The Dollar Diva

Long time – not post!

Hey Dollar Diva Devotees!

How ARE you all???  Now that tax season is done and spring is just around the corner, it’s CRAFTING time.  Well, it’s USUALLY crafting time.  sigh.  I find myself leaving the Dollar Tree empty-handed and extremely UNinspired all too often lately!

Now I realize that part of the reason for this is that:

A) Easter was early this year, so the new ‘after Easter product’ came out earlier too.

B) In general, DT put out their new spring product almost right after Christmas this year!

Soooooooooooooo, maybe this is just the ‘summer blahs’ coming a bit early this year?!?!?  I dunno!  but I’ve got NOTHING to share in the way of dollar ideas right now!

Do any of you have any projects that YOU’D like to share?!?!  I’d be happy to post your pics and link back to your blog if you do!


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