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Recent Dollar Tree finds

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Just found these great papercraft / scrapbook embellishment stickers at Dollar Tree.

NO IDEA what I’m going to use them for yet, but I got several packs of each design.  Because, as usual, by the time I come up with a project for them, they’ll be sold out!

Having the DT dt’s!!

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I’m completely OUT of Dollar Tree ‘project product’ and I’m feeling a little ‘panicky’!  Stopped in yesterday to see if I could ‘get a fix’ ; hoping the new spring stuff would be in.  Lots of EASTER stuff, but no ‘general spring’, like the resin birds, flower pots etc.  NOTHING that I really needed or wanted.  Yet ‘out of desperation’ I grabbed a few ceramic birds (the ones that have been there FOREVER because no one really likes them all that much!) to CHALLENGE myself to make something out of them.  New post to follow soon.

The Easter stuff IS really cute, btw, if you do a lot of Easter decorating.   Just not ‘my thing’.   I used to buy lots of the plastic eggs and make them into grubby rag eggs.  And even grubby dip some of the bunny figurines in my grubby candle wax to make them look like chocolate bunnies.

There are some AWESOME plastic baskets and bins for storing and organizing stuff in, in pretty spring colors.   Would make great gift or Easter baskets too.

The Dollar Diva LOVES a ‘freebie’

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And I found a bunch of them HERE.  Compliments of  ‘Just Something I Made’ blog.

I was going to say “here are a few of my favorites”, but I really love them ALL and my brain is about to EXPLODE with ideas for ways I can use them all.  SO, here are a few to ‘whet you appetite’:

This one also has a matching sheet with the names of the birds the eggs came from!

Go check it out.  There are LOTS more.

Birds of a feather

Digging  through the archives of my other blog  to show you a re-cap of Dollar Tree birds over the years and what I’ve done with them,

Those are from a couple of years ago.  Ceramic DT birds on thrifted bases (glued together with e6000; and spray painted)  They STILL have these particular birds in my local Dollar Tree stores.  And Dollar Tree glass candle holders would work just as well.  I just ‘used what I had’, which happened to be thrifted ones for the bases.

This bird is from a couple years ago, as is the candle holder I adhered him to.  The color match was so close that I didn’t need to paint these!  GOTTA love when a make-over is as simple as that!

Same little DT bird as previous picture; but this one was added to the top of a finial I crafted.  A new e-book on how to make these and MANY more finials will be finished up for sale in my etsy shop SOON!.

Gotta have some NESTS if you’re gonna have birds!  Thrifted  vintage urns and pedestal candle holders make great nest holders, to pair up with these other Dollar Tree birds on pedestals I made.

For those I used some unfinished candle holders I had on hand.  Again the glass candle holders from DT would work just as well.   Just DON’T ever substitute another adhesive for the e6000!  Let glue dry overnight before painting.

An entire flock!  First painted black, then  dry brush painted ivory, leaving some of the black showing.

Lots of little birds tucked in throughout this display.

This past Christmas I did LOTS of white glittered birds with glitter crowns.  The owls came from Target a few years ago, and were originally brown.

I also did some TURQUOISE glitter birds just for fun!  Only did a few ‘just in case’ the color didn’t “FLY” (did I really say that?!?!)  The turquoise birds sold out very quickly.  Lesson learned!

I tucked the birds in everywhere throughout my booth at the antique mall!

My all time FAVORITE birds from Dollar Tree were these, from a year or 2 ago, with the WIRE FEET.  This was the last of that stash that I was saving.  sigh.  HOPING they will make a come-back this year.  I’m checking weekly.  Watching and waiting for the new spring merchandise to come in.  It’s trickling in right now.  After Valentine’s  day it will REALLY be out.  THEN, I’ll be checking every other day!  And when they do arrive, they’ll all be going home with me!  No such thing as too many birds in my craft supply stash!  (the little red birds I just showed a few posts ago)

Another of the birds with wire feet; this one painted differently.  Cream color paint then Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.  This set is for sale in my etsy shop.

For Christmas, I did some of the crowned birds glued to the top of gift boxes.

The above set is ENTIRELY from Dollar Tree; the bird, the box, the trees and the snowflakes!  I just added a bit of artistic flair!

Dollar Tree glass vases / votive holders turned into cloches by turning them upside down and adding a bird for a handle.  These birds came from the craft store, but I used the same birds as in the second picture in this post for this purpose when I could get them.

Again, not a DT bird, but would/could have been.  (see what I mean about no such thing as TOO many birds!?!)

Valentine birds.  This set is currently for sale in my etsy shop.

Some PINK glittered birds with vintage sheet music crowns for this Valentine’s Day.

Available for purchase in my booth at Stars Antique Mall in Portland, Oregon.

MORE love for this little ceramic bird from a few years back; this time on top of a ‘make do’ cloche with a nest and egg.  On the right is one of the ‘painted and glazed’ birds mounted on a little paper mache box.  Spanish moss and an egg inside the box.

BIGGER cloche with nest and egg under the glass.  Repainted thrifted pillar candle holder used for the base.

