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Cute re-use for light bulbs

I’m sure you’ve all seen a bazillion different kinds of painted light bulbs, turned into Christmas ornaments.  I love a good re-use idea as much as (MORE than?!?!) the next person, but that idea for burnt out light bulbs NEEDS to be put to rest!

LOVE this new idea I just saw on this other blog:

I wasn’t actually able to find the exact post for this idea on the originating blog, but wanted to give proper credit.  Looks relatively easy enough to me.  I’ve covered glass bottles and even lamp bases with jute.  And the ONE best tip I have for you is to start at your most NARROW point.  So for these light bulb pears, start gluing your jute at the TOP.

I only use hot glue for getting my jute started.  You can do the rest with good old TACKY glue.  Just apply the glue to about an inch wide strip of the item, and wrap your jute into place; being sure it is tightly pressed up against the previous row.   You might want to use hot glue for the very end too.  Tacky glue WILL work (and is what I use) but you will have to hold your jute in place for a minute or so.

And if you can’t wait for you light bulbs to burn out to try this, buy new ones at Dollar Tree; 4 for $1.00!