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The Dollar Diva LOVES a ‘freebie’

Posted in Freebies by trash2treasure on February 16, 2012
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And I found a bunch of them HERE.  Compliments of  ‘Just Something I Made’ blog.

I was going to say “here are a few of my favorites”, but I really love them ALL and my brain is about to EXPLODE with ideas for ways I can use them all.  SO, here are a few to ‘whet you appetite’:

This one also has a matching sheet with the names of the birds the eggs came from!

Go check it out.  There are LOTS more.


FREE CLIP ART WEBSITE ~ Vintage holiday cratfs

Gotta love a FREEBIE!  Just found this site with lots of great vintage style freebies to use in your crafting!

I only saved this one little image to show you as an example.  And there is MORE than just Halloween stuff.  (It’s got Halloween on the front page because it’s October)  I had to NOT LET MYSELF browse the site for too long or I’d be looking all day!  And I’ve got painting projects to work on outside and our ‘dry painting days’ are dwindling with the season.

I’d love to see some of the projects you make using this vintage holiday clip-art!