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Pretty glass bottles at Dollar Tree

P1200244They had several other colors, but I just bought the clear and blue.  I’ve seen the exact same bottles at Ross and Marshall’s for $10.00!  Not sure what (if anything!) I am going to DO to these; but I knew if I didn’t buy them the first time I saw them that they’s be gone.

I had actually stopped in to see if there was a new batch of birds in.  Same ones as last year.  sigh.


Latest finds at Dollar Tree

P1170316CUTE little gold (silver and metallic red were available too, but I just bought gold) metallic piggy banks.  I’m trying to figure out a way to ‘cover’ the coin slot, the I will glitter them and add a crown.  Doing a ‘woodland’ themed Christmas in my booth NEXT year.

P1170317Little trinket boxes; several other colors and sayings, but I only bought the green was.

P1170318They have a hidden magnetic clasp.  I’m thinking about covering the lid with buttons.

P1170319Red and TURQUOISE glitter paper.  HOPE they will be getting more in!  I bought all the turquoise they had (only 3 packs!  sigh!)

P1170322Metallic posted board!

P11703235 packs of small poster board.  Yippee!  Now I don’t have to cut up the big pieces anymore!

P1170324Bright red and green doilies, in 2 sizes.  Can use the red ones for Valentine projects!

Just what I needed!!!

I always have a big tool box in my car.  Keep it stocked with anything I may need at a craft show or at the antique mall when I am working on my booth.  Glue is one of those things that I need in my tool box, but I need it so seldom that it usually dries out by the time I need to use it for the second time.

So, I’ve always bought  the smallest tubes I could find at Dollar Tree to stock in my tool box.  I just hate throwing away a nearly full tube of adhesive, but it’s no good once it dries out.


Hallelujah!! My glue wishes have come true!  Look what I just found at Dollar Tree!!!  Tiny tubes of adhesive in a four pack!!  Exactly what I needed for stocking my tool box!

SERIOUSLY slim pickins at the Dollar Store!!!

I used to NEVER leave the dollar store empty-handed!  Lately though the picking have been really slim.  Slim to ZIPPO!!  I hardly ever have anything new to share here in the Dollar Diva blog, and it’s making me very SAD!!

Was hoping for some new items for fall, but it’s mostly the same old, same OLD stuff.  And it seems like the longer an item remains in stock, the poorer the quality becomes!

Case in point.  I went in to buy a few more of the feather crows they have every year.  Still have a few from a couple of years ago that I had stashed then couldn’t find, so I bought more; then found my stash.  The ones they have this year all look like they have MANGE!?!?  

The little chocolate truffle candles they first got in 4-5 years ago in very short supply.  I buy them mostly for display on the cupcake and dessert stands that I upcycle; but people always want to buy them so I started buying more and putting a price tag on them.  Last year they had HOARDS of them in stock, and several new ‘flavors’ too.  Glad I bought about 5 cases of them then because the ones they are getting in now, and seem to have year round; look like CRAP!!

  I did find some cute little ceramic glittered pumpkins earlier this month.

P1080309But there is nothing more that you can really DO to them.  I used to buy the plastic gourds and pumpkins and paint and glitter them.  These I can use ‘as is’; but I prefer to ‘alter’ my DT finds.  All I had to do to these was give them was spray on a coat of clear varnish to keep the glitter from shedding.

***These would be PERFECT to use for Thanksgiving table place-cards!   Just tie a little tag with the name written on it to the loop on the stem.

P1080306These black owls were nice.  Hoping that maybe next year they will make the crows like this, with velvet like bodies and just a few adorning feathers.  But all I could think of to do with the owls was add a crown.

P1080537And I did have to ‘work with their feet a bit’ to get them to stand up.  They kept falling over, until I got the feet bent ‘just so’.

P1080302These sets of magnetic frames are cute, but NOT very magnetic!  They wouldn’t even hold up a small piece of paper.  That’s okay though because I didn’t buy them for their magnetic use.  I’ll use them for some altered art projects; and probably paint them black or white.

P1080300These buttons will be great for some spring projects.  I bought several packages.

