The Dollar Diva

Cupid’s arrows

Started with a package of the red glitter heart picks from Dollar Tree.

Using the bright red felt I bought on clearance after Christmas for half price; I cut out some triangles for the tip.  Using old cereal boxes I cut cardboard triangles slightly smaller than the felt, to stitch inside for stiffness.

Stitch the two shorter sides of your triangle, leaving your thread where it is (no need to knot and cut and start again) squeeze a little glue into your triangle ‘pocket’ (I always use Aleen’s tacky glue) and insert the end of your heart pick in the middle.  Then stitch up the last side.

Almost finished.  I let mine dry overnight.

Then I glittered up the arrow end too.  Just brushed glue onto both sides and dipped in glitter.

Tie on a ribbon or maybe a stamped tag and you’re done!