Here’s a better picture of that cloche.  It took some patience to get the bird to stay in place on that domed lid.  The hole in the bottom of the bird helped.  Not using too much adhesive (e6000) helped too!  Applied just a few dabs around the hole in the base of the bird, gently set it in place on the cloche, then quickly removed it and let the adhesive ‘set up’ until it was tacky.  Applied a tad more, then put in place to stay.  Had to hold it in place for about 15 minutes to be sure it didn’t slide off!

Yep, I used those little birds a LOT!!!  some more cloches made from thrifted vintage components.

BIG cloche with dinner size plate base, adhered to a large pillar candle holder.  Spray painted them both ivory.

Little cloche with nest grass and egg.  This is and espresso cup saucer and a mini brandy snifter for the base.  The bell jar behind it was just glued onto a DT candle holder for a base.

These bird tea light holders were originally a dark orange color.  Glued to a DT candle holder (the kind that come in a 2/pk) Painted everything cream color then glazed with my Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.

Another of the tea light holders, just painted and glazed.

Styro wreathe from DT, covered with strips of burlap and one of the little birds glued on the inside.

Another burlap wreath in a lighter color and with a burlap ribbon at the top.

Can’t wait to see what kinds of birds Dollar Tree will have for me to PLAY WITH this year!!!

Altered Dollar Tree art plaques

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Got these wood plaques topped with designs printed on paper, and black wire decorative scroll on the top at Dollar Tree a while back.  A good 70% of the time when I buy ‘supplies’  (items that I eventually ALTER) at Dollar Tree, I don’t yet know HOW I will be using them.  Something about an item just ‘catches my eye’ (in this case it was the pretty black scroll top)  and I just KNOW I will be able to ‘do SOMETHING with it’ and I’ll grab a bunch!

I was painting these gold cherubs (and several others); not yet knowing HOW I was going to use them.  Figured something would come to me as I worked on them.  They were nice and FLAT on the back side so applying them to some kind of flat surface came to mind.

See instructions for the complete transformation of these gold cherubs over on my Trash 2 Treasure blog.  SO, while the cherubs were drying for the final time, I scrounged through my stash to find something to attach them to.  Tried a few different things, and settled on the scroll top plaques.

I was just ‘trying them out’ and laying them on the plaques to see if the proportions were right.   I had every intention of completely covering the plaque with some scrapbook paper.  But, the cherubs fir SO perfectly on top of the bird, AND the wording perfectly fit the theme; so I decided to just glue on the cherub and be done!

Well, ALMOST done!!  After they dried overnight and I hung them to take pictures, I decided ‘something was missing’.  It needed a tad more ‘altering’.

So I gave them some vintage sheet music paper crowns!

NOW they’re done!

Then I did one like I had originally intended to do, covering the entire background with scrapbook paper, and adding some embellishments.

I just used regular tacky glue to put the crowns on.  First, test fit your crown and gently ‘form it’ to the shape of the head.  (this one was a tad oval shaped)  Hold crown upside down and run a generous bead of bead of glue around the entire inside of the rim.  Then turn it right side up and put it on.  Gently (without crushing the tips!) hold crown in place for about five minutes for glue to set.  Then set aside to completely dry.

I put them out in my booth at the antique mall WITH my Valentine stuff, but they really aren’t so Valentine ‘specific’ that they won’t work to display year round.  Something I try to keep in mind when I am creating.

Little red birds from Dollar Tree

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You’ve seen them every year, the little red or white bird ornaments that come three to a package.   Cute little ornaments, for sure.  I just wanted to make them CUTER!

I was already making crowns for the birds with the wire feet (painted white and glittered first!)   Why not make some for the little red birds too?

The just barely fit over the tip of my index finger!  The smaller ones ARE a bit of a challenge to make.  I used regular weight paper, because even cardstock would BEND when I tried to roll it that small.  Tow layers of regular paper glued together did the trick just fine.   The glue added a lot of sturdiness to the crown, then adding more glue and the glitter, still more.

I just hunted through all my craft supplies to find something the right size to wrap my paper around; a glue stick worked for me.

Let the glue completely dry overnight; then with a VERY point little pair of scissors, cut your points.  I usually do a batch of a dozen or more of the crowns at a time.

Then it’s GLITTER TIME.  Use fine glitter.  For these little crowns I found it difficult to HOLD the crown and add the glue and glitter.  I ended up using a pair of needle nose pliers.  BRUSH the glue on with a stiff bristled paint brush, and sprinkle on your glitter.  Set aside to dry.  You will have one little ‘bare spot’ where the pliers were; fill that in later.

I glitter them all at once.  Let dry.  Then go back and put a dab of glue on that bare spot and sprinkle on the glitter.

I used regular tacky glue (NOT hot glue!) to attach the crowns to the birds.  Apply dots of glue all the way around the inner rim of the crown, slip the crown through the string hanger and position it in place and let it dry.  I usually go back after a few minutes and make sure the crowns are tightly in place.

I took mine to my booth at the antique mall, and hung them on my glitter Valentine tree!

In the above photo from a couple of years ago, I took some of the white feather 3/pk birds and tea stained* them and gave them sheet music paper crowns.

* I don’t use actual TEA for my stain, or coffee or vanilla or molasses or ANY other sticky and smelly kitchen product!  You can buy my stain recipe here in my etsy shop.