The Dollar Diva

10% off at Dollar Tree – this Sunday only

I remember them doing this ‘Customer Appreciation Sale’ several years ago, but then it seems like they stopped it for quite some time.   I was pleasantly surprised the other day when the cashier handed me a coupon after I paid for my purchase!

They also sent out the coupons via their email list.  I hope THIS LINK   works for you to print up a coupon for yourself.

Spread the word to your thrifty friends!  And while you’re there, sign up for the email list so you don’t miss the next one!

I’ll be buying some Christmas crafting supplies for NEXT year, some brown wrapping paper that I use to package signs that I sell on etsy (that don’t fit in flat rate boxes)  Goodies for a big ‘treat basket’ we do every year for our post office (small rural office with only about 10 employees)  some gift bags (always nice to have a few spares on hand), the low watt light bulbs that I use in the lamps that I sell in my booths, refills for my tape dispenser . . . .

I could easily spend $100.00!

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