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Upcycled Dollar Tree trinket boxes


These little trinket boxes at Dollar Tree are quite well made and have a magnetic closure.  The designs on the tops . . . .  um . . .well . . .  really easy to alter!


The manufacturers stickers on the bottom are nearly impossible to remove.  Much easier to just cover them with a mix or match paper.  On these red boxes I opted for a piece of old dictionary page.


I glued a piece of red glitter paper (also from DT!) to the top.  Then a turquoise glitter “JOY” ornament (with the hanger loop clipped off) glued on (I use tacky glue) and a little white foam snowflake sticker (Yep, got that at DT too!) in the center of the “O”.


I always put a little bit of ‘paper shred’ inside any gift boxes that I sell.  It’s just a quirk of mine, I guess.  People ALWAYS open up boxes and look inside and I guess I just like there to be a little something inside to surprise them!  You can buy the bags of basket filler paper shred at DT also.  I add ‘other stuff’ to the regular shred to make my own custom blend.  Colored tissue paper, iridescent icicles, hand folded and cut vintage sheet music and just whatever else I can find!

I decided one little red jingle bell (from where else?!?) would look cute on the front flap.

I tucked them in with a few other red and turquoise items in my booth.

I have a lot of red and turquoise hand crafted felt ornaments in my booth this year too.  It’s one of my favorite Christmas color combinations!

I’ve also altered other colors in non-holiday themes.

Prettied up little trinket box

These little satin trinket boxes were in the $1.00 at Michael’s craft store some time ago.  I’m still working away at using up all the craft supplies I have stashed away.  Figured I could get away with adding some PINK to my product mix since Valentine’s day is coming. 1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 010I started with the box, a small tea stained doily, a crepe paper rosette, ribbon and glue.

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 015I trimmed the crepe paper rosette to just a tad smaller than the doily and glued them to the bottom.  Then another rosette to the lid.  Ribbon around the rim of the box.  A tiny nest (purchased wholesale last year; these are MUCH smaller than the more recent ones from DT)  And one of the pink glitter bird picks (with pick part removed!) that I got on clearance last week at Michael s.

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 017Added a flocked paper heart inside the lid.

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 016Pretty quick and easy craft.  I had some blue boxes like this that I glued a sand dollar on top of.

Gift box re-cap

Thought it might be a good idea to show ALL the gift boxes I’ve made this season, all in one post together.  So, if you’re thinking you already seen all of the following pictures; you’re right!  So this post is really more for future reference and for posterity!

12.12.12 projects Stars 070

Dollar Tree gift boxes, topped with DT nests and eggs (I glittered the eggs and added some reindeer moss to fill out the nest)  The bow on the was on top of the box when I bought it. Just pulled it off (since it would have been covered by the nest anyhow!)  and put it back on where it was visible!

12.12.12 projects Stars 055

White fabric covered boxes; tea stained; topped with a tea stained crepe paper rosette and  DT feather birds with a glitter crowns.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 079
A couple more of the same boxes, just different ‘toppings’ that the previous ones shown.   These are topped with bundles of vintage frosted glass ornaments; some ribbon, a glittery snowflake and a tiny ‘joy’ tag.  (tag was printed on vintage dictionary page)

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 025

This is just one of those ‘little extras’ that I like to do.  I add a handful of paper shred inside all of my gift boxes.  This is my own ‘recipe’ for paper shred; a combination of store bought kraft shred, hand folded and cut book pages and sheet music shred, hand folded and cut tissue paper, some bits of leftover gold ribbon cut into tiny pieces . . . you get the idea.  A little bit of everything!

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 085
Another DT box topped with a pair of white bottle brush trees and little ceramic house; all also from DT.   I just added glitter and glue!  (and paper shred!)

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 056

These are ‘use up those leftover snowmen from the store’!  Just plopped a snowman on a box and done!  (priced super cheap to get rid of them PLUS an additional 40% off for my downsizing sale!)

11.28.12 esty Stars 048

Another one of the tea stained fabric boxes, this time topped with a gold resin bird wearing a vintage sheet music crown.  I placed a crepe paper rosette rimmed with gold glitter on top of the box and glued the bird into place in the center of that.  The sheer bow on top of the bird’s feet (hiding all the ugly glue!) is the bow that came on the box originally again.  Just pulled it off and made better use of it!

