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Little glass lanterns and candle pedestals from Dollar Tree

Found these cast plaster candle pedestals at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago.  I only bought 2 black ones, but they had white also; BUT the white ones had very noticeable ‘seams’ so I decided to skip them.  (you could easily sand down the protruding part of the seams with sand paper though)  As you can see, these chip super easily.  I was planning to repaint mine, so I didn’t really care.  The new paint will cover the chips, and a coat of varnish will help prevent future chips.

I bought a few of these little turquoise glass candle lanterns the same day.  They fit perfectly atop the pedestals, but I probably won’t use them for such a predictable purpose.

I’ve used some similar frosted white glass lanterns (also from DT) for these upcycled fencing candle chandeliers that I made recently.  I did not permanently attach the lanterns to the fencing, so they are easily removable for transport.  You can use regular or battery operated tea lights in the.

Here’s what I did with my two black pedestals.  Added another coat of black paint, tied on an old key with a piece of sheer black ribbon; glued a folded sheet music ‘rosette’ to the top of the pedestal; then glued on the plastic skulls.  (from DT)

I’m really TRYING to not stockpile so many craft supplies, and use up what I have on hand.  But if you shop DT as often as I do, you KNOW that if you don’t buy ‘as many as you think you will ever need’ of an item that catches your eye; you will never find them there again.  MOST of the time.  Every so often the desirable item will be something that they will be regularly stocking . . .  but NEVER ‘expect; to find it again and you will never be disappointed.

Forgot to take pictures of these ’rounded bottom’ DT glass lanterns before I embellished them.  They had several colors, I bought one clear and one turquoise.  Had some very OLD DT mini jar candles is little ‘shot glasses’ that fit perfectly inside these; then I added a few inches of colored gravel (also from DT!) and tied on a few shells with baker’s twine of jute.  For the shells, I glue a small piece of the string to each shell, the bundle them and tie them on with the longer strip.  And yes, DT does sell jute and baker’s twine; but I think I got the aqua baker’s twine elsewhere.

Did you notice these little jars of shells in the display photo?  YEP!  Got them at DT too.  I added the limpet shell to the cork lid.

I filled some vintage glass spice jars with ‘beach glass’ and tied sheer ribbon around the necks.  (no lids for the spice jars).  The beach glass is the last little bit that I had left over from YEARS ago when DT carried it.  I probably bought FIFTY bags of assorted colors of the beach glass from DT, and used it to make beach glass wreaths.

The beach glass (or Sea glass, if you prefer) wreaths are TRULY a ‘Labor of Love’.  Each one took at least 20 hours to construct, and contains nearly a dozen layers of carefully positioned and fitted together glass.  I’d guess there are at least a thousand pieces of glass per wreath.  I used tacky glue to adhere mine.  Hot glue would never hold up under the weight of the glass.

Uh-oh!! The sun is coming out!  I might have to put on my rain boots and get outside and rake up all the pine needles in my yard!



Dressed up Dollar Tree skeleton

I forgot to take a picture of this one before I dressed her up, but these are the basic plastic skeletons that they have at Dollar Tree every year.


I made her an orange tulle tutu, and tied an sheer orange ribbon around her waist.


To make the tutu, I just do a running stitch along the folded edge of the tulle; then gather it up to size and stitch it in place.

The bow in the back is a cute little extra.


The collar is a felt spider web I had on hand.  I slit it, cut out the very center and one section (to make it curve) and glued it back together.  The little spider buttons I had on hand also.


With one section removed, when I glued it back together, it curved down and fit over her shoulders nicely.


I made the crown out of black paper, added a spider web sticker and one of the spider buttons.  The crown fit over the loop for hanging on top of her head.

Took no more than 15 minutes to dress her up.

Dollar Tree Halloween Decor: Bird skeletons

How cute are these little bird skeletons I found at Dollar Tree?!?!  I grabbed a few of them, not knowing WHAT I was going to DO with them; but I just HAD to have them.


I ended up just putting them out in my Halloween display at the antique mall ‘as is’.