P1080307I bought these resin pumpkins to repaint, but I’m not liking how they turned out at ALL!  Will maybe paint them white or gold them glitter just  the outer most raised ribs. 

THAT’S IT!!!  That is ALL I have found at DT in MONTHS.  sigh.

So that leaves me wondering . . .  what do I do with this blog?!?!  Do I remain true to my original ‘mission statement’ for this blog and stick with ONLY posting about dollar store projects; potentially leaving it ti fizzle out and die due to lack of content???

Or do I ‘get with the times’ and start posting about ‘discount store finds’ and make overs?  Because now that I spend so little time perusing DT stores, I get out to Ross and Marshalls a lot more and am finding some pretty cool stuff there.  It just costs more than a dollar!  

I’d love to hear what direction you’d like to see this blog move in.

*Stick with Dollar Store finds no matter what.


* Expand my posting repertoire to include ‘bargain finds’ from other sources also.  (which I have done occasionally in the past)


Recent Dollar Tree finds

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How cute are these little owls?!?!?!  they had other ‘strange’ colors (neon!) so I only got the white ones.  They remind me of vintage ornaments with that very ‘yellow’ shade of gold.

Of course I’ll probably have to CROWN them.  This was just a ‘trial crown’ (not glued on) Methinks it will be necessary to make some yellow gold crowns to match.

These are FULL SIZE laundry baskets! I have never seen big ones like this at DT before.   I’m not sure what I need them for, but for a buck, I bought five of them.  Good for sorting and organizing things in, hauling stuff back and forth to Stars etc!

Happy DT Hunting!

Little bottle brush trees

Needed ONE thing at Michael’s craft store the other day, but did want to spend a little time ‘shopping for inspiration’ for a bulk ornament for a friend.  Quite a bit of their Christmas stick is already out.   EVERY YEAR it seems like people are looking for this one particular item, so I thought I’d give you a head’s up that you CAN find them at Michael’s NOW.

Mini bottle brush trees!  Already ‘bleached’ even!!

These are an 8 pack of assorted sizes and were $1.99.

This is the cheapest I’ve EVER seen these!  Still I was tempted to wait for a 20% off everything coupon and load up on them.  But, was afraid that if I DID wait that they might all be gone by then; given their popularity!

I also grabbed some bags of 12 ALL small green ones.  And wouldn’t you know it?!??!  The NEXT day I got an email from Michael’s with a 20% off everything coupon?!?!?  Just MY luck!

But lucky for YOU if you get Michael’s email coupons and have been looking for these little trees for Christmas projects!

This ART MINDS seems to be a new(and very reasonably priced!) brand in Michael’s stores.


Sometimes you’re just in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!

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Last Wednesday was one of those times for me.  I had a local person buy something from my etsy shop, and instead of making her pay shipping to send it just across town, I told her I’d meet up with her and deliver it in person.  Since I didn’t have any specific errands to run or places I needed to be on that particular day, I left the meeting time and location up to her.  

Turns out our meeting place was just down the road from the big Goodwill Outlet Store.  (Everyone I know calls it the BIN store, because they just pile stuff in those big sorting bins and you have to DIG through them.  That place really gives me the willies!  I couldn’t even bring myself to go there alone (without Michael!) for a LONG time.  And usually I go straight back to the furniture and avoid the bins like the plague.  (well except maybe the BOOK bins!)

Anyhoooooooooo . . . I hadn’t been there in a loooooooooooooooong time and since I was driving right by, why not?!?    Just like the retail thrift stores lately, it seems like they are pricing things CRAZY HIGH!  An old desk with drawers that are PAINTED SHUT for $50.00?????  HUH?!?!?!  It MAY be an antique, but it’s not VALUABLE unless it’s in perfect condition!  But, this also works out GOOD in the end because they HAVE to move that furniture out of there FAST.  And when it sits too long they start marking it down.  

Well, it must have been a REALLY slow week for furniture, with the start of the school year and all; because they had a LOT of furniture marked down to A DOLLAR!  Yep, one dollar.  I got FOUR end tables for $4.00!  

