The Dollar Diva

What can you do with an OLD BOOK to make it USEFUL?

Do any of you remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when the big crafting trend was making angels and Christmas trees out of old folded Reader’s Digest paper backs???   I remember my mom FORCING me to sit and fold those dang things for HOURS!!!  Still makes me shudder.  Covering egg-shaped styro balls with old pantyhose for the angel heads!?!?  OH MY!

And yet, I still  loooooooooooooooooove ‘playing with old books.!  Most of my ‘book work’ involves a lot of tearing and cutting up of books.  Here’s a DARLING and SIMPLE idea for turning an old book into a very functional desk organizer!  And old books are getting easier and easier to find for a dollar or so!

This idea courtesy of  MY DESSERT COTTAGE. 

Just click on the name for a quick jaunt over to her blog!  You’ll enjoy the journey and find lots more wonderful inspirations!

I really MUST make a couple of these!  One for the stack of stuff that constantly clutters up my computer desk.  AND one for my paper cutting table, to hold all those little scraps of paper that I can’t BEAR to throw away, but then also can’t FIND when I need them!!!

This would be a super easy craft for a young child to make as a gift for a teacher!  Or for their own room to save all those pictures they draw and want to hang on the wall!

Or how about one as a gift for you favorite cook to hold all their most frequently used recipe cards?

What else could you use these for???