I thought about giving them a crown, but I put crowns of EVERYTHING!  It’s beginning to feel a tad redundant!


I really wish I had bought MORE of them, and set a few aside for next year when I’ll have time to start on them earlier and alter them somehow.

All that I did by, sold.

skeleton-owlLook what I just saw on Pinterest?!?!  Practically the SAME bird!!  This one is made from resin, and  is a Bethany Lowe design with a $109.95 price tag!?!?

(I actually like the ones from DT better.  The hollow chest cavity is more realistic looking.  But I sure do love that top hat he’s sporting!)

TINY glitter skulls

I have NO IDEA what the intended use for these was.  Such a big package of them make me think they are for something specific though.  Forgot to take a picture before I started crafting with them.  Sorry!

I removed and used all the black skulls first.    These are small.  Trying to think of the best way to describe them so you ‘get’ how small they are.  They would easily fit inside a plastic Easter egg size.

All I did was give them a crown and a paper rosette collar.

Would be cute used at individual place settings for a Halloween dinner party.

I had just made a batch of small cloches, and these fit perfectly under them.

Seems I can NEVER have too may small cloches in my booth.  They always sell well!

This cloche had a pretty silver rim, so I matched the knob to the rim.

Ready to sell at Stars.

More glitter skulls

But NOT at Dollar Tree.  Sadly, I think the days of the inexpensive glitter skulls at DT are over.  I showed you some ‘ornament size ones I found at Home Goods a while ago.  Then last week I found some BOG ones at Target for $2.50.

Not particularly KEEN on the color selection.  There were these 2 colors and PURPLE.  (they are still in the shrink warp in this photo, so they look a little funky!)  I am still working on what to do with them, but wanted to post this NOW, so you can get to Target and get your skulls if you want/need them.

They also had these owls; same color choices; same price.  And they had giant glittered candy corn; which I passed on.

This first owl had a bit of a wood STEM protruding from the base, that made it WOBBLE!  I drilled a bit of a divet into this wood base for that stem to go into so it would sit flat.

I gave him  a little vintage sheet music crown and tied a couple of keys around his neck.

Now I’ve got FOUR more, and NO IDEA what else I could do with them?!?!?  I put crowns on them . . .and now I’m STUCK!

And ideas??????

Time to grab up those HALLOWEEN supplies!

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I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!  It feels WAY too early to be thinking about HALLOWEEN.  BUT, I have discovered over the last couple of years that stores just aren’t stocking as MUCH seasonal product as they used too.  ESPECIALLY seasonal CRAFT SUPPLIES!  

Last year I waited and looked and waited and looked and waited and ASKED is they were coming in and waited some  more for the small glittered skulls at Dollar Tree; like I used a few years ago to make these Halloween Queens:

CLICK HERE for the link to the entire post if you want the directions. 

THEY NEVER DID GET ANY IN AT DT LAST YEAR!!!  I was sooooooooooooooo bummed.  I had passed up some paper mache ones about the same size at Michael’s; still HOPING for the already glittered ones.  LESSON LEARNED!  I’ve already bought a couple of the mache ones ‘just in case’ that is ALL I can find.


Earlier this week I just happened to be driving by HOME GOODS and decided to take a quick peek.  ALL their fall and Halloween is out.  MASSIVE QUANTITIES of it.  And look what I found.  And just slightly more than the DT price!

This tube of NINE of them was $9.99.  I wasn’t too keen on the COLORS they had to offer.  WISH I could have found ALL black ones.  But they were all mixed colors like this; red/black and orange/black.  No whited or metallics.   Oh well!  At least Iv;e got some to work with.  And I’m sure I can make that turquoise ‘go with something’.  hehe

Now to decide what I want to do with them this year?!?!

It’s really been TOO HOT to do much of anything the last 2 weeks.  I’ve mostly been doing ‘prep work’.  Things like folding paper for paper rosettes for Christmas ornaments; cutting cardboard boxes to size and gluing them together for crowns (covered with vintage sheet music) stuff like that.  THEN when I’m REALLY in the mood to craft, I can go full speed ahead on the creativity part.  

What are YOU working on these days?