A matching pair of these for $1.00 each.  They were each missing a few of the ‘buttons’ used to cover up the screw holes.  Not a problem.  You can buy those separately at the hardware store; and I had some on hand.  I did GLUE them in place though!  The rest kept popping out while I was sanding!

This one, $1.00 too.  The top is a bit scratched up but the LEGS are perfect.  Tops are easy to sand scratches out of.  Legs are much harder to sand.  THAT is one of my thrifting rules: CHECK THE LEGS!  Bad legs? Pass it up.  Bad TOP, but good legs; BUY it! They don’t really LOOK it in this picture because of the angle I took it at, but the legs are really BULKY.  Heck, I’d have bought JUST the legs without a table attached!

Here’s a better look at a leg.

And this wicker end table for $1.00

In my excitement over the $1.00 price tag, I failed to notice the wrapping on the legs was coming off, and was completely GONE on two of the legs.  No biggie.  That stuff is really only there for looks.  It’s still perfectly sturdy.  I just cut ALL of it away from all the legs to make them match.  I’ll be painting it anyhow.

SO, that’s my story of being in the right place at the right time!  What’s the best bargain YOU’VE ever scored?!?!

Look what I found at DOLLAR TREE!

These packets of plastic sea animals caught my eye because of the sea horses.

Figure I can paint (and maybe glitter too!) and mount them in little frames or put them into small jars of sand and shells.  I have plenty of  REAL starfish that I’ve bought, but I’m sure I can think of something to use these for.  The stingrays MAY go unused.  Still not a bad deal for a BUCK.  I bought 2, which is all they had.

Little zip top baggies!  Four different sizes.  I’ve been wanting to put together some ’embellishment kits’ with assorted little bits of this and that for crafting.  These will be PERFECT for filling with small amounts of glitter, buttons, little shells, snippets of lace etc

Have YOU found anything great at DT lately???

FREE USPS Priority mail shipping boxes

If you sell on-line or do a fair amount of shipping packages via the USPS for any reason, I bet you have said to your self at one time or another, “I wish they had a BIGGER flat rate box!”.  Well, guess what, they DO!

AND they have LEGAL size Flat rate envelopes and padded flat rate envelopes too!  They just don’t ADVERTISE them OR even stock them in the Post Office.  But you can order them FREE on-line via the above link.

I still wish there was ONE MORE bigger and THICKER box, but I’m grateful for this bigger ‘gameboard’ size box for now.  It would have saved me $12.00 on an order that I just shipped to California yesterday!  

Just remember, it is against FEDERAL LAW to use the FREE Priority Mail products for ANYTHING other than shipping via USPS.

New findings at Dollar Tree

While I was making the rounds to several of my local Dollar Tree stores in search of additional birds, I found a few other things ‘to play with’:

Grabbed a few of these little cast plaster castles and covered them with sand to make them look like sand castles.

I took a LOT of reapplications to get full coverage!  NEXT time I will paint them ‘sand color’ FIRST; then glue on the sand.  That way, any parts that show through won’t be as noticeable.  (as on this one!)

Will be searching for some SMALL fish bowls to put them in.  Add some sand to the bottom and scatter some little shells; kind of like a little sand globe!  (instead of SNOW globe!)   DT used to sell the sand, but I haven’t seen it in ‘my’ DT’s for a while.  I found some at the thrift store.  Used tacky glue to apply the sand.

NO IDEA what I will do with these guys?!?!  They were just SO cute!  And I USED to collect frogs in high school.  Maybe glitter and crown them?  Got any ideas for me for these???

Metal seahorse was in the garden section.  They called it a HOOK.  (use the curled tail as a hook?  Not sure WHAT you’d hang from it though??)  I will spray paint them a flat black, (if this RAIN ever stops again!)  then sponge paint them tan or turquoise.  I bought 5 or 6 of them.

PRETTY little gift box!  Always need a little gift box for something!  Can’t resist this color!

Little wood plaques with BUILT IN easel.  Bought several of these too.  Remember these? from a while back?

These new little plaques have the same designs on the front.  I’ll be completely covering the fronts, so that doesn’t bother me.  I just really like the built in stand!  Will use them for some altered art collages.

Have YOU found anything cool to reinvent at Dollar Tree lately???

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