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Recent finds at Dollar Tree

Posted in Dollar Tree by trash2treasure on January 27, 2010
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Now WHAT can I DO with it all?!?!

VERY cool rustic looking ceramic finials!  Could be used ‘as is’, but I have GRANDER visions for them!

In the same style as these little birds, there were some roosters, sheep and pigs. I passed on the sheep and pigs, but did get a few roosters.

Little decorative tiles. And they even have a hanger on the back already. I’ll most likely just use these ‘as is’ to fill in some small spaces. They had several other colors/designs; but they were too BRIGHT for my taste. A very GREEN green and a very bright blue.

Roasting bags and ‘green’ bags for produce storage. Not sure how well the green bags work compared to the ‘originals’ but 20 of them for a buck was worth a try. And those roasting bags are just kinda handy to have ‘in stock’ at home. Seems you can only find them during the holidays. And it’s so easy to toss a whole chicken in one and roast it up for an easy meal.

Okay now. Off to the drawing board to come up with some new creations using all this stuff.

Christmas clearance re-made for every day decor

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Got these metal filigree crosses on clearance at Dollar Tree for 25 cents each!  I had no idea HOW I’d repurpose them, but for that price, I HAD to buy them.  I found four different styles.

Although they were labeled as ‘ornaments’, they are a pretty decent size; 5-7″ tall.

They HAD to be painted.  Had to cover up those red and green rhinestones.  First I gave them a dose of spray on KILZ primer.

Then some ivory colored spray paint.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  And I seriously debated leaving them like this for a couple of days.

But then!!!  (and if you read my trash2treasure blog, you KNOW what’s coming next!)  Yep, I had to give them a bit o’ RALPH lovin’!  (Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze)

I distressed them a little bit by sanding first, then brushed on and wiped off the RL glaze.  See the difference the glaze makes?  The one on the left is unglazed.

Here is what they look like hanging on a white wall.

OH!  And I could put one in the arms of the angels I am making.  (just listed in my etsy shop)

I’m thinking these would look nice hanging in the middle of a blank frame.

Maybe I’ll try attaching one to one of the burlap wreaths I’m making.

And as inexpensive as they were, they would be beautiful to use as package tie ons!

SIGH! Now I am wishing I had bought MORE of them so I had enough to do a batch in black too!

Wooden winged Valentines from Dollar Tree

Cute little unfinished wood hearts with wings from Dollar Tree.

I took some tea stained vintage hymnal pages I had in my stash and applied them to the hearts by brushing tacky glue on the hearts.

The tacky glue was a tad thick for the job, so I thinned it a tad with a drop of water on the heart.

Then I stuck my heart to the paper; smoothed it out so there weren’t any wrinkles in it.

Plopped a big heavy book on top of them for an hour or so while the glue dried.

Then I tore away the excess paper as close to the edge of the wood as I could get. Then used an emery board to ‘sand’ off any excess. (I use the emery boards in paper crafting a lot. Works great instead of sand paper. Buy a BIG package of them at Dollar Tree, of course!)

Now what?!?!?! Well, I guess the heart should be RED, eh?

Got my red acrylic craft paint and my fancy sponge painting tool.

Get out my special paint palette (a scrap of paper from the recycling bin!) Squeeze out a small blob of paint, dab my painting sponge into the paint, the dab some of it off so it’s LIGHTLY loaded with paint.

Dab the sponge on the heart part to paint it, but leaving the sheet music to show through.

Add some *’Ralph lovin’* (Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze) to the edges, base and back.

It still needed ‘something’ . . . I had some little reproduction skeleton keys that I tied on with burlap string; then stamped a tea stained tag to say ‘with love’.

This idea posted on FINDING FABULOUS BLOG for Frugalicious Friday.

One Cheap B*tch

Here’s another blogger/designer dollar store fan for you to check out:

One Cheap B*tch

I’ve only just glanced at it quickly thus far, but already see several ‘dollar store’ craft ideas that I plan on trying.    Check it out if you’re in need of more inspiration!

Frugal Valentine Trees

Submitted to “Made by You Monday’s ” on SKIP TO MY LOU

Fast. Fun. FRUGAL! Gotta love that kind of project!

I picked up the red cone trees at Dollar Tree for 50 cents each after Christmas. The plastic champagne flutes were 2/$1.00 at Dollar Tree (in the wedding section) I just put some glue around the outer rim of the champagne flute and plopped the tree on top. Let dry overnight.

The little ivory colored hearts (there is a little clear glitter in the center of each heart, but it doesn’t show up very well in the pictures) came from the wedding section at DT also. I didn’t even use HALF a package of them to make SIX trees. Just hot glued them on randomly.

The ‘true love’ satin ribbon came from Joann’s, in their $1.00 section. One package was enough to do two trees. The ribbon was self adhesive, but I added a dot of hot glue at the beginning and end, just to be safe.

I’ve also taken cones like these, turned them upside down, added some metallic paper shred, tied on a ribbon handle and filled them with candy and a little treat basket.

I did these last Christmas, hence the ‘warm wishes’ tag. It would be cute to use the red ones, filled with Hershey’s kisses and a paper lace heart tied on.

My inspiration for using the trees to fill with treats, came from these little DT Victorian style cone ornaments from several years ago. These were MUCH smaller (only hold 3 pieces of candy) but gave me the idea to use the cone-shaped trees in a different way.