texas, I decided to take another look at my local stores to see if they had any.  SCORE!  None of the stores had very many of them left, but I bought ALL they had at four different stores, so I am now STOCKED for the rest of the year!

Here’s a close up look at one.

Varying positions and colors.  They really DO have cute ‘expressions’.

 And, as I’ve already mentioned, quite a bit smaller than the ones from previous years; but every bit as (if note MORE so!) cute.

AND the more muted colors on these only required ONE COAT of craft paint to get full coverage!  (others I’ve had to do 2 and 3 coats of paint on!)  I just used an antique white acrylic craft paint.

Albino birds???

After painting them white, I used my fav Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze to bring out the details (ANY antiquing or glazing medium should work just fine).

And of course I HAD to give them a crown!  (made from vintage sheet music)

Aren’t they adorable ‘beak to beak’ like this?!?  Hop over to my trash to treasure blog here  for a tutorial on how to make the tiny crowns.

And the ole ‘before and after’ picture.

And a couple of them in etsy listings:

Decided to try one unaltered bird on etsy too:

What are YOU doing with your DT birds?

There’s an ANGEL out there in ‘bloggeritaville’!

Posted in Dollar Tree,Springy things by trash2treasure on May 19, 2012

LOOK what arrived on my doorstep yesterday all the way from TEXAS!!!  BIRDS!  Little Dollar Tree birds.    I am soooooooooooooooooooo   HAPPY!!!

This happiness was made possible by an ANGEL of a blog follower of mine, who commented that she had seen some birds at HER Dollar Tree store; in regards to my plight of being told there would be NO birds this year at ‘my’ DT.  On a ‘prayer and a whim’ I asked if she might be willing to buy some and sell them to me and ship them to me (with compensation for her time and trouble doing so)

And did she EVER come through for me!  that box is FULL of birds.  I’ve got some serious crafting to do now!!!

Thanks again, my angel of a blog follower!

Dollar Tree frames

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Dollar Tree picture frames with dollar section scrapbook elements from Joann’s.

And some with birds.

Cute little house shaped frames from DT also.  Painted, distressed and embellished with scrapbook elements.


Still more DT frames, again painted and distressed.  For these I removed the glass and mounted decorative skeleton keys from the ‘impulse buy’ section at the front of Michael’s craft store.  (the stuff that USED to be $1.00, but is now 2/$3.00)

What other kinds of things do YOU put in frames to decorate with?


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