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MY kind of crazy idea!!!

I am SO excited to actually see a BRAND NEW idea in Pinterest!!!  Seems like lately I can only last about five minutes before I am bored with seeing the ‘same-ole-same-old’ stuff yet AGAIN!!

Do you LOVE this fabulously fluffy white wreath as much as I do?!?!?   I JUST saw it on Pinterest and HAD to post it here in my DD blog; because YES indeed it was made using stuff from the Dollar Store!

I don’t even think that “I” could have ever come up with this idea!!!  Pop on over to the  Craftberry Bush Blog for the complete step by step tutorial.

Dollar Tree cookies make over!

Not MY idea, but a great one that I found in bloggeritaville and had to share!

Pretty cute. eh?!?!?  If I hadn’t mentioned cookies in the post title, would you have EVER guessed that that is what these are made of?!?

This is the package that the cookies came from. Now I don’t usually peruse the cookie aisle when I go to Dollar Tree so I don’t know if we get these locally.

And these are the cookies that were used.  See the complete how to in the post by BLISSFUL ROOTS .  And you can see what she did with the same cookies for Christmas ornaments  HERE.

Eons ago I hand painted some McDonald cookies.  Do they even still have those?  In a little box like animal cookies, but in the McDonald’s characters shapes.  Here’s what I did to mine to preserve them for YEARS.

After painting you need to dry them out really well and crisp them back up.  Turn your oven on to it’s LOWEST temp.  While the oven heats up, spread your cookies out on a cookie sheet.  TURN THE OVEN OFF as soon as it heats up and put your sheet of cookies in for an hour or so.  The oven will stay warm enough to get ALL the moisture out of the cookies.

Immediately after removing your cookies from the oven, attach the string or ribbon for them to hang from and let the glue dry overnight.  The next day apply a couple of coats of clear varnish to the cookies, front and back.  You’ll notice that the first coat of varnish really soaks INTO the cookies.  That’s fine. and it really helps to strengthen them.

To preserve the cookies that Blissful Roots has shown us, you would want to varnish them BEFORE adding the glitter.  And remember, it’s a good idea to give ANY glittered item a coat of clear spray after your application glue is completely dry to help minimize ‘glitter shedding’.

I’d LOVE to see any variations that you come up with on ‘altered cookies’!

KINDRED SPIRIT: DT components for BIG cloche base

Gotta love a kindred spirit who also uses Dollar Tree components for their creations!   Here is what Lindsay from her Southern Lovely blog created and shared:

Hop on  over to her blog HERE to see how she created the BIG base for this large cloche (looks like the dome from a cake stand to give you a size reference) using mostly stuff she found at DT!

**I must add that I do NOT  endorse her use of hot glue for such a project.   I always use e6000 adhesive for a more secure and permanent hold.

Thanks AGAIN, Morena!

The sweet fellow blogger who sent me the DT birds that I initially couldn’t find locally, just sent me the link to HER first project with them.

I”m not typically a fan of metallics,  but this has made me change my mind!  The bird totally looks like vintage pewter.

CLICK HERE  to go to her blog for the complete tutorial.

Anyone else have any DT or bird projects they want to share???

Kindred Spirits – Salvage Dior

Saw this post on Savage Dior blog and KNEW they were MY kind of people!  How gorgeous did this ‘faux iron’ wall art turn out?!?!  You absolutely MUST click on the link and go read the post.

Alyssa Beth’s Dollar Store Crafts

Another GREAT dollar store crafter for you to check out!

I JUST stumbled upon this blog and haven’t looked at the whole thing yet.  But from what I’ve seen so far, this could well be my ‘twin separated at birth’!  Lots of ‘old book pages’ ideas AND Dollar Store supply crafts. 

Check it out!

Fluffy white wreath

Soooooooooooo pretty!!!  Would make a great holiday wreath; and yet is simple enough to stay out year round in a shabby cottage decor space.

Check out “The Virginia House” for the complete (and surprisingly SIMPLE!) tutorial.

It seems that I can never leave ‘well enough alone’, and when I see projects like this, that are PERFECT as they are, my brain starts thinking of variations on the theme.  Here are my thoughts and things I might try when I make one of these:

1)  The wreath form; I’m thinking the hard green floral foam wreaths might be easier to work with than the willow wreath.  (although they might be smaller)

2)  GLITTER!!!  Everything is better with glitter.  Lightly brush glue on the very tips of the ruffles and sprinkle on some glitter.

3)  For a more primitive and rustic look, spritz it with some grubby stain.

4) OR use the tan coffee filters to begin with!

5)  Lightly wrap around a ‘sheet music paper garland’ ; or hang a little banner across the front.

Lots and LOTS of dollar store ideas!!

Check THIS out!

A linky party dedicated exclusively to dollar store craft ideas!

One Cheap B*tch

Here’s another blogger/designer dollar store fan for you to check out:

One Cheap B*tch

I’ve only just glanced at it quickly thus far, but already see several ‘dollar store’ craft ideas that I plan on trying.    Check it out if you’re in need of more inspiration!

More dollar store holiday decor ideas

Check out Tidy Mom blog here

for some great dollar store holiday decor ideas.

And check out 320* Sycamore  here

for a great hurricane lamp idea.  I’ve dome some similar to this using SHELLS and sand  for a beach theme.    What else could you add???

* PLEASE NOTE:  I do NOT recommend using hot glue;rathert e6000, like Tidy Mom suggests.

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