The Dollar Diva

Valentine treat bags

Now, what to do with the rest of the deck of heart shaped playing cards I had leftover after using just 2 of them to top this Valentine tree?!?!

I had also grabbed a packet (6 to a package) of these cute little Valentine treat bags.  There was a LOT of NEW, cute Valentine stuff at DT this year!  Valentine cupcake papers; and papers with matching toppers.  Saw this stuff at other stores too this year, just with a much higher price tag! 

Just goes to show you that Dollar Tree isn’t just ‘last season’s’ leftover trends.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how ‘current’ they are on a lot of seasonal and decor stuff.

Back to the treat bags.  Filled a cello bag with wrapped candy; then wrapped a piece of tissue over it and placed it in the holder.  Held the heart shaped card up to the box and punched a hold through both the card and the box, and tied it on with a pink ribbon.  DONE! 

Sweet little treat for teachers or co-workers or anyone really!  Need a more ‘substantial’ gift?  Slip in a gift card along with the candy!