The Dollar Diva

NEW @ Dollar Tree: bags of mixed mosses

2.12.13 etsy projects 007It’s a little difficult to get a good picture of it still in the cello bags, but I wasn’t ready to open it yet and make a mess!

2.12.13 etsy projects 004But they have a good mixture of green and brown mosses.

2.12.13 etsy projects 006And moss is very “IN” in decorating right now.  I was pleasantly surprised to see such an ‘on trend’ item in Dollar Tree!

2.12.13 etsy projects 005The moss is fairly well ‘compacted’ in the bags; but I’d say one bag would easily ‘fluff out’ enough to fill a one gallon jar.

I don’t have any specific plans for mine just yet.   I mostly use moss to ‘fill out’ the bare spots in the little nests with eggs.  But BEFORE they had the grapevine nests, I used to hand form my own nests using Spanish moss.  This combo moss would make a great little nest too!

So, what are you working on for spring or Easter decorating?


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