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GORGEOUS new glitter packets at Dollar Tree!!

Posted in Dollar Tree by trash2treasure on April 28, 2010
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NO idea how I’m gonna use this stuff just yet, but HAD to grab several packs of each color when I saw it!  It’s really almost as pretty as Martha’s glitter!! gasp!


I just may hang the packets on a bulletin board and JUST LOOK at them!!!  Love how the colors are layered!


Dollar Tree mirrors; from ewwwwwwwwww to Ahhhhh!

Posted in Dollar Tree,Home Decor by trash2treasure on April 3, 2010
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ANY time you see something at the dollar store or thrift store or a garage sale that is a COLOR you don’t like . . .  stop for a minute and consider the possibilities.  After all, it’s JUST PAINT!

These little wood framed mirrors for example.  The color and design do not appeal to me AT ALL.  But they’re only a BUCK!!

And they are pretty well made.  The mirror can easily be taken out for repainting.  Before you start your make-over, examine your item carefully.  Oftentimes commercially painted items like this have been machine painted and the painted stuff will be RAISED.  In which case a good sanding will be necessary before you repaint.

I run mine over my big ole 4″ electric belt sander to sand off the raised paint.  But hand sanding will work if you’ve got the arms for it!  Using COARSE sand paper will make it go faster.

After sanding, I base coated with black craft paint; then a dark turquoise.  Sanded to distress a bit and let some of the black base coat show through.  Then I used foam stamps to add designs to each one.  A quick hand sanding over the stamped designs to shabby them up a bit.  Some matte varnish and you’re done!

 LOTS of other ways you could decorate these frames:

* Decoupage on scrapbook paper.

* Paint white or tan and glue shells around the edge.

* Add carved wood embellishments.

* Add buttons.

* Cover with fabric.