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Little glass lanterns and candle pedestals from Dollar Tree

Found these cast plaster candle pedestals at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago.  I only bought 2 black ones, but they had white also; BUT the white ones had very noticeable ‘seams’ so I decided to skip them.  (you could easily sand down the protruding part of the seams with sand paper though)  As you can see, these chip super easily.  I was planning to repaint mine, so I didn’t really care.  The new paint will cover the chips, and a coat of varnish will help prevent future chips.

I bought a few of these little turquoise glass candle lanterns the same day.  They fit perfectly atop the pedestals, but I probably won’t use them for such a predictable purpose.

I’ve used some similar frosted white glass lanterns (also from DT) for these upcycled fencing candle chandeliers that I made recently.  I did not permanently attach the lanterns to the fencing, so they are easily removable for transport.  You can use regular or battery operated tea lights in the.

Here’s what I did with my two black pedestals.  Added another coat of black paint, tied on an old key with a piece of sheer black ribbon; glued a folded sheet music ‘rosette’ to the top of the pedestal; then glued on the plastic skulls.  (from DT)

I’m really TRYING to not stockpile so many craft supplies, and use up what I have on hand.  But if you shop DT as often as I do, you KNOW that if you don’t buy ‘as many as you think you will ever need’ of an item that catches your eye; you will never find them there again.  MOST of the time.  Every so often the desirable item will be something that they will be regularly stocking . . .  but NEVER ‘expect; to find it again and you will never be disappointed.

Forgot to take pictures of these ’rounded bottom’ DT glass lanterns before I embellished them.  They had several colors, I bought one clear and one turquoise.  Had some very OLD DT mini jar candles is little ‘shot glasses’ that fit perfectly inside these; then I added a few inches of colored gravel (also from DT!) and tied on a few shells with baker’s twine of jute.  For the shells, I glue a small piece of the string to each shell, the bundle them and tie them on with the longer strip.  And yes, DT does sell jute and baker’s twine; but I think I got the aqua baker’s twine elsewhere.

Did you notice these little jars of shells in the display photo?  YEP!  Got them at DT too.  I added the limpet shell to the cork lid.

I filled some vintage glass spice jars with ‘beach glass’ and tied sheer ribbon around the necks.  (no lids for the spice jars).  The beach glass is the last little bit that I had left over from YEARS ago when DT carried it.  I probably bought FIFTY bags of assorted colors of the beach glass from DT, and used it to make beach glass wreaths.

The beach glass (or Sea glass, if you prefer) wreaths are TRULY a ‘Labor of Love’.  Each one took at least 20 hours to construct, and contains nearly a dozen layers of carefully positioned and fitted together glass.  I’d guess there are at least a thousand pieces of glass per wreath.  I used tacky glue to adhere mine.  Hot glue would never hold up under the weight of the glass.

Uh-oh!! The sun is coming out!  I might have to put on my rain boots and get outside and rake up all the pine needles in my yard!



Upcycled Dollar Tree trinket boxes


These little trinket boxes at Dollar Tree are quite well made and have a magnetic closure.  The designs on the tops . . . .  um . . .well . . .  really easy to alter!


The manufacturers stickers on the bottom are nearly impossible to remove.  Much easier to just cover them with a mix or match paper.  On these red boxes I opted for a piece of old dictionary page.


I glued a piece of red glitter paper (also from DT!) to the top.  Then a turquoise glitter “JOY” ornament (with the hanger loop clipped off) glued on (I use tacky glue) and a little white foam snowflake sticker (Yep, got that at DT too!) in the center of the “O”.


I always put a little bit of ‘paper shred’ inside any gift boxes that I sell.  It’s just a quirk of mine, I guess.  People ALWAYS open up boxes and look inside and I guess I just like there to be a little something inside to surprise them!  You can buy the bags of basket filler paper shred at DT also.  I add ‘other stuff’ to the regular shred to make my own custom blend.  Colored tissue paper, iridescent icicles, hand folded and cut vintage sheet music and just whatever else I can find!

I decided one little red jingle bell (from where else?!?) would look cute on the front flap.

I tucked them in with a few other red and turquoise items in my booth.

I have a lot of red and turquoise hand crafted felt ornaments in my booth this year too.  It’s one of my favorite Christmas color combinations!

I’ve also altered other colors in non-holiday themes.

Look what I found at Dollar Tree


Aren’t these TOO cute?!?!  I love the new colors.  They could be made into garden markers . . . or into bunnies to add to Easter baskets.  There were a LOT of other kitchen gadgets in this color scheme too.  Little plastic ramekins, mixing bowls and strainers.  They are most likely just a seasonally stocked items, so get them while they last!


I actually DID need a new rolling-pin and I much prefer this style (as opposed to the kind with handles.  After I brought this one home I had a brain storm or other ways I could use them and had to go back and buy a bunch MORE.

