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Dollar Tree OWLS

Posted in Dollar Tree by trash2treasure on November 30, 2012
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Well I already showed you this guy.  Here is how he ended up, with a gold crown to match his coloring:

SO cute!  I’ve looked at two other Dollar Trees for more, to no avail.  Hopefully they will be getting them in later.

This trio is comprised of two from DT last summer; the back 2) and the front one is from Target, LAST Christmas.  I thought I had before pictures of all of these; but I don’t.  So sorry!!!  The DT ones were bright colors, lime green, orange and yellow.  And the one from Target was all grey.  I just spray painted them all white, added the eyes and glittered!

Voila!  Snow owls!

Recent Dollar Tree finds

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How cute are these little owls?!?!?!  they had other ‘strange’ colors (neon!) so I only got the white ones.  They remind me of vintage ornaments with that very ‘yellow’ shade of gold.

Of course I’ll probably have to CROWN them.  This was just a ‘trial crown’ (not glued on) Methinks it will be necessary to make some yellow gold crowns to match.

These are FULL SIZE laundry baskets! I have never seen big ones like this at DT before.   I’m not sure what I need them for, but for a buck, I bought five of them.  Good for sorting and organizing things in, hauling stuff back and forth to Stars etc!

Happy DT Hunting!

MORE freebies for you

This time from Sonja of Hickety Pickety:




If you go to her blog to use these free patterns, please leave a comment and thank her for the freebies!

Free angel pattern / tutorial

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Like I already said, I Loooooooooove this time of year and all the free patterns that so many bloggers so generously share.   But it seems I never have the TIME, this time of year to make any of them!  Not to worry.  I’ll post them here in my blog under ‘FREEBIES’ so we can find them later in the winter.  Just remember to look them up about  the time those ‘mid-winter blahs’  hit you after the first of the year!

The wire legs are my favorite feature!  You could make this into a really unique mixed media project too by using different materials.  Make the wings out of painted cardboard, vintage sheet music backed with cardboard. burlap glued to cardboard, feathers or?????????

CLICK HERE    for the pattern and tutorial.

Darling clay owl tutorial

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I’m practically GIDDY with excitement over how cute and SIMPLE this adorable clay own is to make!!!  I really want to get my clay out and start making them RIGHT NOW!!!!  But, I’ve got to finish up about a dozen half completed projects that are LITERALLY on my table, so I can clear it off for Thanksgiving!  Lucky for me I have until next SUNDAY as my son and his gal are out of town with her family for the week; so our Thanksgiving dinner will be after the actual holiday.

These owls would be so cute as ornaments.  Or make them to tie onto packages, THEN use as ornaments!

This person has a whole big album on Pinterest with how to’s for all kinds of clay creations.

CLICK HERE  to go to the Pinterest page.


FREE Santa Pattern

This is a great time of year to go back and peruse your favorite blogs, as a LOT of them post free patterns for the Holidays.  Here’s one I just found to share with you.

CLICK HERE  to go to Gingermelon Dolls blog for the pattern and complete instructions.

These would make darling tie-ons for you packages; or tuck them into your Christmas cards for close friends and co-workers whom you are able to hand deliver cards to.

For a more primitive look, you could ‘tea stain’ your felt.  OR give them different color hats and make them into Elves?    Make them with green hats and red/orange hair/beard for St. Patrick’s Day???  Make the hat more ‘stove pipe shaped’ and in red, white and blue as an Uncle Sam for 4th of July???  With a few minor changes you could use this free pattern almost year round!!


FREEBIE! Christmas mouse pattern.

Posted in Freebies by trash2treasure on November 1, 2012
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How CUTE is this?!?!  And the pattern and instructions are FREE!!!