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Dollar Tree gumball machines


Fairly small, and not many choices of colors; this blue and bright red and yellow.  I was hoping to find white, but this blue color will do.

I just filled them with seashells that I’ve gathered over the years.  (and YES, some of those shells were gathered from Dollar Tree stores!)

  I had some MINI red ones that I found a few years ago that I turned into ‘snow globes’!

I had forgotten about the red ones that I filled with little conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day?!?!  Cute, no?


These would be super cute as party favors or table centerpieces.  I just checked the DT website and the gumball machines come in 4 colors, as shown in the above picture from their site.  IF you order from the website, be aware that if you order a ‘case’, you will get a case of MIXED COLORS.  Most DT inventory comes with assorted colors per case.

For baby shower decor, Dollar Tree has lots of the little mini favors and decorations, that would be adorable in the gumball machines!

What else could you fill these cute little gumball machines with?  Buttons?  Little wood spools?  Marbles?  Old photographs???   I’d love to hear your ideas!


Time to start thinking about Valentine crafts?!?!?

I know.  I KNOW!!  It’s not even Christmas yet and I’m thinking about Valentine stuff!

’tis the life of a crater though.  When you start working on Christmas stuff in the summer, you are ready for the next holiday this soon.  It’s a necessity really.  I do sometimes still crank out a few Christmas items this late in the year, but usually set them aside for a jump-start on NEXT years projects.

The other vendors at the antique mall tend to look at me kind of funny when I am there the day after New Years with my Valentine goods.  But HONESTLY, I sell more of the Valentine stuff in January than I do in February.

I was just perusing Pinterest to get my Valentine creative juices going and found pin that I just HAD to share:


Pretty FABULOUS, eh?!?!?

And if you aren’t already a fan of mrspollyrogers blog, you MUST add her to your list of favorite dollar store sites.  

I actually HAVE all the supplies needed for this project in ‘my stash’.  Well the heart boxes ans stickers at least.  bought them some time ago and just never came up with an idea for using them.  I’ve never worked with gold or silver leaf, so I may have to improvise on that part.

Vintage bottles – love potion Valentine decor

Pop over to my Trash 2 Treasure blog  to see what I did with these old heart shaped bottles.  I collected the bottles from thrift stores and rummage sales throughout the year.  Never pay more than a dollar for one!

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 034

Here’s one little sneak peek!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 102

Are YOU working on any Valentine crafts of decorations yet?

Time to get started on VALENTINE crafts!

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Yep, I start my Valentine crafting BEFORE Christmas!  And I am in the habit of putting my Valentine stuff out in my booth at the antique mall the DAY AFTER Christmas.  I know that seems like ‘rushing things a bit’ . . .  but when I have been working on Christmas stuff since July, but the time Christmas gets here, I am OVER it!

I started putting my Valentine stuff out right after Christmas ‘back when’ we had our own shop.  The week between Christmas and New Years was soooooooooooooooooo slow that I mostly did it just for something to do!  Surprisingly, I sold MORE Valentine stuff the first two weeks in January than I did in February.  I guess shoppers are ready to be done with Christmas that early too!

So, I had Valentine on my mind the last time I went to Dollar Tree, and look what I found:

12.17.12 finds hats nude beach sign 013Some packages of plastic heart containers; some with words, some plain.

12.17.12 finds hats nude beach sign 015And did you notice the PRICE!!!  YEP! 50 cents!  Guess these were leftover from last year and marked down.  It PAYS to shop early!

Altered Dollar Tree art plaques

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Got these wood plaques topped with designs printed on paper, and black wire decorative scroll on the top at Dollar Tree a while back.  A good 70% of the time when I buy ‘supplies’  (items that I eventually ALTER) at Dollar Tree, I don’t yet know HOW I will be using them.  Something about an item just ‘catches my eye’ (in this case it was the pretty black scroll top)  and I just KNOW I will be able to ‘do SOMETHING with it’ and I’ll grab a bunch!

