The Dollar Diva

Wooden winged Valentines from Dollar Tree

Cute little unfinished wood hearts with wings from Dollar Tree.

I took some tea stained vintage hymnal pages I had in my stash and applied them to the hearts by brushing tacky glue on the hearts.

The tacky glue was a tad thick for the job, so I thinned it a tad with a drop of water on the heart.

Then I stuck my heart to the paper; smoothed it out so there weren’t any wrinkles in it.

Plopped a big heavy book on top of them for an hour or so while the glue dried.

Then I tore away the excess paper as close to the edge of the wood as I could get. Then used an emery board to ‘sand’ off any excess. (I use the emery boards in paper crafting a lot. Works great instead of sand paper. Buy a BIG package of them at Dollar Tree, of course!)

Now what?!?!?! Well, I guess the heart should be RED, eh?

Got my red acrylic craft paint and my fancy sponge painting tool.

Get out my special paint palette (a scrap of paper from the recycling bin!) Squeeze out a small blob of paint, dab my painting sponge into the paint, the dab some of it off so it’s LIGHTLY loaded with paint.

Dab the sponge on the heart part to paint it, but leaving the sheet music to show through.

Add some *’Ralph lovin’* (Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze) to the edges, base and back.

It still needed ‘something’ . . . I had some little reproduction skeleton keys that I tied on with burlap string; then stamped a tea stained tag to say ‘with love’.

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