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Dollar Tree Valentine tree 2011

Posted in Dollar Tree,Valentines Day by trash2treasure on January 24, 2011
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These little branchy trees are in with the new spring stuff, assorted pastel colors including PINK.  Now they don’t look like THIS on the shelf.  I’ve ‘fluffed’ all the branches out here already.  In the store it will just look like one tall stick in a pot, branches all clumped together.  But as you can see, they fluff out quite nicely.

I also bought this bag of glittered hearts ‘table scatter’ and a deck of heart playing cards.

I decided to CURL my branches, by wrapping them around a pencil.  For my topper, I glued two of the playing cards together and placed it over the top branch.

Then I used my hot glue gun to glue the pink and white hearts to the ends of the curled branches.  The stem was a bit ‘gangly’ so I tied on three pink bows.

Total cost of everything used was just a bit over a dollar!  I’ve still got lots of the heart playing cards left and the red scatter hearts to play with!

Darling little centerpiece or desk tree for Valentines day.  AND you could make some really cute BABY SHOWER trees using these and the assorted little baby shower trinkets from DT!

AND I’m thinking I should buy a bunch of these trees and stash them away for next WINTER.  Paint the base turquoise and add glitter snowflakes to the branches.

And of course you can use them for their INTENDED purpose and add the little Easter egg ornies to them for an Easter centerpiece!

Frugal Valentine Trees

Submitted to “Made by You Monday’s ” on SKIP TO MY LOU

Fast. Fun. FRUGAL! Gotta love that kind of project!

I picked up the red cone trees at Dollar Tree for 50 cents each after Christmas. The plastic champagne flutes were 2/$1.00 at Dollar Tree (in the wedding section) I just put some glue around the outer rim of the champagne flute and plopped the tree on top. Let dry overnight.

The little ivory colored hearts (there is a little clear glitter in the center of each heart, but it doesn’t show up very well in the pictures) came from the wedding section at DT also. I didn’t even use HALF a package of them to make SIX trees. Just hot glued them on randomly.

The ‘true love’ satin ribbon came from Joann’s, in their $1.00 section. One package was enough to do two trees. The ribbon was self adhesive, but I added a dot of hot glue at the beginning and end, just to be safe.

I’ve also taken cones like these, turned them upside down, added some metallic paper shred, tied on a ribbon handle and filled them with candy and a little treat basket.

I did these last Christmas, hence the ‘warm wishes’ tag. It would be cute to use the red ones, filled with Hershey’s kisses and a paper lace heart tied on.

My inspiration for using the trees to fill with treats, came from these little DT Victorian style cone ornaments from several years ago. These were MUCH smaller (only hold 3 pieces of candy) but gave me the idea to use the cone-shaped trees in a different way.