Cutie PATOOTIE little glitterey witch hats!

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I pride myself on creating things using ‘unlikely’ or unusual supplies.  Innovative AND inexpensive ideas.  It’s what I do every day.  But THIS is truly one of my MOST innovative creations!

These glittered witch hats are for display only; about 1/2 the size of a ‘wearable’ one.   Pretty cute with the ‘eyelash’ yarn trim around the rim, eh?

I had seen some cute, slightly bigger (but still not FULL size) paper mache witch hats in another booth at Stars last time I was in.  I wanted one!!!  But $28.00 was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my budget.  And these weren’t even glittered!?!

So off I went to my favorite store, in search of ‘something’ that I could use to inexpensively creat some little witch hats out of.  Here’s what I bought:

Have you ‘caught’ my vision yet???

How about now??

Okay . . . .NOW it’s starting to look like a witch hat!  I was in a hurry, so I spray painted mine.  The shiney surface of the hats would have required a sealer before I could use regular craft paint on them; so spray paint was faster and easier.  (and probably CHEAPER since I buy the cheapo .99 a can flat black paint at Home Depot!)  NOW it’s looking like a little witch hat!

On this first one, I decorated it with some wire edged ribbon I had picked up at Dollar Tree.   Not necessarily and EPIC fail, but certainly not the “WOW!” that I was hoping to achieve.

 So the next day I dug out my glitter and found some eyelash yarn and VOILA!!

10.20.12 stars dresser 011

These little hats will be sold in my space at Stars.

10.20.12 stars dresser 017

Halloween candleabra at Dollar Tree

Pretty cute, eh??? 

Perfect to use just as they are!  although I might add some ‘fire’ colored glitter to the flames.  Would be perfect on a table with the ‘creepy cloth’ (ripped up black webby stuff) as a table-cloth, and maybe a few small glitter skulls scattered around.

Haven’t seen the glitter skulls in stock at DT yet this year.  Sure hope they DO restock them again.  Don’t want to pay 4x as much for them at the craft store!

CARVABLE pumpkins from Dollar Tree

Actually I just grabbed a few of these NOT knowing they were ‘carvable’.  I just wanted a few bigger pumpkins that the ones they usually have.

I pondered for a while on what cutting tool to use, and finally settled upon my box cutter, because they felt a little too dense for an exact knife.

Being one who is NOT very well-practiced at pumpkin carving, I went the EASY route, and just cut out a small strip at each indent.

ACK!!!  They are just HOLLOW CORE styro pumpkins and really NOT very carving friendly!  You know how styro SHREDS when you break or cut it?  YEP!  And you know how all the little stray pieces are all staticy and stick to your hands and won’t come off?  YEP!  These (allegedly!) carvable pumpkins from Dollar Tree ARE all that!

The white innards really showed!  Even through just these small slits.  But unless I cut the thing in half, I’m not going to be able to paint the INSIDE!  But I wasn’t ready to give up on my experiment just YET!  I mean, it’s only a BUCK, so I may as well keep going and se e if I can make something of it.  Black spray paint to the rescue!

Now spray paint will sometimes disintegrate styro, but this stuff held up okay.  And the SPRAY got into the creases enough to cover them a bit.  I cut out a hole in the bottom and added a little ‘clip light’ with a red bulb.

This’ll have to do.  I glued on a little spider and web at the stem.

 I’m afraid I’m going to have to NOT recommend these for carving.  Would be great to paint or glitter.  And I’ve seen lots of pumpkin face STICKERS that would work well on these.  Really just about anything BUT carving!

Crows with crowns

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Simple black crows from Dollar Tree.  They had two styles this year!  One with slightly open wings and one with its head cocked to the side.

I made a bunch of little cardboard crowns.  Scrap cardboard, glued on old sheet music, cut to size then glued in a circle.  Let glue (tacky glue) set overnight with some clips to hold it tightly in place.  Cut out your “V”s the next morning and you’ve got crowns!

Hot glue the crowns to the crows heads.

I have then displayed in a ginormous vintage bird-cage in our space at Camas Antiques.



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