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Perfect weather to sit by a fire and do some hand stitching!

Posted in Freebies,Springy things by trash2treasure on January 28, 2012
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At least it’s that kind of weather here in the  Pacific NorthWET!  I’ve finished up all my felt Valentine hearts, and looking for another quick and easy stitching project.  How about these sweet little chickadees!?!?  Just click on the link for the FREE pattern.


Vintage book pages cone trees


Seems like cone trees were EVERYWHERE during the holidays!  I was a tad behind on my Christmas crafting, but really wanted to make some cone trees that could maybe be used to decorate with YEAR  ROUND.  This is what I came up with.

The styrofoam cones from Dollar Tree are about the same size as the ones I used.  I just happened to have some old cardboard cones, which I used for the two small trees, and found a big styro cone at a rummage sale.  Glue does NOT adhere to styro, so first I covered my cones with strips of paper, glued ON to the cone, but also TO each other (which is what STICKS) ; completely covering the entire cone.

Old book pages were hand cut into small leaf shapes, then ‘tea stained’ using my own stain recipe.  You can see how I stained them here.  Then I just started gluing them on!  Using tacky glue and starting at the bottom, I just glued row after row, slightly overlapping.  At the top, I added a few extra leaves, sticking up, then when the glue was dry, I twisted them into a point with my fingers.

Michael said I should have ‘glittered the edges of the leaves’.  Which WOULD look awesome if I was doing them for Christmas decor.  But I wanted these to be more year round, so I abstained from the glitter.  (Never thought I’d hear myself say T?HAT!  I’m usually all about the glitter!)

Colches. Getting the look for less

What IS a cloche??  No, not the HAT kind, the GLASS kind.  It’s a bell shaped glass dome used to cover something.  And a VERY popular decorating accessory these days.  Vintage ones can cost hundreds of dollars.  Even newly manufactured vintage reproductions can be crazy expensive.

I did a quick internet search on glass cloches, just out of curiosity and to see what came up.  Here’s what I got.

In my thrifting and shabby shopping adventures, occasionally I’ll find a reasonable priced one.  But mostly I find glass vessels of a similar shape that I can turn into a cloche.   Even some of the glass vases from Dollar Tree can be made into cloches!

The KEY ingredient is having the right adhesive; e-6000.  Don’t EVEN try any other adhesive.  The small and medium ones above came from Dollar Tree.  The medium one a glass vase and the small one a candle holder.  The large one is from a thrift store, BUT a few years ago DT had those larger ones also.  So it probably initially DID come from a Dollar Tree!

You mostly want to look for glass vessels with FLAT bottoms, for ease of attaching a ‘handle’.  Likewise, look for small decorative items with flat bottoms to attach to the bottom of your vessel as a handle.  Above are two more of the medium vases from Dollar Tree and another, different shape clear glass candle holder.   The smaller one has an old drawer pull, painted silver and glittered as the handle.  For the other two I used some small glass taper candle holders (hole side DOWN when I glued them on)  And in the first picture, I used some ceramic birds from a craft store as the handle.  In the past, I have also found cute ceramic birds at Dollar Tree that I was able to use for handles.

These two are both thrifted vases.  A clear glass spice jar stopper was used on the aqua one.  The one on the right was VERY heavy (very thick glass bottom) so I needed a real substantial handle.  I used a big ole curtain finial!

I usually sell ‘just the cloches’, but occasionally I’ll fashion a more extensive project using one, like I did above.  Adding a wood candle pedestal that fit the size of the cloche, and added some moss and little eggs under the cloche.

The above cloche is a thrifted one (from a cheese plate set).  The plate and pedestal are both from Dollar Tree.  I just glued the inverted glass candle holder to the plate with e6000.  The lid was ‘ready to use’.

Smaller cloches can be created using the glass bells from old candle holders.  Small thrifted clear plates with Dollar Tree glass taper candle holders attached for the base.  The other sets in the above photo were purchased as sets.

To create different heights on the smaller sets, I used some thrifted shorter taper candle holders as bases, as shown above.