They would make great handles for baskets or wood crates.  Cut in half, I could use them as feet/legs for small stools shelves etc.

Pretty glass bottles at Dollar Tree

P1200244They had several other colors, but I just bought the clear and blue.  I’ve seen the exact same bottles at Ross and Marshall’s for $10.00!  Not sure what (if anything!) I am going to DO to these; but I knew if I didn’t buy them the first time I saw them that they’s be gone.

I had actually stopped in to see if there was a new batch of birds in.  Same ones as last year.  sigh.

Dollar Tree finds

P1170452Decorative mesh at Dollar Tree!  YEP! They had bright spring green yellow and pink also; but I just bought the turquoise and white.  I’ve always wanted to try making one of the mesh wreaths, but the mesh is ridiculously expensive at the craft store?!?!  Now I can give it a try and not feel guilty for wasting a lot of money if it doesn’t turn out well!

P1170453Little bottles of ModPodge!  Perfect for me as I don’t use it very often and bigger bottles always dry up on me!  PLUS, the matte finish is hard to find at the craft store.

P1170462LITTLE ‘cocktail’ size silver plastic spoons.  They have little forks too.  Perfect for appetizers.

P1170464MINI red Solo cups!  I used these for Michael’s family Christmas party to serve chocolate chip cookie dough, just add a small spoon.  (Recipe for EGG-LESS chocolate chip cookie dough.) YUM!!

Latest finds at Dollar Tree

P1170316CUTE little gold (silver and metallic red were available too, but I just bought gold) metallic piggy banks.  I’m trying to figure out a way to ‘cover’ the coin slot, the I will glitter them and add a crown.  Doing a ‘woodland’ themed Christmas in my booth NEXT year.

P1170317Little trinket boxes; several other colors and sayings, but I only bought the green was.

P1170318They have a hidden magnetic clasp.  I’m thinking about covering the lid with buttons.

P1170319Red and TURQUOISE glitter paper.  HOPE they will be getting more in!  I bought all the turquoise they had (only 3 packs!  sigh!)

P1170322Metallic posted board!

P11703235 packs of small poster board.  Yippee!  Now I don’t have to cut up the big pieces anymore!

P1170324Bright red and green doilies, in 2 sizes.  Can use the red ones for Valentine projects!

Looat I found at Dollar Tree!


Little black wire Halloween trees!  Just one per package, but still not a bad price.  Haven’t decided what to do with them just yet.  They also had ALL the stuff it set up an entire “Halloween village”, like the Christmas village stuff.  You could paint these ANY color.  I might cover mine with black GLITTER!

P1150639It was utterly IMpossible to get a picture of these without a glare from the flash!  They look MUCH prettier in person.  They had a few different styles of these ‘Mercury glass looking’ votive holders and in silver as well as the gold, which I bought.

P1150645These will be pretty for a Christmas table centerpiece or even WEDDING or anniversary table decor!

I spent over $150.00 at Dollar Tree last week!!!

Not even kidding!  I used to spend like that all the time when I had multiple selling venues.  Of late there have even been times when I’ve left empty handed, not finding that one thing I was searching for.  Not last week though!  I had a cart FULL at one store!

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 001I FINALLY found some plain white Christmas stockings!  I have been searching for them for YEARS!!  Only found one at the first DT I went to; so I had to hit another to look for more.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 002And check THIS out!!!  They even have a pretty tassel!  I didn’t even see the tassel until I got it home.  They were tucked inside and wrapped up so they don’t get tangled.  The second store I went to had more of the white ones; so I bought ALL they had.  Will be working on shabby chic-ing these up for next Christmas; adding lace and buttons and stitching . . .

11.21.12 stars etsy 071Was looking to see if I could find more of this kind too.  Got 2 of these last year, added the JOY ornament to this one.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 003And this is the same stocking, tea stained.  I thought I’d like it better, but the cuff just looks DIRTY with the stain!

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 006Not at all sure what I will do with these yet, but they looked kinda ‘beachy’ to me (minus the butterfly bling!)  So I only got three of them.  I took the butterflies off to use elsewhere; and will figure out how to use these after Christmas and Valentine crafts are done.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 007

 The second DT I went to had these same vases out, but without the butterflies???  That seemed odd.  Maybe the butterflies were packed separately, and needed to be put on after they were unpacked and got overlooked???  It was too busy for me to say anything to the manager though.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 008These are ‘table scatter’ decorations, but I will use them on some paper rosette ornaments.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 009Aren’t the pretty.  Got a couple of packs of these.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 020I think I ended up with 42 of these!  Yep, I cleared the entire shelf!!  And I will buy more at another store if/when I find them.  Seemed kind of early to have these out, so they might not be out in all the stores just yet.  But I KNOW they will go fast.  And last year I bought EMPTY nests and paid more than a dollar for them WHOLESALE!

