The Dollar Diva

Little glass jars

Since ‘good crafting stuff’ has been harder to find at the dollar store, I’ve been looking at the craft stores a little more.  Found these cute little glass bottles at Michael’s.

P1110593Very ‘vintage’ shape; came in just these two colors.  (was HOPING for aqua ones too!)

P1110591Grabbed a few of these little key charm packets.

P1110592And these little embellishment sets.

P1110599A snippet of scrapbook paper and some string or muslin and a little key turned the bottles into mini works of art!

P1110601Just be sure you really secure the keys in place or they will disappear!

P1110603On this bottle the key is GLUED on as well as tied on.

P1110590Here are some other bottles (thrift store finds) that I embellished.



P1110568Old spools of string are fun to embellish too.


On these I used some wired tissue paper ribbon.  Hard to work with.  Liked the prints on them but NOT working with the wire.  And the wire made it tear really easily if you tried to make a bow out if it.  Lesson learned.  Wired tissue ribbon LOOKS cool, but it’s JUST for looks!


For most of the rest of these, I hand stamped tea stained paper.

P1110538The old yellowed book pages I used as the background on these three bottles was VERY brittle.  Even just applying glue to them caused them to tear.  My remedy:  Took them outside and sprayed them with a couple of quick coats of clear spray on varnish!  Still had to handle it very carefully, but it made it strong enough to glue in place.

P1120083Another recent batch of thrift store bottles.

P1120095Scraps of scrapbook paper for the label.  (I LOVE all the different papers with writing on them; even the stuff that is illegible looks cool!)

P1120088Another little strip of paper and some jute twine around the neck and a vintage repro key.


More of my favorite papers with a snippet of old dictionary page sandwiched between.

P1120085Sheet music scrap and white twine around the neck, and a vintage repro key charm.


More of the writing scrapbook papers, and a paper repro clock face (from a booklet of such assorted things)

P1120090Scrap of paper and some bakers twine on the neck of this one; and a key charm.

P1110956All these bottles are in my booth at Stars Antique Mall in Portland.

FINALLY!!! A new post!

Greetings Dollar Diva blog fans.  Were you worried that I’d fallen into a sink hole or abandoned my dollar diva ways, since it’s been so long since I’ve posted?!?!?  It’s just getting harder and harder to find ‘good stuff’ at the Dollar store these days.  Much of it is repeat product that I’ve already shown.  Slim pickins on the new stuff!  ‘The birds’ that I look forward to every year were a complete disappointment to me this year.  They were ‘okay’ but just not really ‘alterable’ as they were all perched on a rock or branch.    FINALLY found some fun Easter stuff yesterday at Dollar Tree!

P1120037Bags of 36 little glittered styro eggs in PERFECT colors for me!

P1120038I only bought these 2 colors, but they did have more colors.  Solid color bags also in yellow, green, and a weird pinkish-orange.  And some bags with a mixture of colors.  What will I DO with them?

P1120041I had this recently acquired jar still sitting out on my work table and it was perfect to fill with the eggs.  Each section holds an entire bag.

P1120040A pretty bow on top and done!  Now I have to go dig through my ‘jar stash’ to find more suitable containers.  They’d also be cute in little baskets with some grass.

P1120039Just AFTER I had ‘cleared the shelf’ of both shades of the blue glitter ones, I found these unfinished styro (actually I think this stuff is called ‘dynalite’) ones.  These are a little bigger than the glitter eggs, but a tad smaller than a chicken egg.  They also had a 6 pack of larger plain ones.  Not sure what I will do with these yet, but I KNEW to grab ’em while I could because they will all be gone by the time I go back!