The Dollar Diva

Dollar Tree Reindeer


You can’t tell from the picture, but these glittered reindeer that I found at Dollar Tree are BIG!  I didn’t measure them, but they are about 15″ x 22″.  They came in silver, Platinum and red glitter.  I didn’t care for the red reindeer, so I only bought the silver and Platinum colors.


bought these bags of little jingle bells at DT also.  This was the smallest size bells they had; which came 50 to a bag.  There were 2 more bigger sizes in the bags.  Then, as they always have, the BIG jingle bells with the snowflake cutout that come 9 to a cello box.  They also had all four bell sizes in red, green, silver and gold.  I bought several packages of ALL sizes and colors; but mostly RED!


And here is how I ‘dressed up’ the silver reindeer.  I glued on black satin ribbon in the shape of a harness; then added jingle bells.


I forgot to get pictures of the other ways I decorated them; but I did some with just one red jingle bell on the nose (Rudolph!)  And some with red bells strung around the neck.

with as inexpensive as these were, you could easily afford to buy enough to create Santa’s entire reindeer team to place on your mantle and the wall above!

I bought at least two dozen of them and sold nearly ALL of them at a Holiday Craft show.


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