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This years BIRDS are in at Dollar Tree

I was on my way home from my booth at Stars today, and just decided to pop in to the big DT in Beaverton (since it was on my way)and see if they had any of the spring stuff out yet.  Normally they don’t start stocking them until after all the Valentine stuff is taken down, but there they were!

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 085And they have gone back to the bigger, chubbier birds with the flat bases this year.  I cleared the shelf (go figure?!?) ; and these were the only four styles they had.

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 086The colors this year are pretty good too.  Although I always repaint mine, these really could be use as is.

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 087

And while I love the ones with the wire feet like they had last year, I can actually DO more with the flat ones.  Glue them onto candle bases to make finials, glue them on top of boxes etc.  AND they would sit more sturdily when used as wedding cake toppers.  (which is something I do with them to sell in my etsy shop)

2,8.13 LTRS etsy stars birds 088 Here’s a side by side of last years and this years.  Considerable difference in size.  I still have a few of the wire footed ones left from last year.  Over the next few weeks I will be ‘on a mission’ to buy out all the birds at every Dollar Tree in my local area.  Yes!  I really do go through that many!

Here are some of the ones I painted over the last year.

You CAN glue the wire legged birds on top of gift boxes, but it’s a bit trickier than the flat bottomed ones.

Painted, stained and given a crown!

These are wire legged ones from DT a few years ago.  A bit more of a  ‘carved’ and rustic look.

But they still painted and stained up nicely.  See!  There WAS a time when I didn’t put crowns on my birds!!!

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  1. shoppedezilu said,

    They are so cute! I’m going to buy some for my booths here in Kansas. I may steal your idea of the little crowns – just love them! I would never steal your ideas for my Etsy shop, but since I’m in a different state, I don’t think you’ll mind if I use this idea for my booths. I bought several of those cute little owls. Just tied a gold ribbon around their necks and they sold! 😀

    I am just NOT happy with how the soap/lotion bottles turned out when I tried to decoupage the stickers onto them. So I guess I’ll return the others. Bummed. I thought it was such a great idea. Oh well, live and learn! Anyhow, I FINALLY set up my Etsy shop. I have SO many more items to post – haven’t even gotten to my vintage stuff. But here’s the link if you want to check it out:
    Have a nice Sunday!
    – Dez 🙂

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