The Dollar Diva

Dollar Tree SALE!

Did you know that Dollar Tree even has sales?!?!  They sure do.  They are not very well advertised though, so they are easy to miss.  All they do is put out the post card size ‘coupons’ at the registers, offering 10% off your entire purchase, a week or so before the sale.  So really, the only ones who know about it are those who happen to have stopped at the store during that time and picked up a coupon.

BUT, they usually do still have the coupons out and available to grab the day OF the sale.  Even so, not very many people use them.  The last time I hit one of the sales, the cashier was totally dumbfounded that I had a coupon and had no idea what to do with it?!?  So, apparently I was her first customer that day to present the coupon.


Sure, it’s only 10%, but hey . . . it’s the DOLLAR store!  I usually do some ‘stocking up’ with my coupon.  Glue, scotch tape, cleaning supplies, candles, parchment sheets for the upcoming holiday baking season, boxes and bags for putting those baked goods in.  A few of the aluminum casserole containers with lids are always handy to have on hand for sending leftovers home with the kids, toys for my grand puppy (because she just chews them up anyhow and the expensive ones don’t last any longer!!)

Sooooooooooooo . . .if you are a Dollar Tree fan, or just need a good excuse to pop in and see what’s new; this is your perfect excuse.  The sale in on October 15, 2017 only.  And yes, the store I visited IS starting to put their Christmas stuff out already!!



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