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Cutie PATOOTIE little glitterey witch hats!

Posted in Dollar Tree,Fall / Halloween by trash2treasure on October 4, 2011
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I pride myself on creating things using ‘unlikely’ or unusual supplies.  Innovative AND inexpensive ideas.  It’s what I do every day.  But THIS is truly one of my MOST innovative creations!

These glittered witch hats are for display only; about 1/2 the size of a ‘wearable’ one.   Pretty cute with the ‘eyelash’ yarn trim around the rim, eh?

I had seen some cute, slightly bigger (but still not FULL size) paper mache witch hats in another booth at Stars last time I was in.  I wanted one!!!  But $28.00 was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my budget.  And these weren’t even glittered!?!

So off I went to my favorite store, in search of ‘something’ that I could use to inexpensively creat some little witch hats out of.  Here’s what I bought:

Have you ‘caught’ my vision yet???

How about now??

Okay . . . .NOW it’s starting to look like a witch hat!  I was in a hurry, so I spray painted mine.  The shiney surface of the hats would have required a sealer before I could use regular craft paint on them; so spray paint was faster and easier.  (and probably CHEAPER since I buy the cheapo .99 a can flat black paint at Home Depot!)  NOW it’s looking like a little witch hat!

On this first one, I decorated it with some wire edged ribbon I had picked up at Dollar Tree.   Not necessarily and EPIC fail, but certainly not the “WOW!” that I was hoping to achieve.

 So the next day I dug out my glitter and found some eyelash yarn and VOILA!!

10.20.12 stars dresser 011

These little hats will be sold in my space at Stars.

10.20.12 stars dresser 017


Glittery skelly Halloween Queens

The glittered skeletons came from Dollar Tree.  They had white also, but the white wasn’t very sparkly, looked more like a ‘flocked’ skeleton; so I just got black and silver.

Gave them some pretty skirts.  The silver skirt is wire edged ribbon that I just ran a thread through and gathered.  Black skirt is strips of ribbon tied onto another strip; like you’d make a tutu.

Silver glittered crown and heart were just cut out of cardboard and glittered.  Crown is glued in place with hot glue.  Heart and key are tied on with black string.

The spider web hat came from a package of assorted spiders from DT, hot glued on.  The little keys are some I’ve had for years.

Aren’t they sweet???