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Look what I found at DOLLAR TREE!

These packets of plastic sea animals caught my eye because of the sea horses.

Figure I can paint (and maybe glitter too!) and mount them in little frames or put them into small jars of sand and shells.  I have plenty of  REAL starfish that I’ve bought, but I’m sure I can think of something to use these for.  The stingrays MAY go unused.  Still not a bad deal for a BUCK.  I bought 2, which is all they had.

Little zip top baggies!  Four different sizes.  I’ve been wanting to put together some ’embellishment kits’ with assorted little bits of this and that for crafting.  These will be PERFECT for filling with small amounts of glitter, buttons, little shells, snippets of lace etc

Have YOU found anything great at DT lately???


Dollar Tree votive candle holders turned into cloches

Tulip shaped votive holders from dollar Tree.

I used these ‘lace cut’ ceramic birds that I got at Michael’s on clearance for under $2.00; but you can use just about ANYTHING that has a flat enough surface area to be glued on.  (use e6000 adhesive to glue on your handle)  Old drawer knobs work just fine.  I just look around at thrift stores to find assorted things to use as cloche handles.

I added some of my teeny-tiny hand made glitter crowns to the birds.  (Aleen’s tacky glue to adhere the crowns)

I added a little twiggy nest under one of the cloches.

Tall cylinder vases, which can also be found at Dollar Tree stores work too.  I just happened to find these at a thrift store, along with a hurricane.

Same birds; the center one just a bigger version.

“Sugared” (clear white glitter) vintage sheet music crowns on these guys.

A lot of the time, the tulip holders that I find at thrift stores have been used as candle holders and still have some (sometimes a LOT !) wax still in them.  IF the votive still has it’s shape and has not totally melted, put it in the freezer and it will pop right out.

IF the candle is totally melted into the container, place it in a double boiler until the wax melts .  Pour out your melted wax into an old tin can and let it harden before disposing.  THEN take the boiling water from your double boiler and pour it into your holder to melt away the last bit of wax residue.  Don’t pout this water down the drain, as it has wax in it too.  Use a paper towel to dry and wipe away the last bit of wax residue.

Free download and print labels

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Pop over to  SWEETLY SCRAPPED ART  blog for the FREE  ‘saveable’ image to print up your own “Handmade by” tags.

What can you do with an OLD BOOK to make it USEFUL?

Do any of you remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when the big crafting trend was making angels and Christmas trees out of old folded Reader’s Digest paper backs???   I remember my mom FORCING me to sit and fold those dang things for HOURS!!!  Still makes me shudder.  Covering egg-shaped styro balls with old pantyhose for the angel heads!?!?  OH MY!

And yet, I still  loooooooooooooooooove ‘playing with old books.!  Most of my ‘book work’ involves a lot of tearing and cutting up of books.  Here’s a DARLING and SIMPLE idea for turning an old book into a very functional desk organizer!  And old books are getting easier and easier to find for a dollar or so!

This idea courtesy of  MY DESSERT COTTAGE. 

Just click on the name for a quick jaunt over to her blog!  You’ll enjoy the journey and find lots more wonderful inspirations!

I really MUST make a couple of these!  One for the stack of stuff that constantly clutters up my computer desk.  AND one for my paper cutting table, to hold all those little scraps of paper that I can’t BEAR to throw away, but then also can’t FIND when I need them!!!

This would be a super easy craft for a young child to make as a gift for a teacher!  Or for their own room to save all those pictures they draw and want to hang on the wall!

Or how about one as a gift for you favorite cook to hold all their most frequently used recipe cards?

What else could you use these for???


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And you KNOW you should be getting started on your holiday crafting already!

Here’s what you’ll learn how to do in these e-books:

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* How to rust your own jingle bells.

* How to tea stain paper and tags.

* How to make grubby chenille and acrylic candy canes, and several decorating ideas with them. 

* Frugal and SUPER SIMPLE holiday decor and gift ideas under $5.00.




FREE USPS Priority mail shipping boxes

If you sell on-line or do a fair amount of shipping packages via the USPS for any reason, I bet you have said to your self at one time or another, “I wish they had a BIGGER flat rate box!”.  Well, guess what, they DO!

AND they have LEGAL size Flat rate envelopes and padded flat rate envelopes too!  They just don’t ADVERTISE them OR even stock them in the Post Office.  But you can order them FREE on-line via the above link.

I still wish there was ONE MORE bigger and THICKER box, but I’m grateful for this bigger ‘gameboard’ size box for now.  It would have saved me $12.00 on an order that I just shipped to California yesterday!  

Just remember, it is against FEDERAL LAW to use the FREE Priority Mail products for ANYTHING other than shipping via USPS.

Sign of the times, I guess!

It’s getting harder and harder to find good stuff to re-invent at the dollar store.  I used to NEVER leave Dollar Tree empty handed, but it’s happening more and more lately.  I’m going to have to expand my repertoire in order to add regular content to this blog!

These FAUX white fingerling starfish came from Michael’s, in a 3 pack for $2.00.  I actually thought they WERE real when I bought them (without putting on my reading glasses!)

It wasn’t until I opened the package and looked at the backs that I realized they were faux.  Pretty darn GOOD faux!  And probably STURDIER than the real thing for crafting purposes.

I recently saw a tutorial on a blog for making your own out of Fimo, (or any kind of hardening clay)  Pretty simple to figure out without a step-by-step guide.  They had used a PIN to prick all the little holes on the front though.  I think I’d use an old BRUSH of some kind instead of making them one by one by one by . . . . oh my!

I used these to make some simple peg racks.  FIRST (and it’s important to do this first!) I hammered in my sawtooth hangers on the BACK.  You’ll break the starfish if you try to do it later!)  Glued the starfish in place with e6000.  Once that glue set, I pre-drilled pilot holes and hammered in a couple of rusty nails to use as pegs.

If you want to prevent your rusty nails (or anything rusty) from further shedding ( which it WILL do on it’s own!) just apply a clear coat of any kind; varnish, mod podge, even plain ole white glue will do.  Just anything that will SEAL the rusty surface.

Little glass bottles from DT

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Found just a FEW of these at one of my local Dollar Trees a couple of weeks ago.  Have been LOOKING at others for more, to no avail.  Not that I really NEED more, but I would buy more if I found them!

Especially love the two pretty shades of aqua.  figured they would be perfect to add shells to the tops; kind of like these below; but without the jute tops.  (the beads ties on these came right off; saved them for another ‘someday’ project!)

I also found a very similar, but bigger pale green bottle at Goodwill, that I decided to group with two of the smaller bottles.

The white fingerling starfish are some that I ordered in bulk on-line.  They ARE NOT cheap; but I LOVE them so I splurged!

On the smaller bottles the starfish fit snug enough that I just needed a dab of glue to hold them.  On the larger bottle I had to wrap some white crochet thread around the one end to make it bulky enough to hold tight in the hole with a bit of glue.

I’ll probably further embellish these as tad, maybe just a snippet of sheer ribbon around the necks?