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 028I also bought one bag of reindeer moss as I probably already had some at home, but just to be safe!  Will be glittering some of the eggs, then tucking in a little bit of moss around them and packaging them to sell for Christmas.  will save the rest for spring.  ***PACKAGING TIP:  On items like this,  that you are going to be re-packaging to sell, save the cello bag they come in to re-use.  Just very carefully remove the header card they are attached to and add your own when you re-pack them!

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 021A few ‘silly things’ for Michael’s young nieces.  Clip in hair pieces and bows.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 023Neon shoe laces. . . .

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 024And some re-usable bags to package their gifts in.  (I also got them bubble bath, lotion, scarves and mittens)

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 025Some smaller of the same bags to ‘dress up’ and sell.  4 packs of these.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 027This little Piglet just because  he is so cute and I love him!  And an angle from the Nativity figurines they had.  didn’t like the faces on any of the others.  Not yet sure what I will do with her.  Just got the one to experiment with.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 026Some gift boxes to alter per ideas I got from Pinterest.  99% of the Dollar Store ideas I see on Pinterest are ones I’ve already seen or done.  But the occasional NEW IDEAS I see are really good!  Here’s my Dollar Store album on Pinterest; a LOT of which are my own items, but a few NEW ideas.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 029Only found ONE package of the white trees; because I painted all the white ones I had.  Saw a cute idea on Pinterest for these too!

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 010Was looking for more of these to glitter up and sue with the white trees.  These had a battery tea light inside, but I removed it.  This one is left over from a couple of years ago, but I think I’ve still seen a few in some of the DTs I shop at.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 018This is an old one that I’ve obviously USED!  Was looking for new ones to make into wire cloches, per a Pinterest idea!  Have only looked at ONE store, but didn’t find any.  Maybe they will get more closer to spring??

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 030A couple of these for treats for Michael’s family Christmas party.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 031NEW cupcake candles!!!!  There was actually one additional design in red, but it looked like a RED CARROT on top?!?!?  Was probably supposed to be a strawberry, but it was as long as a carrot!  So I passed on those!  these will be perfect for Valentines day.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 032And some new chocolate candles.  These are much ‘whiter’ than the last style they had, which were more of a creamy vanilla color; more realistic looking.  But they still smell wonderful!!  I got 12 of each of the red and chocolate on these.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 034MORE owls!  Cleared the shelf of all the white ones at this DT too!

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 033

The pink and green are the other colors they had, and I just got these 2 just for the heck of it.  Note to self:  DO NOT put other color glittered items nest to your white glittered items.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 035Just got one of these, to bling up.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 036These are the BIG ornaments.  Usually they just have the round ones.  These came glittered too.  I bought the UN glittered ones thinking I can use them as tops on finials.  Got bout 8 of these (all I could find not glittered)

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 037Some doves to tea stain and out on top of little tea stained gift boxes or maybe on some heart shaped Valentine boxes?!?!  Grabbed 5 pairs of these.   (the PINK beaks have got to go though!)

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 038

Some glittery ornaments to use for bling on some paper crowns.  Got maybe 8 or 9 of these.

12.2.12 DT finds etsy 039Just got a couple of these mistletoe glitter ornaments.  Will tie on some pretty ribbon and sell individually.

And some how all of that added up to $150.00!!!  122 of it at ONE store!

I’ll have my nose buried in craft projects for some time now!!!


Recent Dollar Tree finds

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How cute are these little owls?!?!?!  they had other ‘strange’ colors (neon!) so I only got the white ones.  They remind me of vintage ornaments with that very ‘yellow’ shade of gold.

Of course I’ll probably have to CROWN them.  This was just a ‘trial crown’ (not glued on) Methinks it will be necessary to make some yellow gold crowns to match.

These are FULL SIZE laundry baskets! I have never seen big ones like this at DT before.   I’m not sure what I need them for, but for a buck, I bought five of them.  Good for sorting and organizing things in, hauling stuff back and forth to Stars etc!

Happy DT Hunting!

Look what I found at DOLLAR TREE!

These packets of plastic sea animals caught my eye because of the sea horses.

Figure I can paint (and maybe glitter too!) and mount them in little frames or put them into small jars of sand and shells.  I have plenty of  REAL starfish that I’ve bought, but I’m sure I can think of something to use these for.  The stingrays MAY go unused.  Still not a bad deal for a BUCK.  I bought 2, which is all they had.

Little zip top baggies!  Four different sizes.  I’ve been wanting to put together some ’embellishment kits’ with assorted little bits of this and that for crafting.  These will be PERFECT for filling with small amounts of glitter, buttons, little shells, snippets of lace etc

Have YOU found anything great at DT lately???

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