I was painting these gold cherubs (and several others); not yet knowing HOW I was going to use them.  Figured something would come to me as I worked on them.  They were nice and FLAT on the back side so applying them to some kind of flat surface came to mind.

See instructions for the complete transformation of these gold cherubs over on my Trash 2 Treasure blog.  SO, while the cherubs were drying for the final time, I scrounged through my stash to find something to attach them to.  Tried a few different things, and settled on the scroll top plaques.

I was just ‘trying them out’ and laying them on the plaques to see if the proportions were right.   I had every intention of completely covering the plaque with some scrapbook paper.  But, the cherubs fir SO perfectly on top of the bird, AND the wording perfectly fit the theme; so I decided to just glue on the cherub and be done!

Well, ALMOST done!!  After they dried overnight and I hung them to take pictures, I decided ‘something was missing’.  It needed a tad more ‘altering’.

So I gave them some vintage sheet music paper crowns!

NOW they’re done!

Then I did one like I had originally intended to do, covering the entire background with scrapbook paper, and adding some embellishments.

I just used regular tacky glue to put the crowns on.  First, test fit your crown and gently ‘form it’ to the shape of the head.  (this one was a tad oval shaped)  Hold crown upside down and run a generous bead of bead of glue around the entire inside of the rim.  Then turn it right side up and put it on.  Gently (without crushing the tips!) hold crown in place for about five minutes for glue to set.  Then set aside to completely dry.

I put them out in my booth at the antique mall WITH my Valentine stuff, but they really aren’t so Valentine ‘specific’ that they won’t work to display year round.  Something I try to keep in mind when I am creating.

Cupid’s arrows

Started with a package of the red glitter heart picks from Dollar Tree.

Using the bright red felt I bought on clearance after Christmas for half price; I cut out some triangles for the tip.  Using old cereal boxes I cut cardboard triangles slightly smaller than the felt, to stitch inside for stiffness.

Stitch the two shorter sides of your triangle, leaving your thread where it is (no need to knot and cut and start again) squeeze a little glue into your triangle ‘pocket’ (I always use Aleen’s tacky glue) and insert the end of your heart pick in the middle.  Then stitch up the last side.

Almost finished.  I let mine dry overnight.

Then I glittered up the arrow end too.  Just brushed glue onto both sides and dipped in glitter.

Tie on a ribbon or maybe a stamped tag and you’re done!


Re-using Christmas decor for Valentines Day and year round

Yep, that big red ‘LOVE” sign came from Dollar Tree. Now it’s not exactly my style . . .all shiney and perfect. Usually I distress or re-work a lot of the stuff I get at DT, but there really wasn’t a whole lot I could do with this one. But for an inexpensive Valentine decoration, it works just fine ‘as is’.


Stock up on RED and WHITE Christmas decor and supplies when they go on sale after Christmas for half price. MANY of them can be re-worked for Valentines Day (red stuff) and every day decor (white stuff).

Red FELT to make stuff Valentine hearts.

Glittery red floral picks used to top a Valentine Tree. These glittery bunches make GORGEOUS package tie ons too. Maybe even stock up on some gold or silver ones to use on a wrapped wedding gift!

Another Valentine tree with red glittery DT Christmas floral picks purchased at half off after Christmas.  Those felt hearts and the beaded ‘love’ ornaments are from  Christmas  too!

These red berry picks proved to be a VERY good purchase for us when we had our store.  I got them at half price after Christmas, and kept them in stock year-round.  SO many people commented that they could not find RED berries year-round anywhere else.  And red berries are pretty much a ‘standard necessity’ in primitive/country decorating.

The above berries came from DT also.  The first batch had shorter stems.  This batch had longer stems; perfect for using in floral arrangements.

Another Valentine display from our store.

And yet another Valentine tree decorated with Christmas items purchased at half price after Christmas.  I’ve used some of the WHITE berry sprays in here too.  The tin angels, tin hearts and button hearts are ALL Christmas items!  Grouped together ‘just right’ it all works perfectly for a Valentine tree.