The Dollar Diva

CUTE Red glitter hearts at DT

Not buying much these days (focusing on using up what I have!) but still try to breeze through at least once a week and see what’s new. Gotta ‘watch like a hawk’ for this years new shipment of birds for spring!   I have already sold though almost ALL 125+ of the birds I bought last year!  Gotta keep a few sets set aside for custom etsy orders.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 006Anyhooooooooooooooo . . check out these adorable red glitter hearts I found at DT last week.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 008Love, LOVE, LOVE that they are asymmetrical.  I frequently re-cut the normal shaped hearts to a more uneven shape like this.  Now I don’t have to!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 007These came 5 to a pack; 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small.  I bought 2 packages so I will have 4 each of medium and smalls so that I can use them for “LOVE” banners.

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