11.28.12 esty Stars 079

I should have made more of these, as they sold the fastest.  Now I’ll know for next year.  AND I’ll be able to easily find my ‘gift box post’ to remind me when the time comes!

11.28.12 esty Stars 083

Happy Gift Wrapping to all!


A couple of DT projects completed

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 015

Got a few of the nests with eggs fixed up.   Put some clear/white glitter on the eggs (brushed varnish on the eggs and sprinkled on the glitter)  some glitter did fall into the nest, but it came out when I turned it over and tapped on the bottom.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 014Just a reminder of what the nests looked like before.   On the reindeer moss, I just grabbed the tiniest clumps, placed them where I wanted them and ‘tucked them in’ with a toothpick.  I want to look for some greens with red berries to add to make them look more ‘wintery’.    Then for spring I’ll paint the eggs Robin’s egg blue.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 013And maybe I will tuck a feather or two into the nests.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 030Here’s what I did with the little house and package of white trees.  The oval box is from DT also; just some time ago!

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 031I ‘probably’ should have painted the house white first.  It’s more of an ivory color.  But since it’s shiney ceramic I’d have needed to spray paint it, and it’s been too rainey to spray paint!  So, my impatience won out on this project!  I glittered the box lid before gluing on the house and trees with tacky glue.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 032The snowflakes were some I had on hand; just glued them on the front.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 025And I ALWAYS put paper shred in the gift boxes I make!  It’s just that little ‘something extra’ that the consumer doesn’t expect.  This is my own blend of purchased paper shreds and hand folded and hand cut vintage sheet music.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 026Another of the tea stained stain boxes.  I stained up five of these all at once.  Did two of them up with gold birds with crowns.  (which sold almost instantly when I took them to my booth at Stars!)  On this one I just did a bundle of five little frosted ornaments, some extra ribbon and a little “JOY” tag.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 027I think this one is my favorite!

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 028This is another DT box that I already had on hand.  like on the tea stained satin box, I bundled five little glass ornaments with some ribbon and tucked in a glitter snowflake.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 029The little glass ornaments were thrift store finds.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 057While digging through boxes in my storage garage I found a BIG box of Christmas stuff leftover from when we had our own store, THREE years ago!  UG.  These blue snowmen were amongst that stuff.  I just attached them to some more boxes I had on hand and tossed in a handful of paper shred.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 056I typically prefer to do a lot more ‘altering’ to my DT projects, but right now I’m just trying to GET RID OF IT while I can.  Taking advantage of my 40% off ‘moving sale’ (just downsizing from two booths to one really) to get as much ‘stale product’ as possible sold.  Otherwise I’d probably just take things like these snowmen to Goodwill.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 094These little red pom pom garlands are from DT a while ago.  I usually make a trip the day after Christmas and stock up on red and white Christmas stuff that can be used year round. A lot of the red stuff can be used for Valentines too!  I usually get lots of white berry picks, red ans white felt.  Red  and white gift boxes . . . anything that is ‘technically’ Christmas stock and therefore half price; but doesn’t LOOK Christmasey!

Now I’ve got to get busy making crowns for the new batch of owls.  Nearly sold out of the first batch I took in last week!

Dollar Tree prayer candles

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I didn’t get a picture of JUST the candles.  You’ve seen them before, plain glass holder filled with plain white wax.  Oftentimes the taller versions of these candles have religious images on them.  I look for the plain ones.

These little 2 packs of taper holders are from DT also.  I use e6000 adhesive to attach one of the candles to one of these bases.    The  candles always have really LONG wicks and are never filled to the top with wax.  I melt down the leftover wax in the bottom of my jar candles and  use that to ‘top off’ the candles; filling them up further AND adding a bit of fragrance.  I almost always buy white/cream colored candles; not sure how a brighter color would look on top.  Guess it would depend upon what color you made your LABEL.

There are two of the finished ones on the bottom shelf.  I added a band of tea stained paper all the way around, then some clip art shell images and some jute string.

ON these two I skipped the added base and used vintage tea stained sheet music.

Chocolate truffle candles at Dollar Tree

I found some of these, gosh, probably 2 -3 years ago at Dollar Tree.  They are just DARLING!  I remember thinking it seemed like an ‘odd’ time of year to stock them because I thought they’d be perfect for Valentines Day; and I was a totally opposite time of year that I had found them.

