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Cutie PATOOTIE little glitterey witch hats!

Posted in Dollar Tree,Fall / Halloween by trash2treasure on October 4, 2011
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I pride myself on creating things using ‘unlikely’ or unusual supplies.  Innovative AND inexpensive ideas.  It’s what I do every day.  But THIS is truly one of my MOST innovative creations!

These glittered witch hats are for display only; about 1/2 the size of a ‘wearable’ one.   Pretty cute with the ‘eyelash’ yarn trim around the rim, eh?

I had seen some cute, slightly bigger (but still not FULL size) paper mache witch hats in another booth at Stars last time I was in.  I wanted one!!!  But $28.00 was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my budget.  And these weren’t even glittered!?!

So off I went to my favorite store, in search of ‘something’ that I could use to inexpensively creat some little witch hats out of.  Here’s what I bought:

Have you ‘caught’ my vision yet???

How about now??

Okay . . . .NOW it’s starting to look like a witch hat!  I was in a hurry, so I spray painted mine.  The shiney surface of the hats would have required a sealer before I could use regular craft paint on them; so spray paint was faster and easier.  (and probably CHEAPER since I buy the cheapo .99 a can flat black paint at Home Depot!)  NOW it’s looking like a little witch hat!

On this first one, I decorated it with some wire edged ribbon I had picked up at Dollar Tree.   Not necessarily and EPIC fail, but certainly not the “WOW!” that I was hoping to achieve.

 So the next day I dug out my glitter and found some eyelash yarn and VOILA!!

10.20.12 stars dresser 011

These little hats will be sold in my space at Stars.

10.20.12 stars dresser 017