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Dollar Tree gumball machines


Fairly small, and not many choices of colors; this blue and bright red and yellow.  I was hoping to find white, but this blue color will do.

I just filled them with seashells that I’ve gathered over the years.  (and YES, some of those shells were gathered from Dollar Tree stores!)

  I had some MINI red ones that I found a few years ago that I turned into ‘snow globes’!

I had forgotten about the red ones that I filled with little conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day?!?!  Cute, no?


These would be super cute as party favors or table centerpieces.  I just checked the DT website and the gumball machines come in 4 colors, as shown in the above picture from their site.  IF you order from the website, be aware that if you order a ‘case’, you will get a case of MIXED COLORS.  Most DT inventory comes with assorted colors per case.

For baby shower decor, Dollar Tree has lots of the little mini favors and decorations, that would be adorable in the gumball machines!

What else could you fill these cute little gumball machines with?  Buttons?  Little wood spools?  Marbles?  Old photographs???   I’d love to hear your ideas!


Little glass bottles from DT

Posted in Dollar Tree by trash2treasure on July 3, 2012
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Found just a FEW of these at one of my local Dollar Trees a couple of weeks ago.  Have been LOOKING at others for more, to no avail.  Not that I really NEED more, but I would buy more if I found them!

Especially love the two pretty shades of aqua.  figured they would be perfect to add shells to the tops; kind of like these below; but without the jute tops.  (the beads ties on these came right off; saved them for another ‘someday’ project!)

I also found a very similar, but bigger pale green bottle at Goodwill, that I decided to group with two of the smaller bottles.

The white fingerling starfish are some that I ordered in bulk on-line.  They ARE NOT cheap; but I LOVE them so I splurged!

On the smaller bottles the starfish fit snug enough that I just needed a dab of glue to hold them.  On the larger bottle I had to wrap some white crochet thread around the one end to make it bulky enough to hold tight in the hole with a bit of glue.

I’ll probably further embellish these as tad, maybe just a snippet of sheer ribbon around the necks?

Five cent bottles

Actually for MUCH of the rest of the country, these bottles would be FREE.  With Oregon’s strict recycling laws though, even beverage bottles like this have a 5 cent deposit/refund.

So, of course I had the empties set aside to haul back to the grocery store.  Then I was bored one day and decided to ‘play; with a couple of them.

First I had to soak them to remove the labels.  Sometimes THAT is the end of a project when the label or adhesive simply will NOT come off.  Thankfully, on these the labels slipped right off as soon as they were fully soaked.

Then I wrapped the necks with jute twine.  Apply a good layer of tacky glue to the entire area you plan to cover with the jute; pick an end to start on (either top or bottom works just as well) and wrap away!  The top where the lid screwed on required a couple of extra layers of the jute.

Don’t worry about the spots of glue that will inevitably end up ALL OVER the uncovered part of your bottle.  After your glue has completely dried, it’s easy to go back and wash off that dried glue from the glass.

I embellished my bottles with shells and starfish; on the top and neck; and a hand stamped tag.  But you COULD leave the tops open to use them as vases.  OR add a shell ‘necklace’ like I did here.

SO, if you’ve got ANY empty glass bottles or jars, jute twine and some tacky glue; you’ve got your next craft project!

Dollar Tree prayer candles

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I didn’t get a picture of JUST the candles.  You’ve seen them before, plain glass holder filled with plain white wax.  Oftentimes the taller versions of these candles have religious images on them.  I look for the plain ones.

These little 2 packs of taper holders are from DT also.  I use e6000 adhesive to attach one of the candles to one of these bases.    The  candles always have really LONG wicks and are never filled to the top with wax.  I melt down the leftover wax in the bottom of my jar candles and  use that to ‘top off’ the candles; filling them up further AND adding a bit of fragrance.  I almost always buy white/cream colored candles; not sure how a brighter color would look on top.  Guess it would depend upon what color you made your LABEL.

There are two of the finished ones on the bottom shelf.  I added a band of tea stained paper all the way around, then some clip art shell images and some jute string.

ON these two I skipped the added base and used vintage tea stained sheet music.