Being not entirely sure of HOW I could use them, I originally only bought a few.  A week later I went back for more and they were almost all gone!  I’ve been searching for them ever since; to no avail! Until NOW!

I told myself last time  that IF I ever did find them again, I’d buy ALL they had!  And that is exactly what I just did.  Cleaned out 2 different local Dollar Trees of all they had.  Apparently it’s not something they stock a LOT of, nor very consistently.

I did these a while back, but NOT at Valentines time of year.  Had several emails asking if I would have them in my booth for Valentines day this past year; and had to say NO, because I didn’t know if I would find them again.

So cute and SO fun to put together!

 Just got a new batch of these little styro and cardboard cupcake ‘trinket boxes’ (the top opens up!) from Michael’s craft store.  Plan to re-make them so they are a bit more realistic looking. 

Monogrammed Dollar Tree Journals

Got these little spiral notebooks at Dollar Tree a year or so ago.

Originally wanted to use the kraft color ones ‘as is’ and stamp on a design.  Alas, they had a ‘removable sticker’ on the front them left a residue that could not be removed.  So, I’d have to come up with a NEW plan for using them.

Had a bunch of these monograms that I was framing, and decided to try them on the journals.

Found on CLEARANCE at Dollar Tree for 25 cents a piece!!!

These little paper back journals were on clearance at Dollar Tree a while back, so of course I grabbed ALL the had; about 12 total.  Knew I wanted to re-cover them,  just took me a while to decide exactly HOW.

The pages were blue stripes so that limited my options for new covers a bit!  (I always seem to have a scratch of some kind on my hand! )



Pretty Christmas gift cones


If these red cones look a little familiar, it’s because they are the same kind that I used to make the Valentine trees last year!  Bought them on clearance after Christmas last year.  I ALWAYS look for red and white stuff on Christmas clearance!  White to use ANY time fo the year, and RED for Valentines day!

First I added my red pipecleaner handle (bought on clearance last year of course!)   Then I used another pipe cleaner to bundle my little ornies and pretty bow.  The grey and silver glittery ones are Martha Stewart, purchased on clearance at K-Mart last year.  The silver bells from DT.  The wire edged ribbon from Costco.  Ribbon at Costco is THE CHEAP{EST you’ll ever find it anywhere.  The caveat is, you have to buy 50 yards at a time!!

Set the bow and baubles aside for now, whilst you add the GOODIES!  I filled a cello bag with assorted wrapped candies, and tied it up tight.  I buy the bulk wrapped Brach’s candies to fill mine with.  ****SUPER SAVINGS TIP!!!  But your bull candy on sale just before Halloween.  The bulk candies don’t come with seasonal specific wrappers, and you get a great variety.  Winco usually has their bulk candies on sale for almost 75% off a week or so before Halloween.

Trim the top of your tied up cello bag of candies if needed, plop it into your cone and tie the top fo the bag to the handle of your cone with the pipe cleaner you used to bundle your baubles.  (thereby ‘theft proofing’ the candy from disappearing from the cone!)

 Displayed in our booth at Camas Antiques.  You could also make these into Valentine cones by tying on a cute vintage style Valentine instead of the sparkly baubles and bell.  Maybe add some pretty lace around the rim!

These are GREAT “little something’s” for co-workers, teachers and office party gifts.

Little take out gift boxes

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This idea grew from something similar I saw at an antique mall.  They had taken regular white Chinese take-out food boxes and stenciled numbers on them.  (anything with numbers on it seems to be “IN” right now!)  Loving the idea but not wanting to totally COPY it, I headed to Dollar Tree to see what kind of little boxes I could find to play with.

Found these adorable little favor boxes in the baby shower section.  Eight of them for a dollar!  I can have LOTS of fun playing with these!

I pulled them all apart and then rummaged through my box of paper craft embellishments to see what I could use.  Settled upon some Paris themed clear stickers.

And had one pair of stray butterfly themed stickers that I decided to use up.

But I really liked the black lettering on the blue boxes best.  That was ALL I did to this batch.  You could add a little tag tied onto the handle with a piece of pretty ribbon if you wanted to go a bit fancier.

These little boxes are the PERFECT size to tuck a gift card into, or fill with a few ‘sweet treats’.

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